Criticism Against Central Park Produce
3604 W. Grand Chicago, IL 60651

1st is on about Sunday, October 1st, I accidentally left my credit card while making a purchase at the store. I believe the cashier by accident forgot to return it, and so when the next customer was to make a credit card purchase, the cashier would have saw my card was still in the slot. I know I left it there because later that day as I went to another grocery store, I immediately saw I was missing that credit card, and used a different 1 instead.

The grocery store did nothing to return my card back, including giving it to police.

But they instead, did something against it. About the next day, when I logged on to the bank website, my credit account was suspended because someone tried to transaction in Indianapolis, Indiana, on a Kroger store. I donít think they flew to Indiana the next day, I think they read my credit card # over the phone or so to someone in Indiana, like as a skimming card.

The above is not so much an issue. My 2nd criticism against the store is more of a reason as to why I am submitting this entire complaint. And that is sometimes the baggers stare me down as Iím in the checkout line.

And my last criticism, is not so much my criticism. As this grocery store is the Humboldt Park neighborhood, in a predominantly Puerto Rican area, all the cashiers and stockers I see working are Mexican, which I loosely interpret as, the grocery store does not want to hire Puerto Ricans.