Cars of Gang Leaders

I do have 1 for Hispanic gangs, but let's just say I almost always have more info on Hispanic gangs than Black gangs so I'll leave this for now.


When Jeff Fort was arrested for speeding on Dec. 12, 1980, he drove a black limousine. He wore a mink coat, with a passenger named Henry Harris wearing a fox coat.

Stone general Ardell (Hugh Rogers)

red Ford Expedition SUV
and burgundy Ford Excursion.
2 top dogs under him:
Edward Clark (Little Ranger, Young) rode red Ford Taurus,
his gf rode a white Chevrolet Malibu,
Cortez Cooper rode a brown Dodge 600.

BD Wilson brothers, whom were BD ministers

when they killed 2 Chicago police officers, the car they were riding in was a
brown Chevy Impala, asked Solomon Morgan to paint it a different color.


When GD board member Milkman killed by another GD board member Galloway, Galloway drove a maroon Oldsmobile.


Renegades VLs: The biggest ranking Vice Lord killed by CPD, Icky Red Sr, a 5-star Renegade VL, around 1986. CPD killed him because they wanted to search his car, but he refused. Note that there is no newspaper story regarding his death. According to a Mafia VL b. 1970, he drove a red Cadillac sedan with a white top. However, according to a Unknown Vice Lord b. 1960, Icky Red Sr owned 3 cars, the other 2 were Oldsmobile 98, and ...?

Unknown VLs: a snitch named Schelton Williams was forced to give Willie Lloyd $6,000, but settled with Schelton's car, a 1984 Mercedes-Benz. Schelton later tried to kill Willie Lloyd when Lloyd's car was spotted in the Eisenhower, a Chevy Caprice, but Willie Lloyd was not in the car. According to a Mafia VL b. 1970, Lloyd's car was purple, and Schelton's car blue. However, according to a Unknown VL b. 1960, Lloyd's car was more of maroon, or reddish-purple, and he owned other cars: 2 white limousines around the time he came out of prison in 1992.


When Angelo Roberts was found dead, his body was found in a brown Chevrolet.