Brief History of Chicago's Black Gangs - South side

Black P. Stones BDs and GDs
Eugene Hairston lived at 1404 E. Marquette (Jan. 1968), Jeff Fort lived at 6536 S. Blackstone (moved there in 1955). Larry Hoover lived at 6853 S. Green (Sept. 1968), David Barksdale lived at 6424 S. Ashland (May 1968).
Aug. 8, 1964: during the Bud Billiken parade, CPD arrested 63 Stones, in yard of Mount Carmel High School at 64th/Harper, with around 50 that escaped arrest. They planned to fight the Disciples at the parade. Of the 63, 53 were under 17 and released to their parents, the remaining 10 were charged with disorderly conduct.
May 1965: Edwin Codwell arrested, and 6 others arrested. A 50 year-old man was beaten to death, when he came outside the building on 6146 S. Kenwood, he saw 2 kids beating a woman, and intervened.
Jan. 14, 1966: a Del Viking named Charles Taylor, 13, of 129 E. 35th, shot a Venetian Lord named George Hibler, 15, of 622 E. 59th, outside Wendell Phillips HS, 244 E. 39th. He was arrested 5 hours later.

Feb. 1, 1966: High Supreme Cobras shot multiple Del Viking members: Ernest Massenger, 16, of 4237 S. Calumet, Virgil Hooper, 15, 5266 S. State, Frank Powell, 16, 3813 S. State, and Nolan Bannister, 15, 3519 S. Federal, at 3820 S. State.

June 20, 1966: Female Stones called Rangerettes, beaten and stabbed a girl because she refused to join, at 62nd and Kenwood. Her name was Barbara Newell, 16, of 6504 S. Minerva. Later that day, a Stone named Isaac Gilmore, 17, a job corps member at Hyde Park H.S., was beaten by another gang on the steps of his home 6130 S. Kenwood.

July 21-22, 1966: 5 Stones were shot at Thursday night and Friday morning: Ronnie Rogers, 14, 6434 S. Woodlawn, Lionel Henry, 15, 2604 S. Kimbark, Robert Knox, 18, 6328 S. Cottage Grove, Juan Booker, 16, 6123 S. Woodlawn, and Glenn King, 16, 1126 E. 67th.

July 25, 1966: 2 Del Vikings killed 2 that refused to join their gang, at playground on 41st/Indiana. Killed were Donald Hopkins, 15, of 4022 S. State, and Anthony Smith, 15, of 4120 S. Prairie.
July 26, 1966: CPD arrest Danny Butler, 14, of East Side Disciples 5633 S. Cottage Grove, for shooting Bernard Green, 19, of Stones 1527 E. 67th, shot at 63rd and Greenwood. Bernard Green is a future #2 leader of BPSN.
July 28, 1966: More than 350 Devil Disciples assembled that night in the recreation center of St. Anselm's Catholic Church, 210 E. 61st, where several YMCA street workers urged an end of violence.
Sept. 14, 1966: CPD arrested 122 teenagers, ages 13-18, from 2 churches: the Disciples gang at Englewood Methodist Church, 6410 S. Stewart, and the Double Six Cobras, at Emerald Presbyterian Church, 6107 S. Emerald, for mapping a strategy for a gang war. They were charged with conspiracy to commit assault and disorderly conduct.
Feb. 28, 1967: Stones went to go shoot Alfonso Wilson, 16, of 5907 S. Wabash, at Cottage Grove and Marquette, who survived. He told CPD they shouted "Mighty Blackstone Rangers."
March 1, 1967: 3 Stones shot Anthony Miller, 15, of 6120 S. Ellis, as he stood on his front porch of his home.

Later that day, 2 of them accidentally killed their 3rd guy, Anthony Smith, 15, of 6516 S. Kenwood, at the back of his neck, at 62nd/Kimbark. They were arrested the next day (Ronald Carr, 16, of 6451 S. Blackstone, and Edward White, 15, of 1504 E. 65th), where they 1st told CPD that Disciples killed him, but later confessed that they accidentally killed him, then changed to Anthony Smith killed him.). Months later, it was revealed that Smith shot Miller, and as they tried to shoot at someone else, Carr accidentally killed Smith after his gun jammed.

