Chicago Gang Snitches

-Does not include suburbs at this time: if either the snitch or snitchee are from Chicago, will be included, but not if both are from suburbs.
-Does not include where they were snitched on something for something they did not commit.
-Does not include if a group are all hit with the same charge, and they explained each other's roles, unless they snitched on someone outside that wasn't hit.
-Only includes snitching on their own gang, but I may set up a separate page for snitching on rival gangs, and non-gang members.

Ambrose snitches.

-An earlier Ambrose was killed by other Ambrose while in the front seat of a car under the Amtrak bridges on 16th near Halsted, he was slashed in the throat, late '80s or early '90s.

-An Ambrose named Hector Serrano (Boobies) b. 1973 snitched on Jose Negrete (b. 1956) in 2013, for possessing an AK-47. Why did he do that? He did that so he could get a reduction in his own charge. Both of them are deceased. Hector died in Sept. 2016, of overdose, Jose Negrete died April 2018, of dialysis.

-The biggest snitch in the whole Ambrose goes to PJ, (Boobies younger brother). He wore wires to start the Operation Bluewater.

-A leader of the Ambrose named Willie Perez, who was hit in the Operation Blue Water, tricked on his cousin Tino Guzman.

Ashland Vikings snitches.

-Pedro snitched in 2003 to Rey Renteria, 3 attempted murder cases.

Count snitches.

-A Count named Michael Maddox, 23, recorded a McKinley Park gang meeting held by Babyface Nelson on April 23, 1999, on an older Polish woman named Jean Cusulick, 50, who constantly made 911 calls against the Counts, and was a CAPS volunteer. At the end of the meeting Michael Maddox was supplied 2 guns which he gave to CPD.

-There was a YLO Cobra from Fullerton who was dating a lady Count. He once took an Addison-Count to Bishops hood after the Bishop-Count war started, then took off. The Bishops ganged up on the Addison-Count, but the Count said he was from the suburbs, and so since Bishops hated the Counts from 18th, they chilled with the Addison-Count, saying it was a bitch move of your friend. That Cobra, eventually flipped to Count, then snithed on the Counts, then flipped back.

-Another Count on SOS is Rabbit (Julio Contreras, b. 1974), he has a bm from Saints hood who also has a Saint bd.

La Raza snitches.

-Fajardo Gilberto (Shadow) tricked, was given a SOS.

Latin Lovers snitches.

-Chicky snitched on White Boy Billy from Lyndale/Campbell, who did 20 years for killing a Cobra.

Pachucos snitches.

-In 1999, after Pachucos killed a Royal behind a bank on Irving Park, Ocaña (went by his last name) was the driver and snitched on who 2 of the murderers were, as well as others for minor things. This closed their section on Addison and Central Park.

Saints snitches.

-Fabian Gomez (Gato), a member of the Latin Saints street gang, testified that he had been working with the Chicago police as a confidential informant since May 2001. Gomez provided information in exchange for the dropping of aggravated kidnapping charges against him in an unrelated case (July 2008).

-The Chicago police were unable to identify any suspects in the shooting until January 16, 2002, when Jesus Nevarez (St. Biggies) was arrested for engaging in three separate narcotics transactions with undercover Chicago police officers. Upon learning of the severity of the drugs charges he was facing, Nevarez told the Chicago police officers he had some information on the homicide in question. On the basis of this information, the Chicago police subsequently arrested defendant, Garcia, Melendez, and Montelongo.

-May 2010: Edwin Rolnicki, a former Almighty Saint, testified that he was at the meeting and recalled that Schoen was thirsty for blood and everyone was pissed off. [...] After being released from the police station, Rolnicki went to the defendant's house where he met with the defendant, Gallardo, and Garcia. The group discussed what happened and the defendant said "it wasn't over" and that he was going to hire an attorney to see if anyone was cooperating with the police. Rolnicki testified that he cooperated with police and, as a consequence, he left the Almighty Saints gang and had not spoken to any gang members since that day.

-Jacintos snitched on a Wood street Saint on a murder (he was a Paulina), and so Saints shot at Jacintos 9 times (8/10/2013), he survived.

-Saints currently have Furby on a SOS, he snitched on a Wood Saint.

