Chicago Gang Sects

Started by
Counts McKinley Park Babyface Nelson.
Deuces 43rd/Union (Canaryville) 2000.
IGs Armitage/Drake Started in 1971 by Lil Mexico, Goyo #2. They later merged with Division/Grand (whom were Imperial Spanish Gangsters).
North/Hamlin Just before 1982, from Division/Grand.
Belden/Monitor Chico G, from Wabansia/Central Park in 1986.
Monticello/Leland Baby G and Crow in 1993 from Palmer/Drake.
La Raza Harding/Wabansia New Year.
Latin Kings
North side
Leavitt/Schiller (1st) Pothead.
Beach/Spaulding Bobo who came from Leavitt/Schiller.
Kedzie/Cortez Monkey man from Leavitt/Schiller.
Leavitt/Schiller (2nd) Lalo and his brother, 1981.
Projects (Lathrop Homes) Carlos Martinez in the '70s (8 founding members from Armitage/Sheffield). Carlos Martinez became 1st inca in 1982, then Pucho, then Santana, then King Richie.
Whipple/Wabansia Ruff in early '80s, then Baby King. Ruff took over again after Baby King was killed.
Berwyn/Winthrop Started by Negro (from Ainslie/Winthrop), Preacher, and Louis Cabrera in 1973.
Berwyn/Hoyne Viper from Whipple/Wabansia, 1990s.
Berwyn/Wolcott Smurf from Berwyn/Winthrop, 1990s.
Rosemont/Claremont Lil Man (Carlos) came from Beach/Spaulding.
Latin Kings
South side
Marshall Boulevard DJ in 1964.
24th/Trumbull Sleepy (Rudolfo Elizondro), d. 1978. 10 founding members were a merge of 6 Midget Trumbulls and 4 23rd St Boys.
21st/California Bear.
21st/Fairfield Watusi.
21st/Albany Pollo.
Cermak/Sawyer Night Crew from 23rd/Sawyer.
23rd/Spaulding Rican (Ruben).
23rd/Homan Sleepy.
23rd/Whipple Rude Boys.
24th/Christiana Kato (Rudy Rangel Sr.) and Crow.
24th/St. Louis Bobby Romo.
24th/Drake Tobar twins.
25th/Spaulding Wedo in 1987.
25th/Millard Bobby Montoya and Fly.
25th/Trumbull Franky and brother Tommy.
27th/Homan Pro (Robert) and Meme.
28th/Spaulding J.J. after 1982
28th/Central Park Cheesy and Pollo after 1982.
28th/Lawndale Rowdy after 1982.
30th/Sawyer Robert.
31st/Drake Mr. Kent from Villa Lobos of 30th/Drake.
33rd/Morgan Bear Armando and Player Javi ~1981, whom were Mighty Projects.
Crown Town 51st/Ada Deadeye (Rickey Hernandez, b. 1960) in 1980, from Coulters.
53rd/Albany Phantom in 1987, from 28th/Lawndale.
52nd/Talman Turtle in mid-1990s, whom was a Devious One, by Angel from 53rd/Albany.
58th/Hamlin 1994, from Hamlin Lords.
51st/Homan JR (d. 2006), whom was a Devious One, by Angel from 53rd/Albany.
49th/Elizabeth 51st/Ada after 2008, due to getting too big and to prevent La Razas from crossing the bridge.
Southwest Maywood (5th/Lake) Donald Garrett (Stretch), from Marshall Blvd, before 1982, then Big Player.
Harlem Joe Novak in 1987, from Marshall Blvd.
Southeast 84th/Escanaba Frank Senteno, before 1984.
MLDs Rockwell/Potomac Freckles b. 1956.
Talman/Wabansia Dennis and his brother Pole. Pole was originally a YLO D from Francisco/Wabansia.
Monkland Lou Dog ~2000. (Maplewood/Le Moyne.).
Grand City Ewok in 2005 (Harding/Hirsch), who came from Grand/Avers.
Saints 54th/Lockwood A lady Saint after 2005.
SDs 18th/Oakley Capone (White) from Taylor/Racine (d. 1981). Then Moose, then Lil Moose, then Riddler.
21st/Oakley Goyo D (Greg) from 18th/Oakley.
23rd/Oakley Tommy Gunz.
McKinley Park Godfather.
Huron/Elizabeth This was the 1st North side sect for SDs. By 2000 there were 2 others nearby.
32nd/Lituanica Comiskey Park in 1988, with the rest of the Puerto Rican and White Mighty Projects of Bridgeport. Then Spanish Chancellors from 28th.
59th/Spaulding Summer of 1993, 7 founding members were Oso, Dean, Malo, Drac, Looney, Shorty, and JC. They came from 27th/Komensky.
50th/Oakley Birdie from 27th/Komensky.
59th/Sacramento Chocolate from 59th/Spaulding.
SGDs Broadway/Cuyler Top Cat from Rosemont/Broadway 1984, before that he was a Spanish Cobra from Taylor/Western.
St. Louis/Ainslie Erick from Broadway/Cuyler in 1992, then Flacko 1993-1997.
Sunnyside/Kimball Tank.
George/Mason 2008, after IGs were kicked out.
Spanish Cobras Maplewood/Potomac Slim and Lamont in mid-'70s. They came from Artesian.
Leland/Drake Baby, from Division/Maplewood. He was killed in the '80s.
Spanish 4CH Addison/Cicero Started by Prieto, a King from Whipple/Wabansia, before 1998.
Two-Six 38th/Kedzie Crow Dog (Leonard Losoya, b. 1961) in 1978.
63rd/Homan Samson in 1978.
47th/Damen An old school 2 6 from 28th/Hamlin in 1985.