May 13, 1967: Bennie Fort, whom is Jeff Fort's brother, beats David Andrews, of 6052 S. Dorchester, with a brick, at 6239 S. Kenwood. By July 1968, he was sentenced 1-3 years for aggravated battery. David told the judge Bennie beat him cuz he was not a Stone.
Sept. 1967: On Sept. 12, ~3:15 p.m., 13 year-old Dennis Jackson fired 6 shots from a revolver into a parked car killing Leo McClure, and wounding Theodore Newsome and Dorocher Berrien, 6120 S. Kenwood. Eugene Hairston, Paul Martin, and Dennis Jackson arrested for murder and attempted murder on Sept. 21.
Oct. 7, 1967: Stones killed Stevie Coffey, 16, of 6453 S. Greenwood, shot in the forehead at 65th/Woodlawn. He was with 7 others, none from his group returned fire. The Stones shouted "Mighty Blackstone."
Nov. 23, 1967: 1st BPSN killed by CPD. CPD heard gunshots and went over to kill James Rogers, 27, at 1313 E. 62nd. The gunbattle took 5 minutes, and James had shouted to the officer "It's either you or me."
Stones and BDs collected Christmas toys Nov. 26 - Dec. 10. Stones led by Anthony Reile (Geronimo), collected at 1464 E. 67th, and BDs led by Robert Knox (Ricco) and collected at 862 E. 63rd. By Youth Action, their motto was "Help us to play Santa Claus to the people who Santa Claus won't come to."

Jan. 9, 1968: a Stone named Bernard Wood, 17, of 6641 S. Ellis, arrested for shooting a Disciple named Joseph Evans, of 1220 E. 64th, and TWO (866 E. 63rd). He admitted to it, but said it was an accident.

Jan. 26, 1968: Paul Martin found innocent. He wore a Roman collar and held a Bible during the weeklong trial. Fall 1967: Double Six Cobras and Raven King Cobras merged into 1 gang, as the leader of the Raven King Cobras went to jail for 3 months. But when he came out in December, the gangs clashed, and peace treatys couldn't be kept. Both gangs blamed it on him for not trusting the leader of the other gang.
Feb. 14, 1968: innocent bystanders killed. CPD alleges between Devil Disciples and Blacktone Rangers. 14 year-old Demetria Wormley, who was shot in the back of the neck, was walking with 14 year-old Dorothy Profit, who survived shot in the hand, and 18 year-old Donald Blanton who survived shot in the shoulder, were walking in front of 6220 S. Dorchester, when they were approached by a group that shouted "Mighty East Side Disciples," and they fired 11 shots. The next day, CPD arrested Nick Dorenzo, 19, of 1138 E. 64th, and Paul Hawkins, 20, of 5800 S. Park way, and are searching for a 3rd.

1 of the earliest homicides, Cornel Steel, 22, a enforcer for the BPSN, had killed Thomas Hood, 40, on Feb. 18, 1968. He was charged for it March 30. A jury acquitted him Dec. 9, and then kills someone else mention below for Dec. 25.
April 2, 1968: 3rd BPSN killed. Hillary Johnson 16, of 1051 E. 42nd, killed, and Michael Adams, 14, shot and survived, were standing at a vacant lot at 652 E. 42nd, when they were shot by a passing taxi. The cab driver later testified against the Devil Disciples in the car: Michael Sims (17, 4418 S. Cottage Grove) and Jerome Harris (32, 4329 S. St. Lawrence) were sentenced August 7, while Herbert Colbert, 32, was dismissed..

April 21, 1968: Paul Martin and and 19 or 17 other youths arrested in the Afro-American Youth Center, 1470 E. 67th, on narcotics and drinking charges. Martin calls himself the spitirual leader of BPSN. Around this time, it was revealed BPSN had a meeting every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at the 1st Presbyterian Church at 6400 Kimbark.

April 1, 1968: a fight between the Double Six Cobras and Raven King Cobras broke out at Parker High School, due to fighting over a coat in the halls. Beatings/shootings/murders all erupted after.