-A 2 6 named Fatman G snitched on a Saint named Pancho (who wasn't wearing a mask), then Pancho snitched on Macho's brother (Macho Jr) for killing Pacman on April 20, 2012 (Pancho was in the car when Macho Jr, who was wearing a ski mask, killed Pacman). Macho Jr got around 80 years, Pancho snitched his way down to around 10 years. Fatman G was walking with Pacman at the time when the incident happened. Note that Pancho did not initially snitch on who in the car actually did the murder, but eventually his mother stepped up and got him to snitch, and then she relocated.

-On April 7, 2013, 4:30 p.m. 2 Saints that were cousins drove and shot/killed a 14 year old in 2200 block of S. Leavitt, and also wounded a 13 year-old girl. They drove east on Cermak, but a witness got the license plate of their green van and called 911. The driver, Damien Garza, 19, crashed at 1645 W. Cermak, and he later snitched on the shooter, Javier Garza, 17. The driver is no longer a Saint. His father and uncles were Counts, and wanted to flip to Count but wasn't able to. 2 years later he had a brother named Kris that was hit in an unrelated murder, and flipped to Count in prison. The shooter was formerly an Ambrose.

-A Saint snitch who did not have legal status bought cocaine and guns from a 19 year-old Saint (bought a Lorcin .380 pistol 9/10/2018, 56 g cocaine 1/17/2019, 116 g cocaine 2/13/2019), taken by feds March 8, 2019. He was given 1-year extension, paid $5,520 for his services, and $1,000 for relocation.

SD snitches.

In Nov. 2006, SDs had a dual federal raid that hit 17, all from either Douglas Park or 42nd. Biggy Rat the top nation leader from Douglas Park 18th/California, Diablo the leader in charge of 42nd. 1 snitch from each section. The 2nd snitch was likely a female, where she introduced a female FBI agent to SDs as her sister.

Investigation started Sept. 2004. 17 arrested Nov. 7, 2006.

Snitch1 = cooperating with FBI since March 2006, following positive on drug test while on parole.
Snitch2 = cooperating since Sept. 2004, paid $9,332.90

Snitch1 (Thomas Wortham) and Biggy Rat.

On March 8, 2006, bought 52.1 g of cocaine base in form of crack for $1200.
On April 19, 2006, bought 55.4 g for $1400.

Some time after finding out Snitch1 was the snitch, he was assaulted by SDs.

On October 13, 2009, Biggy Rat sentenced 125 months.

2nd federal raid April 2012 (12 hit), hit 59th/Richmond, hit the chief of 18th, hit a former 1 from 19th/Oakley.

Investigation started 2009 by FBI + CPD. Gun buys and drug buys.

Snitch2 = since 2009, paid $33,697.81. Bought gun from Wino.
Snitch3 = since 2004 or 2005, and ended 5/17 or 5/20/2011 which is when while working for five-o, he had drugs on him. Only paid a little by CPD.

Other snitches.

-Tuffy from Cicero tricked on Edwin Martinez, 20, for killing Roberto Sanchez, 17, another Cicero SD, who killed him at a forest preserve.

-Smokey (David Scott) wore a wire against the Vargas twins, before 2007.

-Dozer snitched on Savage and Maniac (Danny Malave). In October 2017, he tried to buy a gun from Hector Aguirre, 17, (Kato from 50th/Oakley) in the 4600 block of S. Western, and was shot in the hands and lost a finger. He's currently in IDOC until January 2021.

-After Scrappy was arrested for mis-aiming at a mother at the MetroPCS on 59th/Kedzie (April 26, 2019), Scrappy tricked on Stickman (Marco Zabala) for providing him the gun. Later, Ghost (Babyface's brother) tricked on both of them, more charges added.

-George de la Mora (Clover) was tricked on by another SD from another section, they met from being incarcerated together. That snitch introduced Clover to his boss, whom was actually an undercover cop, who bought cocaine and guns from Clover. Clover was initially arrested by CPD, then transferred to federal. Clover died on October 23, 2019, while in federal custody.

SGD snitches.

-Ramon Gavina testified, under subpoena, for the state. Gavina testified that in August 1985 he was a member of the Spanish Gangster Disciples. [...] Gavina testified that they drove to the park to look for Latin Kings to fight, everybody including Rosa, Rodriguez, and Gonzalez got out of the van to chase the Latin King [...].