Former sects.

Started by Closed by
Ambrose 18th/Throop The Moyas brothers, as permission from Tony. This was 2nd sect of Ambrose.
86th/Baltimore '80s.
Bishops 53rd/Winchester Rj and Th. 2001.
Counts 92nd/Brandon 3 Counts that lived on 87th/Houston, came from 18th street, 1982.
IGs Division/Grand Started in 1969 with no leader, but in 1972, Spanky was elected leader, Tito #2. In 1-2 years, Godfather was leader. 1986.
Western/Cortez Prince as permission from Division/Grand. After Gayo G was killed.
Latin Brothers North/Latrobe Mike Burgos (Mr. B) from 18th, shortly after the peace treaty ended in 1978.
North side
Ashland/Cortez Michael Perez before 1973. Closed early '90s.
Armitage/Dayton Hanky (Panuelo-13, Heaky Suarez, b. 1952) around 1968. Summer 1969 they moved a few blocks west to Armitage/Sheffield after Young Lords took over the People's Church and forbade them to hang around there.
Roscoe/Halsted Richie around 1970, and this Richie is not the same as from Armitage/Dayton.
Montrose/Hazel < 1970 2003 after a CPD raid, which was after 1 of them shot at CPD.
Winthrop/Winona Professor, < 1976, from Roscoe/Halsted, ~1971.
Argyle/Glenwood Lil Man and Tiger in 1974. After Luis Ruiz from Montrose/Paulina shot them.
Division/Mozart Kino in 1971 1973, after Kino and some others were killed in Feb. 1972.
Division/Richmond Rico in 1973, from Division/Mozart. 1980, half went to North/Claremont.
Division/Wolcott Cholo, Professor, and Martin, in 1985. Due to gentrification.
Lawrence/Kedzie Johnny Cash and Prince, from Argyle and Glenwood. Shut down by South side corona Tino before 2009.
North/Claremont Black Roach and Kato in 1980. 1982 due to poor leadership and members killed by Cobras.
Pierce/St. Louis Lefty in 1991, when he got out of prison. Crown council chairman Vicky Lou due to Lefty not running it the right way, 1994.
Berteau/Sacramento Hector Colon from Spaulding ~1995. Bear and Little Bear (Antonio and Danny) in 1997, they flipped to Familia Stones.
Hirsch/Central Park Baby Spaulding (b. 1972) in 1995. Crown Council chairman Vicky Lou in 2001, because Ito and Butter stole money from Big Spaulding's funeral.
Albany/Dickens Closed when Chino was killed, sect moved to Whipple/Wabansia.
Lawrence/Ashland Monk from Montrose/Paulina in the 1990s. Closed because Pat stabbed the regional leader Monk over Penny (Juan Foster).
South side
21st/Hoyne (Coulters) Sexy aka the Fox, were originally Spanish Chancellors. His 1st #2, and 2nd #2, were both murdered consecutively in the late 1960s.
28th/Christiana Chango, with Godfather, Crook, and Cobra in 1982. This was the 1st sect on 28th, they worked at the catering factory since 1975.
27th/Albany From 28th/Christiana in 1987. Members Lil Chuco, Indio, Gallo, Maggoney, Cholo, and Negro.
36th/Washtenaw Lil Wolf. Summer of 1978 when 2 Kings, Lil Rican, and then the leader Lil Wolf killed.
Crown Town 53rd/Winchester Before 2004, besides taken over by GDs, some of the members dissed cops.
57th/St. Louis Before 2004, closed due to proximity of the school and the school's cops.
59th/Whipple Opened by regional leader Baby. Regional leader Rascal, merged into 56th/Sacramento.
63rd/Spaulding Opened by regional leader Baby, members came from 28th/Lawndale. Regional leader Rascal, merged into 49th/Lotus.
Latin Lovers Lyndale/Campbell Fox L in 1977.
MLDs Cortez/Washtenaw Manny (d. Nov. 2019) around 1989. Closed 2007.
Division/Avers 1977.
Murder Town Indio (Thomas/Wastenaw).
Ashland/Wabansia 8-ball around 1988. 1993 or shortly after.
55th/Talman Lil Chino before 2004 from Erie/Wood. 2007+.
Party People 56th/Maplewood Closed when a MLD or SD shot Rowdy in the back of the head on a block party on 58th/Campbell.
SDs 51st/Wood Capone. Closed when a 13 year-old Lil Joker (Angel) was killed by Saints, he was the leader's brother, Lil Wood.
59th/Homan Looney from 59th/Spaulding.
Ohio/Marshfield Weed in 1985 from Eerie/May, died 1989. Closed when Harrison Gents killed Wolfy.
SGDs Glenwood/Columbia Started by Lil Devil from Broadway/Cuyler in 1998.
Simon City Royals St. Louis/Leland Tim Gilfillan (Bimbo), who came from Paulina/Cornelia. He died on 4/13/1975. He was the 4th SCR to die, 3rd SCR to be killed.
Two-Six 57th/Albany Jose Arias from 38th in the mid-'90s. Around 2000.