5 days later, Darry Cleveland, 19, of 7057 S. Normal, was slain in Hamilton Park fieldhouse, in an area dominated by Double Six gang. However, he was not either, according to police, he associated with the Supreme Gangsters. The next day, police arrested James Baskin, 19, of 6556 S. Normal, of the Double Six Cobras.

Charles Edward Bey, the #2 guy in BPSN, lived at 6246 S. Dorchester (June 1968), and by that time, Fort had lived at 6038 S. Dorchester. Nicholas Dorenzo, the #2 guy in Devil Disciples, however I already posted his address, 1138 E. 64th (Feb. 1968).
On May 8, 1968, 3 BPSN were arrested for attempting to murder David Barksdale. The 3 arrested were Melvin Bailey, 19, Andrew McChristian, 19, and Edward Dinkins, 21. Police had arrested the 1st 2, then Edward Dinkins approached the police in front of David Barksdale saying they can't arrest them, and Barksdale identified to police that Dinkins was the 3rd gunman. Also with Barksdale, were William Gaddy, Tyrone Withers, and Mitchell Newton, and they were all shot at while in a car as they arrived to park at 6526 S. Ellis.

May 12, 1968: A group of 6 Stones shoot Roger Hunter, 18, of 4652 S. Lake Park, in right hip in front of 4210 S. Greenwood, who was with 2 other Disciples. The Stones shouted "Mighty Blackstone."

May 13, 1968: BDs kill a neutron that refused to join. Stabbed to death was Clinton Crump, 17, of 46 W. Garfield, by 1 from a group of 6, in the hallways near 60th/Halsted, by East Side Disciples. Arrested was James Hall, 20, of 6022 S. Union. Crump lived with his grandma, because his mom was stabbed to death by his stepdad in 1953, then stepdad found slain in streets about 5 years later. Crump was 28th to die this year between the BDs and Stones crossfire.
On June 2, 1968, a Disciple named Larry Davenport, 19, of 6543 S. Racine, kills a Stone named Marcus Joyner, 19, of 6502 S. Loomis. His charges were dropped 6/8/1970, but sentenced 5-12 years for murder of Shirley Jones, 13, of 6632 S. Peoria, on Aug. 20, 1968, in her own home, after he got in an argument with her brother Levi.
June 8, 1968 ~2 a.m.: Maurice Lee and his 16 year-old wife Sharon Lee were walking east on 47th street, when they were confronted by a group of 3 or 4 young men, and they argued with Maurice about the "Blackstone Rangers and their territory" when 1 was dispatched to "get the heat" and he returned with another a few minutes later, where the person he returned was shot and killed Maurice. Steve McCorry was arrested within 15 minutes as the dispatch person, and Thomas Holiday was arrested some 3 hours later as the shooter. Some of the problems with her testimony as well as a witness in a nearby car, believed the shooters to be 5'10" - 5'11", and definitely taller than them, but Holiday, Sharon, and the 2nd witness, were all the same height of 5'7".
June 20, 1968: Disciples killed Raymond Odum in an accidental crossfire to Stones, of 2971 S. Federal, at Dearborn Homes (30th/State). 4 others wounded were Herbert Walker, 17, of 2940 S. State, shot in back, Roscoe Morgan, 18, of 2964 S. State, head wounds, Ronald Smiley, 17, of 2930 S. Dearborn, right hip wounds, and Gerald Sterling, 17, of 3803 S. Wells, both arms and back of head. This was 29th murder between BDs and Stones this year.

Over the June 29-30 weekend, CPD arrested BD Harlan DeSavieu, of 625 W. Garfield, a Outlaw Disciple, for shooting 2 Stones. He shot and survived 2 Ten Commandment Rangers, Melvin Baxter, 13, of 509 E. 46th, and Eugene Shanklin, 17, of 3545 S. Federal, in an unspecified date this month.

On July 20, 1968, there was a peace treaty meeting by the University of Chicago, at the grass Midway Plaissance at 59th/Dorchester, where Eugene Hairston and Jeff Fort, met with David Barksdale. About 200 gang members attended. To quote Eugene Hairston "We had a talk about keeping the peace and agreed not to fight each other anymore."