-Budah G tricked on Hueso on a pistol.

G26 snitches.

-According to David Ayala's GoFundMe, and likely written by David Ayala himself on November 3, 2019, implicates Wally Cruz (Gator), 17, as the snitch who confessed to a story that led to the arrest of David Ayala, his cousin James Soto, and Ruben Palomo (who has since been released), after being harassed by police. However, Gator got a pass from David Ayala, David Ayala likely forgave him, Gator still associated with an older generation of 2 6 and has worked as a CTA bus driver before.

-In 1983, a 2 6 called Moose (Mark Fuentes) tricked on his cousin Fly (Gregory Escobar) for killing Rudy Lozano (however, Ambrose have also claimed to have killed Rudy Lozano). CPD claims Gregory Escobar had confessed to killing Rudy after hours of interrogation, but Gregory has later professed his innocent. The morning Rudy Lozano was killed, his doorbell was rang and he went down the stairs to confront, his wife heard the 2 talk. After Gregory was arrested, Rudy's wife (who was a sister of BK from the Kings) was still uncertain if Gregory's voice matched the person that morning.

Moose and his older brother have both tricked on Fly, as a contract killing, however, afterwords, Moose disappeared from Chicago, and his older brother was not a 2 6, did not disappear. Escobar died in the 2010s.

Note: the Illinois Appellate Court documents say an informant led CPD to believe it was Ken Fuentes responsible for the shooting. Ken admitted to having the gun the day Lozano was killed, but when he learned he was the suspect of his shooting, changed the story to his cousin Alfredo Olvera (who lived on the same building as him) had the gun that day. When CPD arrested Olvera, Olvera implicated Gregory Escobar, and claimed Fuentes gave Escobar the gun that day.

July 2010 federal raid. September 2010 federal raid.

Snitch1 = helping CPD since 2005. From 2006 to 2008, he was in charge of 30th and Avers, and sold cocaine and heroin.

It all starts in January 2009 when original-snitch (Grim from 38th/Homan) goes to CPD, tells them he think he's being extorted by 2 members: Santana and Carlos (Santana Cruz and Carlos Vigneri), and that his family might be targeted too. Original-snitch tells CPD that on January 16, 2009, he tried to "broker the sale of a kilo of cocaine" from Santana to a CVL named Big Mike. But an associate of Big Mike robbed original-snitch and Carlos of that cocaine that was intended to be sold to Big Mike. And Santana and Carlos held original-snitch responsible for the stole cocaine, and demanded he pay them $22,000. For fear of his life, original-snitch immediately gave them his car, but feared it was not enough.

On June 17, 2009, original-snitch bought gun from Samuel Nunez by Pershing/Washtenaw.

On June 30, 2009, bought gun from Joel Velasquez (Lil Evil) and Jesse Lopez (Baby Monster).

Snitch2 = April 2009 to CPD, been over 10 years as a 2 6.

Investigation started, June 2009, when CPD and DEA got together.

Snitch3 = on July 10, 2009, stopped by CPD on 31st, had 2 g of weed on him, not arrested.
Snitch4 = out of 190 pages of shit, mostly telephone conversations, I couldn’t find the story of snitch 4, cuz the 1st 3 snitches were mentioned near the beginning.

On July 21, 2009, bought gun from Jesus Centeno.

On August 20, 2009, bought gun from individual B and David Morales.

Takedown of G26 leader Casper and friends.
On June 16, 2010, 4:37 p.m., feds gave original-snitch recording devices, and drove to meet with Casper (Joshua Vidal) at the 4800 block of S. Winchester. Casper agrees to buy guns with original-snitch over the phone, and the 2 met up with Individual A at an alley near 55th/Halsted. At Casper's instruction, Casper and Individual A drove to Shell gas station, where Davian Mosley and Antonio Cobb delivered guns to Casper as he sat in the backseat of original-snitchs vehicle.

Original-snitch introduced undercover-cop to the crew, where undercover-cop tells them he is looking for individuals to join him in robbing a stash house that has over 30 kilos, and will offer them 6 kilos a piece. "Hell yea" said Casper.

On July 14, 2010, 3:42 p.m., feds gave original-snitch recording devices again. Original-snitch picked up Casper at the gas station on Fullerton/Kilbourn which is by where Casper lived, while undercover-cop waited at the Home Depot parking lot on Armitage/Cicero. There, Casper introduced undercover-cop to his cousins Juan de Jesus (Bogey), Victor Torres, Juan Velez (Bam Bam).

