Criticism Against Pilsen Neighbors Community Council, Little Village Chamber of Commerce, and St. Agnes of Bohemia (Catholic Church)

What do all 3 organizations have in common with the Latin Kings, and loosely gangs in general? They all have the code of silece when it comes to snitching.

-In the 2013 Fiesta del Sol carnival in Pilsen, I was handing out pamphlets, and was caught by someone who claimed to be a Cook County Sheriff. He accused me of child pornography, and being a child perv, taking pictures of children. After taking me to CPD custody, and seeing a staff member of Pilsen Neighbors Community Council there, CPD went through my camera and didn't find anything, let me go. Filed a lawsuit against the P.N.C.C. asking for an apology letter from the officer (and not themselves). Well, they refused, they did not disclose the identity of the officer. (However, that officer I could not find the following years at the carnivals, so perhaps they fired him.).

-In the 2015 Little Village Augestfest (not Villapalooza), someone ratted on me handing out pamphlets. The pamphlet I was handing out was actually 1 I voluntarily gave to that specific security guard a year ago, but as someone else is complaining, he takes me into custody. Not only does ne not give my pamphlets back, but also does not give my folder back. (When he took me to custody, he collected my address and phone number.). Although the lawsuit seeked an apology letter from the armed security guard, it mentioned the part about him refusing to give my stuff back. I didn't know what security company worked for, and the Catholic Church refused to disclose, and so the lawsuit went to the Catholic Church asking for an apology letter from the security guard. The Catholic Church immediately wrote a motion to dismiss my lawsuit. And so in my reply letter, I wrote the security guard (months later) has still not reached out to me on giving my stuff back.

-I actually thought the festival was being hosted by the church. But I asked some people, including some random police officers, and they suggested that Little Village Chamber of Commerce was hosting the carnival. So I 1st filed the lawsuit against LVCOC, asking an apology letter from the security guard (and no monetary value). They wrote a letter saying they did not host the carnival. What was upsetting to me, is that they did not say who held the carnival if it wasn't them. What was disappointing to me, was they did not say they did not know who was hosting the carnival. And so, code of silence.

Notes: it is illegal for a security guard and police officers in Illinois to handcuff without probable cause. For both state and federal courts, that applies to police officers, but only security guards for Illinois court. So what did the lawyers for the Catholic Church did not say in their motion? They did not acknowledge that it was wrong of the officer if the lawsuit was filed in state court. I actually gave them the upper-hand by making the lawsuit in federal court, where they would win. (Because the frisk law does not apply to security guards in federal court.). But I knew if I instead, made the lawsuit in Illinois court, then they would most likely have to lie and deny something, which makes it a "my word vs. theirs." So by making it in federal court, they no longer have to deny anything. They instead, reiterated that I went to the carnival with "intent" to hand out the pamphlets. The other choice, I could have made, besides filing the lawsuit in federal court, is wait 1 year, and file the lawsuit in Illinois court. By doing that, the statute of limitation would have expired, and that would allow them to do the same thing, ask the judge to dismiss the case because it's over a year ago.