Sept. 8, 1968: 1st GD killed, Booker Ransom, 19, East Side Devil Disciple leader (Supreme Gangster) was shot to death on the corner of 65th and University with a group of youths. The next day, 1st ranking BPSN to be killed: Jerome Cogwell, 19, killed at Robert Taylor Homes, 5244 S. State, of 6550 S. Blackstone, which was believed to be a retaliation. He was Mickey Cogwell's brother.

On Sept. 13, 3 Stones took part in killing Sterling Burnett, 21, of 4729 S. Champlin, in an alley behind 4617 S. Langley. Herbert Stephens (Thunder), of 4041 S. Ellis, had ordered it, and Namor Smith, of 9006 S. Green Bay, and Douglas Stephens, same address and brother of 1st, did the killing. They were convicted on May 3, 1970, and sentenced May 22, 1970.

In Sept. 1968, Larry Hoover, 18, and 2 others were shot in the leg at Parker High School (Mildred Sivels, 15, and Louis Jackson, 15). James Highsmith and Leonard Longsmith, both 18 and both of East Side Devil Disciples, were arrested for it. Highsmith is a future #3 leader (nation enforcer) for the BDs, and at that time, lived at 6534 S. Emerald. All 3 high school students were rushed to St. Bernard's hospital for treatment.
1st BPSN killing BPSN:
Cornell Steel killed another gang member, James McCane, on Dec. 25, at 4160 S. Drexel, #307. McCane had been shot 5 times, with 2 bullets to the brain. McCane had talked about changing his allegiance to a rival gang.
Feb. 11, 1969: misdemeanor arrest. A Blackstone Ranger, Sylvester Hutchins, 21, was arrested for entering Forrestville High School, 4401 S. St. Lawrence, with a cane, by CPD who responded to a disturbance call. The arresting officer asked him why he was at the school, and he stated that his friend Jeff Fort may need some help.

April 4, 1969: Nicholas Dorenzo, a former #2 of the Devil Disciples, was shot shortly as he left his house, and walked into a gas station at 6701 S. Eberhart for ambulance. He refused to tell authorities about it.
April 9, 1969: officer Richard Peck, in an unmarked car, was shot by BPSN 4:30 p.m. He was driving south on Woodlawn near 61st, saw 5-6 men on the street wearing red tams, in a group of 25-30. He saw Jerome McMurray whom he knew with a sawed-off shotgun or rifle, and shouted "police officer." The officer saw McMurray as 1 of 4 men who shot at him multiple times, and then ran east towards Kimbark. McMurray was arrested by another officer that night around 11:30, who was 19 and lived at 1505 E. Marquette. Ronald Davis, 23, of 1502 E. 66th Pl, was a co-defendant who was tried separately.
On April 26, 1969, there was a party at 83rd and East End, where a Devil Disciple named Alva Love, 17, of 9126 S. Harper, shot and killed a Ranger. Then Jerome Jackson, 15, of 8906 S. Greenbay, was arrested for killing Love.
On May 7, 1969, between 1:30 and 2 a.m., 3 members of the Supreme Gangsters (Ronald Vandergrift, Gregory Sanders, and Felix Murry) were in the Shrimp Shop, 817 W. 69th. When Vandergrift walked out, he met 3 members of the Double 6 Kings: Lonnie King, Charlie Smith "Stone," and Steven Smith. King told Vandergrift that he did not belong in the "hood" meaning it was Blackstone Rangers territory. The conversation continued until they reached the area of 69th and Halsted, where Smith shot Vandergrift twice, wounding him in the groin. Vandergrift was hospitalized for 3 or 4 days. After that, he attended a meeting with high-ranking Blackstone Rangers, and was told the shooting was an accident, because the Double 6 Kings did not know the Supreme Gangsters had a peace with the Blackstone Rangers. A few days later, Vandergrift saw the 3 of them in a police car, and the police asked Vandergrift if they were the shooters, Vandergrift said yes but he didn't want to press charges because it was an accident and that they were all in the same organization at the time. However, when the Supreme Gangsters split from the Blackstone Rangers, Vandergrift had tried to press charges.
Over the weekend of May 23-25, 3 gang leaders were killed. Robert Weatherall, 22, of 1440 W. 14th, a CVL leader, Paul Hawkins, 21, of 5700 S. King Dr., a BD leader (East Side Disciples), and Homer Mitchell, 19, of 6747 S. Emerald, a Double Six Kings leader (in Englewood), by Stones. Mitchell was with a survivor, Melvin Anglin, 19, of 7236 S. Harvard, where they were shot at an alley near 68th between Parnell and Normal. Anglin said they were shot by Stones (wearing red berets). Hawkins was killed Friday night near midnight near 5247 S. Prairie, and Weatherall was killed outside a CVL-owned restaurant at 3700 W. 16th. No arrests were made as of Monday.