On July 20, 2010, they met all met at White Castle parking on Ogden/Harlem, and transferred to a single car to Cook County forest preserve at 43rd and Oak in Lyons, IL. At 7:02 p.m., all 5 of them - 4 of them along with Individual A who was the driver, were ambushed by the feds as they sat in the parked car. All of them tried to fight the arrest too.

By the next morning, came the rest of the federal and CPD raid.

Original-snitch has been paid $50,000 in total as of the day of the raid.

According to the Tribune "Four Chicago men were ready to storm inside a home, use tape to tie up the people inside and shoot them if necessary in order to take off with more than 30 kilograms of cocaine, according to a federal complaint released Thursday. The only problem was the house allegedly filled with drugs didn't really exist."

September 2010: about 2 dozen hit.

12/5/2016 Jose Maldonado a.k.a. Spook sentenced 22 years.
2/10/2017 Francisco Masias a.k.a. Swoll and Cisco sentenced 22 years.

May 2017 raid.

Hit about 48 of them, some half federal and some half state. Hit the nation leader, Francisco Sanchez (Smokey). 1 of the snitches, Gizmo from 38th/Francisco, was hit in the previous raid, but never did federal time, only state time.

Investigation started November 2014.

On the morning of May 25, 2017, feds went to Smokey's house at the 6 a.m. hour where he was sleeping, arrested him. Found a Colt model 1911, .45 caliber pistol.

Snitch 1 = paid $30,250. According to snitch1, Francisco Sanchez is the nation leader of the 2 6.

Smokey was convicted of murder 11/25/1986 to 70 years, and reduced to 40 years on 5/25/1990.

Some things about Franciso Sanchez a.k.a Smokey.

On Sept. 9, 2015, he met with a snitch and talked about how 1 2-6 robbed another 2-6 of drugs and money, and to discipline him.

On March 20, 2017, Smokey replaced Individual E with Individual F with the next #2 leader of the 2 6, and to in charge of 63rd/Central. 1st he spoke with Individual E privately, then spoke with Individual F privately.

On April 16, 2016, feds saw Smokey give a gun to individual C who gave to individual D, at the bar on the 4200 block of S. Archer. When the 2 left, feds nabbed them both. According to individual D, who is a female, 38th/Albany stole a handgun from 31st/Avers, and then lost the gun. Individual C is in charge of 31st/Avers, and contacted Smokey about it.

Smokey retracted the not pleading guilty, got 27 months.

Humboldt Park snitches.

IG snitches.

-Chino G tricked on Pistol Pete.

2 IGs have tricked on Tony Serrano Jr., for misaiming at Cobras that killed a 13 year-old girl, June 2007:

-Mwenda Murithi, was caught by CPD for drinking alcohol outdoors, and offered to snitch on a murder case. He 1st told them he had information on the whereabouts of a gun used in a murder.

-Felix Jusino testified he, like defendant, was a member of the Imperial Gangsters street gang in June 2007. [...] Jusino then noticed defendant was with Tony Serrano, who was also a member of the Imperial Gangsters. Defendant stood in front of Serrano yelling at the Cobras across the street while Serrano went behind a car. When Serrano stepped out from behind the car, he started shooting towards the Cobras and then ran.

June 2012 federal raid.

Snitch2 = hopes to receive reduced sentence in a drug case, based on cooperation by a family member on his behalf.

Snitch4 = cooperated around February 2010 for receiving a recommendation for a reduced sentence for a violation of federal narcotics and firearms. Was spent $17,000 on his expenses, and paid $18,500 for his info and services to the FBI. He bought 62.5 g crack and firearm from Popeye 4/21/2010, a firearm from Martin Murillo 4/3/2011, and 55 g of crack from Polacko 2/29/2012.

IG snitches of NW Indiana:

-1 of the 1st East Chicago Imperial Gangsters to cooperate with federal attorneys saw that cooperation rewarded Tuesday with a sentence of 20 years in prison. Federal sentencing guidelines had recommended that Galo Benjamin Feliciano, 26, of East Chicago, serve 30 years to life in prison after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to racketeer, [taking part in] murdering 3 people and other charges. However, U.S. Distric Judge [...] that he would agree to the request for 20 years by federal and defense attorneys based solely on how much Feliciano had helped the government.

