The Chicago Sewers: Franklin Lower Tunnel (Gallery 18)

I 1st found out about this tunnel by accident while at the 15th floor of the Merchandise Mart, the library suite, room 1520, for a meeting regarding the Chicago River.

June 5, 2009 2:24 p.m.

2:37 p.m.

2:38 p.m.

I also brought my binocular with me. I was also able to use the binocular and camera as a double zoom-in, but nah, the picture did not turn out too good.

August 8, 2009 10:50 p.m.

11:05 p.m.

The tunnel actually begins at where Franklin street becomes Orleans street, but mehh.

The depth was like a 8 to 10 foot drop. It would be like jumping into the Chicago River. I was not up for it, and I did not bring any Ziploc bag to water-proof my camera. However, getting down there is not the issue, it's getting back up. In that case, I'd need a ladder. Although it might be possible to climb up the woods in front of the tunnel entrance.

11:06 p.m.

11:07 p.m. This is the view outside the tunnel but looking above it.

11:08 p.m.

11:10 p.m. This is actually not Franklin lower tunnel, but Franklin upper tunnel. I went up the stairs and went down Franklin street, taking a photo of down a manhole. But then I realized, this is the wrong tunnel. So I went down the stairs to lower Wacker Drive to look for the tunnel down manhole lids.

11:13 p.m.

11:16 p.m. This manhole, I'm 100% sure, is part of the tunnel.

11:18 p.m.

11:19 p.m. But this manhole, I'm not sure, if it's part of the tunnel. The tunnel can go in a straight line, but not necessarily exactly north-south or east-west, see.

11:20 p.m.

And these are how the 2 manholes are aligned, not in a straight north-south line.

11:21 p.m. This is the next manhole that I'm also sure leads to the tunnel. My bright flashlight died on me again, so I used my other 2 weaker flashlights for this.