On May 27, 1969, a bunch of Satan Lovers killed a Devil Disciple named Charles Strong, 18. They dragged him from a front porch and shot him in an alley behind 6242 S. Bishop / 6243 S. Laflin. 3 days later, 7 Satan Lovers were charged in court for murder: Michael Anderson 19, of 6123 S. Ada, Bruce Upton 21 (6039 S. Racine), Simpson Beclair 17, of 6217 S. Ada, Leon Rushing 18, of 5715 S. Ada, Douglas Streeter 17, of 6130 S. Ada, Benjamin Smothers 26, of 1209 W. 55th, and Allen Spicers 16, of 1235 W. 79th.

(Part 1 of 3)
July 16, 1969: Jeff Fort, Charles Bey, and Andrew McChristian all arrested for shooting Jackie Turner, 22, who was a Vietnam veteran and refused to join the gang. Story continued later.
Aug. 1, 1969: 3 members of the Devil Disciples, testified against 2 Stones. Aaron Evans, James Shead, and Ramond Thomas, testified against LeRoy Hairston, 20, of 6456 S. Dante, and William Ephraim Jr., 16, of 611 E. 47th, for driving in a car and shooting at Booker Ransom. 25 days later, Hairston sentenced 75-100 years and Ephraim 25-30 years.
Oct. 3, 1969: a BPSN leader named Robert Reeves, 20, of 7137 S. Ashland, was indicted for murdering his pregnant girlfriend, 17. He goes into hiding, and is not arrested until April 27, 1974.

Oct. 4, 1969: Paul Martin found killed on sidewalk at 1506 E. 67th, and lived at 1028 E. 46th. According to him, he left the gang on July 2, as Fort was getting on his case.

April 1, 1970: BDs shoot at 2 Stones coming out of 26th and California, that were to testify against BDs for a recent murder. Shot and survived was Eddie Rogers. 17, of 4521 S. St. Lawrence, and his companion Kirby Hicks, 20, of 1452 E. 67th. A 3rd Stone, Tommy Walker, 17, of 7945 S. evans, told news that he, Rogers, Hicks, and 4 others were walking when the shooting occurred. CPD arrested Dwight Rankins, 20, of 105 E. 70th, Robert Allen, 21, of 6039 S. Halsted, and Jerry Smalley, 20, of 723 W. 60th.
1st BD killing GD, 1st BD killing BD:
April 4, 1970, Maurice Luckie, 15, of 6852 S. Normal, killed by another 15 year-old while watching TV with 4 others at 6932 S. Normal. However, the witnesses told CPD that Maurice had killed a GD Byron Harris, 15, behind his home 6948 S. Wallace the previous day, April 3. Also on April 4, GD Ricardo Mixlon, 14, killed in front of his home 6648 S. Yale. A BD named Robert L. McGowan, 22, of 259 W. 67th, a recruiter, was arrested for a murder.
August 14, 1970: Chicago police officer James Alfono killed by Stones, in an alley between 66th Pl and 67th near Stony Island. 7 Stones that were arrested all beat the case.

Aug. 31, 1970 ~11 p.m.: BPSN shoots 1 of their own in Markham, IL. Shot was Michael Weaver, 20, near 160th/Gauger. Michael Weaver joined the BPSN in 1964, served in the armed forces from 1967 till 1969. He pressed charges against Willie Thompkins, Glenn Lee, Fred Miller, and Lawrence Moore (the last 1 was not a BPSN). He got paralyzed to the waist down, and knew others were testifying against Willie in an unrelated matter.

June 7, 1970: David Barksdale shot in the abdomen and it hit his kidney. He was in a bar at 848 W. 69th.