IUK snitches:

Jacob Camacho tricked on Duane McCoy (Woo Woo) for a murder of a GD, 16 year-old James Earl Fleming, who was killed on July 20, 1991, outside 1306 N. Harding. He was retaliating for the death of Jesse Maldonado (Bingo), and that day would have been Bingo's birthday. Shortly after the shooting, CPD came to 1250 N. Harding, into a basement apartment, and went into the bathroom, and saw the shooter and snitch both hiding in the bathtub, and arrested them both.

MLD snitches.

-Lil Schoolie tricked on Guerro D, got him 65 years.

Before 2000, MLDs have about 4 big snitches, 2 in 1981, 1 in 1992, and 1 in 1996.

The 1st 1 who implicated Fernie (Coco and Socorro Roldan), a lady D who implicated the 3 lady Ds, and then the 2 and a half at Don Loco 1996 meeting, after the sign-in sheet snitch.

MLD 2004 federal raid.

Investigation between CPD and FBI started March 2003. Hit the #2 guy, and previous #2 guy, as well as the #3 guy.

Snitch1 was from a different gang, and information provided was disputed by the other snitches, and was discontinued as a snitch.
Snitch2 = helping FBI since Aug. 2003, because he/she wanted to leave the gang. Paid $4,500.
Snitch3 = became a snitch because he/she wanted to be paid. Was paid $12,000.
Snitch4 = helping since 2004, after caught with possession of a gun.
Snitch5 = a former member of a different gang, cooperated since at least 2002, paid $19,100.

MLD 2011 raid was some federal but more CPD, + 1 C-Note.

Snitch3 = since with FBI summer 2009 after guns found by police, until spring 2010, paid $170.
Snitch4 = since with FBI winter 2009, paid $4,300.
Snitch6 = since with FBI winter 2009 to Oct. 2010, paid $1,400.

Snitch2 = a neutron, or a non-MLD actually, since with FBI summer 2008, paid $3,800. 1 who actively hangs with MLDs.

Nobody with rank was hit here, only drug sellers. Mostly from Talman/Wabansia with 1 from North/Richmond and Rockwell/Le Moyne. 1 of the Talman/Wabansia hit was a senior member of the MLDs, where he was a founding member of Talman/Wabansia called Black Gato, who lived in NW Indiana.

-On September 13, 2011, a group of 4 MLDs drove around in a car wanting to beat up rival gangs. At about 9:17 p.m., at the 2900 block of W. Bloomingdale, they spotted 14 year-old Brian DeLeon, and 19 year-old Esteban Miranda came out with a metal baseball bat. The neutron told them he wasn't a Cobra, and the other 3 MLDs, tried to prevent him from the attacks. At the police station, Miranda was silent, but the other 3 MLDs implicated him. The victim was still in a coma at that time.

-Grand City: Snipes tricked on Tank. He did it to get 6 years, at 85%, from an attempted murder.

Spanish Cobra snitches.

-Efrain Sanchez Rivera testified that after he joined the Spanish Cobras gang in Jan. 1986, he began selling marijuana for Fat Man (Edwin Marrero) who lived at Sawyer and Emmett Streets in Chicago. Rivera would keep a certain amount from each sale, and give the remainder to Fat Man or Blonco. Rivera identified "Blonco" in court as the defendant (Jose Negron).

-YLO Cobra snitch called Bones from Avers/Hirsch in the 1990s he snitched on 2 of his boys that did drive-by shootings against random opps, and then took off to Texas.

-The Chicago Police Department received info from a confidential informant (Suave), that an individual would be trafficking a kilo of cocaine, to the parking lot of the McDonald's on Fullerton and Central. He'll be riding a green colored GMC van, around 1 p.m., Nov. 2, 2002. (This snitch tricked on Sabu and Poolstick.).

Operation Snake Charmer.

Snitch1 is not a Cobra, but in a gang that is allies with Cobras. He's been cooperating with the FBI since summer 2007, in hopes of receiving a reduced sentence on a parole violation charge (arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle while on parole). His substantive crime was eventually dismissed by the state, but not at the request of the FBI. He also has a 1st-degree murder conviction as a juvenile. He tricked on the ringleader of the raid, Big Juan and his supplier Haro (whom were CeaseFire employees).

