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Guide to Chicago (pamphlet).

Table of the longest streets in Chicago.

Chicago Gangs.

Chicago gangs as Pokemon.

Chicago gang stats.

Chicago gang stories. (11/25/2021 page cleanup.).
     Chicago gang snitches.
          Table of Chicago gang federal snitches salary.

Chicago gang raids.

Chicago gang sect founders.

Latin Kings Origin Story.
Latin Kings 1971-72 Election Meetings.

A brief history of Chicago's Black gangs - South side. (New big update 9/11/2022).

Chicago gang war stories.


Safety in Chicago: list of things not to do (opens up Microsoft Word).

My 9 apartments in Chicago.


Criticism against Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Little Village Chamber of Commerce, and St. Agnes of Bohemia.

Criticism to Central Park Produce (Division/Central Park and Grand) grocery store.

Criticism to MarketSquare Inc, a furniture delivery company.

Criticism to NBC 5 and the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Sewers:

My sample sewer gallery.

My secret base.

Montrose tunnel.

My secret room.

Locked in the Chicago sewers: the light at the end of the tunnel. Finding the Chicago River.

A water pipe in the sewers.

Failed sewer gallery: Irving Park manhole.

Western tunnel.

Division manhole.

11.Ashland minimanhole and minitunnel (5000 N. - 4000 N.).
13.Ashland minitunnel (4000 N. - 3000 N.).
14.Ashland tunnel (3000 N. - 2400 N.).

12.Irving Park tunnel (may merge with the other Irving Park gallery).

15.East Peterson tunnel and manhole.

My secret hideout.

Halsted manhole.

Franklin lower tunnel.

Special characters galleries:

14th tunnel and Union lower tunnel. (!)

Harrison tunnel.


19th tunnel.

22.Minitunnels at and by Stateway Park.

23.My Secret Dungeon.

24.Water tunnels.

25.My Secret Base 2 (South Side).

26.Pershing sidewalk tunnel.

27.Placeholder for small tunnels.

28.Kimball sidewalk manhole (caught by Chicago Police Department).

29.A surveillance camera in the Chicago sewers?


Ultimate sewer videos.

To be added:

Category 2: The most colorful sewers (can include duplicate photos, since the 1st category of photos are by location) [currently only 4 photos].

Photos of sewers not taken by me (photos of photos of sewers).

Photos of animals I seen down there.

My paper: The Chicago sewers (fixed).

Dedication to the Chicago sewers: meet the creator.

Post-arrest galleries (almost 3 years later)

30.Smaller sewers.

31.My Secret Waterfall.

25.My Secret Chamber.

32.Deep sewer, with Garrick Howard.

33.My Secret Corridor.

With Noel Lopez:

34.My Secret Sewer (another waterfall).

35.Ashland waterfall.

36.Kedzie waterfall.

37.Water tunnel, a large rat in the sewer.


38.Pulaski waterfall.

39.Cascade system: how Chicago sewers connects with M.W.R.D. sewers, with Noel Lopez.

40.Large water tunnels.

41.End sewer.

42.My Secret Fortress.