Aug. 4, 1970: Leonard Longstreet, 22, of 6727 S. Sangamon, and James Hall, 20, of 1120 W. 59th, were arrested shortly after James Garner, 35, of 1150 W. 60th, was killed on Aug. 4.

Sept. 6, 1970: BD killed by CPD: William J. Dismukes, 20, of 4848 S. Langley, a Motown Disciple. Note that 4 days earlier, him and Harold Robinson were both arrested together for aggravated battery. Dismukes also has an arrest on Feb. 12, 1968.

Jan. 9, 1971: David Barksdale arrested for defacing firearms and discharging, gets 6 months in the county jail.
March 21, 1971: people found 2 BDs shot, allegedly by Stones. 1 killed, Walter J. Monroe, 27, of 6125 S. Kenwood, and shot and alive Bernard Harris, 22, of 5937 S. Ada.
Sept. 1, 1971: Governor Duffie Clark arrested for murder. 13 year-old White boy and 13 year-old White girl murdered at 51st/Peoria, they lived at 901 W. 51st Pl and 911 W. 51st Pl. 4 ran into a house at 5213 S. Green. CPD initially arrested 2 for the murder, 1 of which was Duffie S. Clark, 20. By Oct. 13, 2 more were charged for the murder: Ray M. Stafford, 21, Andrew White, 21, and Joe Gillian, 24, all of the same address.
Sept. 11, 1971: GD Irvin Green, a Supreme Gangster, 20, of 7727 S. Burnham, was killed at 804 W. 68th. Killed by Stanley Hughes, 22, of 1215 W. 71st, an Imperial Gangster. Turf over 68th/Racine.

(Part 2 of 3)
According to a Sept. 11, 1971 newspaper, 3rd mistrial and 4th against Fort, as jury didn't know whether to testify against the BPSN, including due to fear. On Oct. 14, Jackie Turner was shot at and refused to testify that without money or police protection. "I have gotten no support from community leaders or ordinary Black people and I can't get a job because the gang would know my comings and goings." He was with a companion, Charles Hall, 22, in Bessie Miller's Soul Food restaurant, 6910 S. Stony Island, where shortly after ordering hamburger and drinks, bullets shattered through the front window and narrowly missed everyone.

(West side) Nov. 29, 1971: 2 of 3 Supreme Gangsters shoot Albert Harris, of 4122 W. Adams, because he didn't want to join the gang, he becomes permanently blind. Shot by Ike Taylor, of 4122 W. Gladys, and Henry Hearn, of 546 W. Quincy. (They were all arrested for it and their ages will be posted later.). Ike Taylor will be a future leader in the GDs.
April 21, 1972: 3 GDs arrested for firing into a crowd of teenagers at a restaurant 3320 E. 88th. Charles Hoover, 20, of 121 E. 104th, Ronald Vandergrift, 20, of 6702 S. Peoria, and Len Brownlow, 21, of 320 E. 132nd. The most seriously injured victim was Gilbert Reynolds, 19, of 8238 S. Green.
July 2, 1972: 2 members of BPSN Main 21 killed together: William Troop and Lee Jackson. Also killed was Melba Grate, at 1448 E. 68th. Melvin Haywood (Head) from the GDs went to prison for it. Lee Jackson was the brother of Dennis Jackson, mentioned previously.

July 3, 1972: A GD leader Raymond Smith, 18, of 1241 S. Throop, killed at 1650 W. 62nd.

(Part 3 of 3)
Nov. 16, 1972: Charges against Fort in Cook County are dropped, due to the only star witness, Jackie Turner, is now a fugitive on a kidnapping charge.

Feb. 26, 1973: Joshua Shaw witnesses Larry Hoover and 2 others kidnap drug-addict William Young (Pooky), 25, of 7142 S. Parnell, at 69th and Wentworth. Hoover and Andrew Howard arrested March 16. Young's dead body found in alley behind 6814 S. Lowe. Shaw testified, and his dead body, 26, of 1209 W. 79th, was found in an alley behind 6531 S. Bishop, on Sept. 27, 1973.

June 19, 1973: Ike Taylor, 22, Henry Hearn, 20, are convicted of shooting Albert Harris, 18, because he refused to join the Supreme Gangsters. A 3rd person, Ronald Lawson, was acquitted.