Snitch2 cooperated with the FBI since March 2007, and is a long-time member of the Cobras. He had previously cooperated with the FBI in the early 2000s, earning ~$4,000. He had returned for more money. Paid $4,300 for his services from 2007-2008. He brought crack from Erick Diaz, Monkey, Pickles and his supplier Erick Brito, Laluz, Speedy, and the chief of Fullerton/Tripp Smooth.

Snitch3 = cooperated from August 2007 to December 2007, when FBI caught him breaking off pieces of cocaine for himself, so the FBI had discontinued him as a snitch. He bought crack from Steven Villa and Heavy.

Snitch4 = cooperated with FBI and CPD since October 2007. He was caught and arrested by CPD for delivery of a controlled substance, and that charge has been dismissed. He tricked on GK, a lady Cobra called Rapunzel, and a Latin Lover called Cuba.


Black Disciple snitches.

-1968 (when the gang was called Devil Disciples), their #2 guy, Nicholas Dorenzo, testified to the Senate committee at Washington D.C. on how the gang used the fund money. 6 weeks after he was taken off protection and back in Chicago, he was shot after he left his house, then ran into a gas station.

Wilson brothers (Andrew and Jackie) 1982 that killed 2 CPD.

When ministers Andrew Wilson killed 2 cops in 1982, with his brother Jackie, at 81st/Morgan, 3 have snitched on them, including the 1st 2 that were BDs.

-Donald White (Kojak) and Dwight Anthony were 1st suspects before Wilson brothers. Kojak snitched because he was tortured by Burge. Kojak received $5,693 on relocation expenses by CCSA (to motels and moving companies).

-When Derrick Martin (D) was told by CPD that there was a $50,000 reward, D implicated Andrew Wilson. Said Andrew had told him he killed 2 cops while on the Red Line going north, to the West side. D was also in the car minutes before the murder, in which Jackie dropped him off at 79th/Carpenter. D was paid $17,403 on relocation expenses by CCSA (to motels and moving companies).

-Solomon Morgan also snitched. When Jackie tried to hire Solomon to paint the car used in the murder a different color, Solomon contacted the police when he found out what the car was.

2 other non-BD witnesses were Tyrone Sims (from his living room) and Dewayne Hardin. Later while in the county, a White man from England later snitched on Jackie for boasting it.

Note: both Andrew and Jackie were later kicked out of their gang in prison. Jackie was kicked out because he did homosexual acts to new young males that entered prison.

-On Aug. 28, 1998, Mario Coleman was in his apartment in Parkway Gardens when he heard gunfire. He ran out and later Troy Binion and Patrick Jones (Snap) (both BDs) told him they had "aired out" at a black car that was driving around. Binion was acting as lookout for Jones. Jones had just shot the passenger in the car in the head, Thomas McGee, who died the next day, at 64th/Vernon. The driver was Antonio McGee, a former GD. Mario Coleman implicated Binion and Jones.

August 1998 federal raid.

-Robert Allen Jr., 25, the lead person hit, admitted he was responsible for selling 220 pounds of crack in the area of 64th/Normal between September 1996 and August 1998, and agreed to testify against other members, from a life sentence to 20 years, in May 1999.

December 1999 federal raid.

-Robert Allen Jr. and another high-ranking BD, Charles Jackson, had helped authorities identify voices in taped cell-phone calls, which led to the next raid.

May 2004 federal raid.

Hit a Black P. Stone. Meetings between board members typically occurred every other week, at an office of a construction company (Royal Improvement) at 69th/Halsted.

Snitch1 = agreed plead guilty 2/11/1997 in federal court, sentenced 122 months. Joined at age 15, a former board member 1994-95, for 66th to 73rd Halsted to Wentworth (or 63rd to 74th, Morgan to Stewart).

Snitch2 = agreed plead guilty 2/13/1997 in federal court, sentenced 160 months. Joined 1987 in 9th grade, where he attended meetings at a gym at 64th/Sangamon.

Snitch3 = agreed plead guilty 12/16/1996 in federal court, sentenced 96 months. Cooked powder to crack at 442 W. Marquette.

Snitch4 = agreed plead guilty May 1999, sentenced 240 months.