For Black gangs:

-West side GDs was started by Ike Taylor, before 1971, then Face (d. 2022), then JR Hope (William Holt, Ernest Hope, d. 1980s). Face was not a GD board member. Renegade GDs was started by GD board member Charlie Hill, centered around Cermak/Pulaski. Charlie Hill was killed by his own gang in 2000.

-West side BDs was started by Orthis Commander (OJ) on Independence, before 1968. However, BDs started in the West side, by Gladys/Keeler.

-The 1st West side Stones was FBI Rangers (led by Prince Perry), which became 1 of the main 21 branches. All BPSN Main 21 were South siders except for Moose (Herman Holmes) who was from the South and West side.

-1st South side sect for BGs/New Breeds is 63rd/Ashland started by Ram (Sam Lawrence) around 1991.

-The 1st South side Vice Lord sects were on Wentworth in the 3000s, as shared with Stones.

-South side TVLs was started at Altgeld Gardens, around 1981, by Head, from California/Flournoy.

-North side Stones was started by Eugene Hairston, in Uptown, after 1975. Hairston came out of IDOC in 1974, shot by his gang in 1975, then started Uptown. After he was killed in Sept. 1988, Mustafa from South side took over. As Hairston was not a Muslim and refused to convert, Mustafa can be considered the true starter for the North side Stones.

Robert Taylor Homes:

-Stones: in 1968, the Main 21 in charge of Robert Taylor Homes was Melvin Bailey.
-BDs: started by Duke Blackman. He was killed by the police around 1981.
-GDs: ran by Cold Black (Robert Dordies, d. 5/2001), then Mark Clark.

Stateway Gardens:

-GDs: ran by William Edwards mid-1990s.

Henry Horner Homes:

-Stones: ran by Curtis in the '70s.

Cabrini Green:

-GDs: ran by Don Smokey in the 1980s, then Chuck Dorsey. Both were killed by their own gang.