Dec. 5, 1973: BPSN killed by CPD: Jesse Hooker, 18, of 4652 S. Lake Park, killed at BPSN headquarters 7854 S. Coles. Aug. 1973: West side GD killed by CPD: Lil Simon, around Chicago/Homan area.
Stones kill someone that didn't want to join:
April 13, 1974: Stones killed Emil Campbell, 18, of 1464 E. 64th, at 1400 E. 69th. On April 27, CPD sought to arrest Ellis Walker, 24, for this.

2 Stones shooting Stones stories, that survives:
April 17, 1974: Jeff Fort's brother, Bennie Fort, with Bernard Green, were both shot as they walked out of Bennie's apartment building, 6450 S. Kenwood, as a gunman jumped out of the bushes. Bennie shot twice in the neck, and Bernard Green, 24, of 6220 S. Woodlawn, shot in the hip and in good condition. This was for chaos as Eugene Hairston was about to come out of prison in a week.

April 20, 1974: Andrew McChristian, 25, of 7302 S. Yates, shoots Charled Edward Bey's brother Lawrence Bey, 27, of 1360 E. 57th (or 52nd) in the cheek, who survives, over a dispute regarding leadership of the gang.

June 4, 1974: charges dropped against Andrew and his accomplice Ellis Walker, 24, of 5816 S. Sangamon, because CPD did not show up to court.

July 19, 1974: 16 year-old Gregory Shell, and 14 year-old Sirrane R. Traylor, charged with murder of a 66 year-old woman, Josephine Hack, in an armed robbery outside St. Ailbe's Catholic Church, 9015 S. Harper. Gregory Shell is the future #2 leader for GDs for the early 1990s. Shell lived at 8245 S. Blackstone, and Traylor at 7941 S. Wood. Note that at this time, they are both BPSN. Josephine was shot in the neck and ran back to the church and allegedly died in the priests arms.
Sept. 2, 1974: David Barksdale dies of kidney failure, 27. Buried in Restvale Cemetery. His funeral was at Golden Gate Funeral Home, 2036 W. 79th. Survived by his wife Yvonne (Cookie), son David 4, and twins Melinda and Ronald 17-months, and 13 brothers and sisters. His wife died on June 24, 1978.
1986: Last story for Jeff Fort ruling the streets. Jeff Fort was taken by feds in summer 1986. In 1991, a snitch testified this story about Fort, that he ordered a violation to his son, Antonio Fort, in 1986, at the Fort temple, which was demolished in June of 1990.

His son had tried to start his own gang, and Fort didn't allow. So while on the phone from prison, to the Fort temple, Fort said "Son, I told you I keep my promises." According to the snitch Henry Harris, 6 of the 14 ambassadors formed a circle around Antonio. Fort then said "Ambassadors, I want you to drum him until I tell you to stop." When the men hesitated, Fort said "I can't hear nothing." The ambassadors then attacked Antonio for about a minute. His arms were handcuffed behind his back the whole time. Then Jeff spoke to his son alone, then he was freed.

Henry Harris, who is the husband of Jeff Fort's sister, told the courts he tried to get Antonio to escape the beating. When U.S. attorney Theodore Poulos asked Harris why, Harris said "He witnessed something and never said nothing about it." When Poulos asked Harris to explain, he said "He caught me with his mother." "Did you have an affair with Diane Fort?" "Yes."

Note: there is 2 Anthony Smith mentioned here, 1 a neutron killed because he refused to join the Del Vikings, and another a Stone accidentally killed by his own gang.

Interview with a GD board member:

In spring 2021, I got a confirmation from a GD board member that Booker Ransom was the 1st GD to be killed (this was to clear confusion that all the newspapers mistakenly listed Booker Ransom as a Devil Disciple, than Supreme Gangster.).


