Chicago Gang Sects

Started by
Counts McKinley Park Babyface Nelson.
Deuces 43rd/Union (Canaryville) 2000.
Latin Kings
North side
Beach/Spaulding Bobo.
Leavitt/Schiller (2nd) Lalo and his brother, 1981.
Projects (Lathrop Homes) King Richie and Bocho, 1982.
Latin Kings
South side
Marshall Boulevard DJ in 1964.
21st/California Bear.
21st/Fairfield Watusi.
21st/Albany Pollo.
23rd/Spaulding Rican (Ruben).
23rd/Homan Sleepy.
24th/Christiana Kato (Rudy Rangel Sr.) and Crow.
24th/Trumbull Sleepy.
24th/St. Louis Bobby Romo.
24th/Drake Tobar twins.
25th/Spaulding Wedo in 1987.
25th/Millard Bobby Montoya and Fly.
25th/Trumbull Franky and brother Tommy.
27th/Homan Pro (Robert) and Meme.
28th/Spaulding Pony and J.J.
28th/Central Park Cheesy and Pollo.
28th/Lawndale Rowdy.
30th/Sawyer Robert.
31st/Drake Mr. Kent.
33rd/Morgan Bear Armando and Player Javi ~1981.
Crown Town 51st/Ada Deadeye (Rickey Hernandez, b. 1960), from Coulters.
53rd/Albany 1987, from 28th/Lawndale.
52nd/Talman Turtle in mid-1990s, whom was a Devious One.
49th/Elizabeth 51st/Ada after 2008, due to getting too big and to prevent La Razas from crossing the bridge.
Southwest Maywood Rey Bedford.
MLDs Rockwell/Potomac Pops.
Talman/Wabansia Loco (b. 1970) in 1989, as permission from Pimp Daddy.
Monkland Black D from Talman, ~2000. (Maplewood/Le Moyne.).
Grand City Gino in 2005. (Harding/Hirsch.).
Saints 54th/Lockwood A lady Saint after 2005.
SGDs George/Mason 2008, after IGs were kicked out.
Spanish Cobras Maplewood/Potomac Slim and Lamont in 1984.
Two-Six 38th/Kedzie Crow Dog in 1978.
63rd/Homan Samson in 1978.

Former sects.

Started by Closed by
Ambrose 18th/Throop The Moyas brothers, as permission from Tony. This was 2nd sect of Ambrose.
86th/Baltimore Mid-'70s.
Bishops 53rd/Winchester Rj and Th. 2001.
Counts 92nd/Brandon 3 Counts that lived on 87th/Houston, came from 18th street, late '70s.
North side
Division/Mozart Kino in 1971. 1973, after Kino and some others were killed in Feb. 1972.
Division/Richmond Rico in 1973, from Division/Mozart. 1980, half went to North/Claremont.
Division/Wolcott Cholo, Professor, and Martin, in 1985. Due to gentrification.
Argyle/Glenwood Professor, < 1976, came from Leland/Virginia. Moved to Clark/Winnemac.
Lawrence/Kedzie Johnny Cash and Prince, from Argyle and Glenwood. Shut down by South side corona Tino before 2009.
North/Claremont Black Roach and Kato in 1980. 1982 due to poor leadership and members killed by Cobras.
Pierce/St. Louis Lefty in 1991, when he got out of prison. Crown council chairman Vicky Lou due to Lefty not running it the right way, 1994.
Berteau/Sacramento Hector Colon from Spaulding. Bear and Little Bear (Antonio and Danny) in 1997, they flipped to Familia Stones.
Hirsch/Central Park Baby Spaulding in 1995. Crown Council chairman Vicky Lou, because Ito and Butter stole money from Big Spaulding's funeral.
Montrose/Paulina 2003 after a CPD raid, which was after 1 of them shot at CPD.
South side
21st/Hoyne (Coulters) Fatz and Brownsboy, were originally Spanish Chancellors.
36th/Washtenaw Lil Wolf. Summer of 1978 when 2 Kings, Lil Rican, and then the leader Lil Wolf killed.
Crown Town 53rd/Winchester Before 2004, besides taken over by GDs, some of the members dissed cops.
57th/St. Louis Before 2004, closed due to proximity of the school and the school's cops.
59th/Whipple Opened by regional leader Baby. Regional leader Rascal, merged into 56th/Sacramento.
63rd/Spaulding Opened by regional leader Baby, members came from 28th/Lawndale. Regional leader Rascal, merged into 49th/Lotus.
MLDs Haddon/Rockwell This the only sect started by the MLD founder, 1966.
55th/Talman Lil Chino before 2004. 2007+.
Party People 56th/Maplewood Closed when a MLD or SD shot Rowdy in the back of the head on a block party on 58th/Campbell.
SDs 51st/Wood. Closed when a 13 year-old Lil Joker (Angel) was killed by Saints, he was the leader's brother, Lil Wood.