Snitch5 = arrested by CPD 1/24/1999 for 2 kilos at the Calumet building. Charges dropped.

Snitch6 = Herbert's girlfriend, arrested by CPD 12/21/1998, charges eventually dropped.

Snitch7 = in June 2002, voluntarily agreed to help. Has convictions for prostitution. Estranged wife of Varney Voker (1 of the twins), and received death threats from him. His twin brother, Varmah Voker's girlfriend was once shot in the neck, outside River City apartments.

Snitch8 = in Nov. 2002, agreed to help while in the IDOC. Joined at age 15 in 1996. Evans told her to stay with a relative in Minnesota because "things were hot around the Calumet building" and not to come back to Chicago, or SOS.

Snitch9 = cooperated Aug. 2001 against Ford, then March 2003 cooperated against BDs while in the IDOC. Joined in 1979 at age 9. Believed Ford was going to harm his girlfriend.

Snitch10 = arrested by CPD 5/2/2000, from selling crack to an undercover cop. Joined at age 14 in 1993.

Snitch11 = joined the West side GDs in 1983, then the BDs in 1992, then Traveling VLs in Jan. 1995. Shot by Royal Garrett in August 2001.

Was selling drugs for BDs as a GD because of his ability and experience of knowing how to sell. BDs were wary of that. Then in 1992, BDs went to war with TVLs, he offered to help, then BDs shot at him 21 times and he survived. So he flipped to TVLs to spite the BDs. Thompson opposed him selling for BDs as a TVL, so a meeting was held at Bennigan's restaurant downtown between TVL leaders, GDs, BDs, and snitch11. Thompson did not want to accept having a TVL have control of BD territory (2215 W. Lake), but it was decided snitch11 can continue to sell for BDs despite Thompson's opposition. That night, snitch11 was shot in the ankle by 2.

4 years later, and after developing a relation with the new BD board member Carter (Bird), snitch11 flipped back to BDs. He was blessed at Victor Herbert park (2100 W. Monroe), which served as a BD meeting location. He was then made co-minister in charge of West Haven apartments (Maple and Leavitt). 3 others that worked for him, flipped with him, but not all flipped with him. And that developed into problems. So on August 8, 2001, while in car with his wife, a 6 year-old, and a 9 year-old, Carter pulled up alongside his car and Royal Garrett in passenger seat came out, shot at snitch11. Snitch11 and the 6 year-old were both hit. Snitch11 then pressed charges against Garrett (who was a minister). Carter had expressed apologies to snitch11 saying he was sorry that the 6 year-old was hit but that he knew better and to stop pressing charges.

Snitch13 = high-ranking GD, joined in 1976 at age 13. Became close friend with Spann in the '80s.

Snitch14 = GD arrested for armed robbery in 2002. He had met Spann in 1982/83.

Snitch15 = Icky Red Jr from the GDs federal raid, listed down this page.

On August 18, 2020, Marvel Thompson was reduced from 540 months to 360 months.

April 2013 raid: Altgeld Gardens.

-Snitch2 was a former GD, helped in March 2011. He has a previous felony conviction for murder, and was in total compensated $103,100. He tricked on Gangster, Taboo, and Solo.

July 2020 federal raid.

Snitch1 = worked for FBI since around March 2016, paid around $22,000. Has prior traffic violations.

Snitch2 = in early 2018, arrested by CPD for gun and drugs, started cooperating. In early 2019, he received probation for the drugs, while gun charge dismissed. Has been paid $40,490

Black P. Stone snitches.

-When officer Richard Peck was shot by BPSN members on April 9, 1969, near 61st/Woodlawn, a member named Franklin Jackson had testfied as a witness to who shot the officer. Ronald Davis and Jerome McMurray were arrested for it.

-During the trial, Black P. Stone member Ceasar Marsh testified that on the day of Officer Alfano's murder, 2 gang meetings were held. During the meetings, Edward Bell, 3rd in command, gave orders to break street lights and set up blockades in order to ambush gang intelligence officers. Marsh heard Bey, 2nd in command, tell Tony Carter to put 2 snipers on the ground and 1 on the hotel's roof. According to Marsh, he saw Carter tampering with 2 electrical control boxes. Coincidentally, 4 juveniles arrested for breaking lights told officers that the gang had ordered the area be darkened. Another witness, Ernest Williams, age 18, testified that an hour prior to the shooting he saw Bey, Carter and Jackson pushing the couch in the alley while Throope watched and held a rifle in his hand. On Jan. 17, 1971, the 7 defendants were acquitted and what followed was months of sniper shootings directed at Chicago Police officers. In March, 1971, Cesarei Marsh, the witness, was murdered.