When Jeff Fort declared Stones a Muslim gang in 1976 and hundreds flipped to GDs:

-Gregory Shell (Shorty G) was the biggest ranking GD that flipped from.
-The biggest ranking Stone to flip was Kabar, a big Stone general from Moe Town to NoLove City (59th/Halsted). He flipped early '80s when he couldn't adhere to not eating pork or drinking alcohol.
-The biggest ranking for both gangs was Moon, from the West side, a smaller Stone general, to GD, then became GD governor in the '80s, (from Chicago/Lockwood to Kilbourn/Van Buren).
-The biggest ranking BD that used to be a Stone from that flip, was 2: Dirty Mike, who was minister of Henry Horner Homes in the '80s and '90s, then after him, Trey Shawn, who succeeded him in the late '90s. Both of them were originally Gangster Stones (this was before Gangster Stones split off from the Stones.).

Years later, Edward Moore was a BD that wanted to be a leader, so he paid Freeman to flip to BDs in prison in the 1990s for a minister position. He didn't like GDs and hated a lot of their leaders, so BDs was his choice. When he got out of prison, he wore a lot of expensive jewelry and had more bodyguards that followed him then Freeman did (7), so Freeman told him to cut down on both.

The biggest ranking GD to flip, was Valentino, a GD board member, flipped to CVL, then killed by VLs, ~April 1996, because he extorted. 2 months later, a different GD that flipped to MIVL, Nose (Jimmy Lee Jackson), was killed by VLs June 1996, also for extorting.

The biggest ranking GD, Stones, and BDs tortured by Jon Burge.

-For GDs, no board member been tortured by Burge before, but there have been some governors: Meij from E-dubb (Englewood), Mr. Louis, and G Sharp from West side.
-For Stones, 2 Stone general was tortured by Burge before, Darrell Cannon and Pharoah, then the nation enforcer White Cloud, and patrol Peanut.
-For BDs, no board members been tortured by Burge before, but there have been some ministers: KT the minister of ministers, Jackie Wilson (but took his membership away in prison), and Kenny Parker, then a co-minister Melvin Jones.

How did David Barksdale and Larry Hoover 1st met? They grew up together (but did not attend the same high school).
In 1969, when David Barksdale asked Larry Hoover for their 2 gangs to merge into a unity, where did that conversation take place? Washington Park.
When the 2 gangs decided to merge, what church did that meeting take place? At Jesse Jackson's church, 50th/Drexel.

2 wrongs don't make a right.

Okay here is a 2 wrongs don't make a right story. In 1964, this dude killed someone in a robbery murder, finished his sentence came out and killed a rival gang 1969. He was now a Double 6 King, which turned Stone. Then paroled in 1976. Then in 1985, he was snitched on for a murder he didn't do. He beat the case in the Illinois Supreme Court voted 6-1 in 1990. That 1 minority judge, made the "wait he killed 2? What's wrong with giving him the death penalty now?" (Law was different then.). Steven Smith was probably the 1st example of what caused the laws to change. So by 1990, where 1 would be life in prison for 2 consecutive murders, he was grandfathered in. (So while the system wanted to give him the death penalty if he did do a 3rd murder, only 1 judge felt he should be given the death penalty for 2 murders that he already finished serving the sentence.).

Table of Jon Burge tortures compensations:

Dec. 2007   $19.8 million For 4 death row victims: Stanley Howard, Aaron Patterson, Leroy Orange, and Madison Hobley.
July 2012   $53.575 million $44.9 million from city, $8.675 million from county
May 2013 ~$60 million
June 2018 $115 million
Sept. 2018 $132 million $83 million from city
2019 $140 million

Expected another $14 million for 2022.

For Detective Guevara, as of Feb 8, 2022, $73 million ($53 million to 4 people, $20 million attorney fees).

For Sergeant Watts, a Dec. 2023 calculation, of 187 exonerees, who together spent roughly 270 years behind bars, where nearly all sued the CPD, the settlements could total $81.6 million. If the Johnson administration doesn't negotiate a settlement and instead fights the Watts-related lawsuits in court, it will be an uphill battle. If Watts-related lawsuits end up before juries, the cost for taxpayers could skyrocket. City payouts during the 2-year span for reversed-conviction judgments equaled $852,494 per year of plaintiff custody. At that rate, payouts to the Watts exonerees would be $230.2 million.

For money spent on Venezuelans: between Aug. and Dec. 2022: $17.5 million. January to July 23, 2023, to $115.2 million. Expected $255.7 million by end of 2023.