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Guide to Chicago (pamphlet).

Table of the longest streets in Chicago.

Chicago Gangs.

Chicago gangs as Pokemon.

Chicago gang stats.

Chicago gang stories.
     Chicago gang snitches.
          Table of Chicago gang federal snitches salary.

Chicago gang raids.

Chicago gang sect founders. (Will have a lot of updates this summer.).

Latin Kings Origin Story.
Latin Kings 1971-72 Election Meetings.

A brief history of Chicago's Black gangs - South side.

Chicago gang war stories.


Safety in Chicago: list of things not to do (opens up Microsoft Word).

My 9 apartments in Chicago.


Criticism against Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Little Village Chamber of Commerce, and St. Agnes of Bohemia.

Criticism to Central Park Produce (Division/Central Park and Grand) grocery store.

Criticism to MarketSquare Inc, a furniture delivery company.

Criticism to NBC 5 and the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Sewers:

My sample sewer gallery.

My secret base.

Montrose tunnel.

My secret room.

Locked in the Chicago sewers: the light at the end of the tunnel. Finding the Chicago River.

A water pipe in the sewers.

Failed sewer gallery: Irving Park manhole.

Western tunnel.

Division manhole.

11.Ashland minimanhole and minitunnel (5000 N. - 4000 N.).
13.Ashland minitunnel (4000 N. - 3000 N.).
14.Ashland tunnel (3000 N. - 2400 N.).

12.Irving Park tunnel (may merge with the other Irving Park gallery).

15.East Peterson tunnel and manhole.

My secret hideout.

Halsted manhole.

Franklin lower tunnel.

Special characters galleries:

14th tunnel and Union lower tunnel. (!)

Harrison tunnel.


19th tunnel.

22.Minitunnels at and by Stateway Park.

23.My Secret Dungeon.

24.Water tunnels.

25.My Secret Base 2 (South Side).

26.Pershing sidewalk tunnel.

27.Placeholder for small tunnels.

28.Kimball sidewalk manhole (caught by Chicago Police Department).

29.A surveillance camera in the Chicago sewers?


Ultimate sewer videos.

To be added:

Category 2: The most colorful sewers (can include duplicate photos, since the 1st category of photos are by location) [currently only 4 photos].

Photos of sewers not taken by me (photos of photos of sewers).

Photos of animals I seen down there.

My paper: The Chicago sewers (fixed).

Dedication to the Chicago sewers: meet the creator.

Post-arrest galleries (almost 3 years later)

30.Smaller sewers.

31.My Secret Waterfall.

25.My Secret Chamber.

32.Deep sewer, with Garrick Howard.

33.My Secret Corridor.

With Noel Lopez:

34.My Secret Sewer (another waterfall).

35.Ashland waterfall.

36.Kedzie waterfall.

37.Water tunnel, a large rat in the sewer.


38.Pulaski waterfall.

39.Cascade system: how Chicago sewers connects with M.W.R.D. sewers, with Noel Lopez.

40.Large water tunnels.

41.End sewer.

42.My Secret Fortress.