1971 federal raid.

-The 1st snitch in the history of the BPSN was James Duffy, 21, also known as James Nevels, who on Feb. 4, 1972, testified how he collected $48/weekly checks for attending a federally financed training center and then kicked money back to gang leaders. He said last Sept., Fort and 1 other defendant held a meeting of about 20 trainees at a center by 67th and Stony Island. He had also identified almost 500 unauthorized signatures in his sheets during the course of the program.

-Adam Battiste (Leto), 30, who was part of the Main 21, was placed on 5 years probation on May 25, 1972, due to testifying against the rest. Assistant U.S. attorney Samuel Skinner said his life is in danger due to his cooperation. Some of his testimony included identifying over 1200 instances where he signed the trainee's names to time and attendance sheets on the orders of Fort and others.

-Charles Hall, had identified over 400 forged signatures of his name in his time and attendance sheets for the period from March to May, 1968.


-The wife of a BPSN general, Constance Byrd, had snitched on her husband, Cornell Byrd, for doing an arson that burned down a liquor store, the Double Z liquor store, 6810 S. Halsted, on the night of February 24, 1983, at 11 p.m. hour. The value was estimated at $200,000. About a week later, Mrs. Byrd went to the police station and consented to a search of her home, and agreed to let the police place a recording device on the telephone. (However, a month before the arson, on January 10, 1983, she had already snitched on him to the ATF for violation of firearm laws.).

She had also testified against Jeff Fort in Mississippi, on August 11, 1983, and paid $5,000 from the ATF on Oct. 1, 1983 for it, 3 months before the arson case, and $1,000 for her cooperation and testimony against her husband, July 24, 1984. (Besides Jeff Fort, she also testfied against Henry Timothy and William Doyle.

Cornell Byrd was considered a high-ranking BPSN from 1965-1981, had raped his wife's sister on May 2, 1983, has beaten his wife before, and fathered children with other women during their marriage.

-On December 17, 1985, David Smith (Swift), 30, was found shot to death in an abandoned building, after being lured there. 4 months later, when CPD interviewed Milbon Lockridge (Pancho), who was an El Rukn member and driver, implicated Derrick Morgan (Tate), who shot David Smith 5 to 6 times. Later that month CPD got a warrant for Derrick Morgan, who was currently held in LaPorte County Jail in Indiana. Derrick Morgan was later convicted and put on death row, while Milbon Lockridge was sentenced 30 years for contract murder. Derrick Morgan was paid $4,000 to kill David Smith. Sam Green was also hit as an accomplice. (All 3 had knocked on Derrick Morgan's door that day, asking Morgan's girlfriend if he was home, and she knew all 3 of them).

In 1984, Jeff Fort began serving a lengthy sentence at the Federal Correctional Institute in Bastrop, Texas. While in prison in Texas, Fort learned that Louis Farrakhan had received $5 million from the Libyan government. Fort determined that the El Rukns should become employees of the Libyans as well. Fort decided to offer the services of the El Rukns to the Libyans. According to Fort's plan, the El Rukn would offer to perform terrorist activities within the U.S. in return for $1 million a year from the Libyan government. On March 11, 1986, Leon McAnderson and Reico Cranshaw, along with Charles Knox (an unindicted co-conspirator), travelled to Libya to meet with military officials of the Libyan government. At these meetings, they presented the El Rukns' offer. Fort began planning a way to impress the Libyans and to demonstrate the depth of the El Rukns' commitment to the enterprise. In various conversation, Fort, McAnderson, Cranshaw and others discussed destroying a government building, planting a bomb, blowing up an airplane, killing a Milwaukee alderman, or simply committing a killing here and there to get the Libyans' attention. Ultimately, Fort decided that it would be more simple to take credit for other people's acts of violence. Therefore, a clipping file was established to keep track of particularly violent, but unsolved, crimes throughout the U.S., and then send this file to the Libyans and take credit for the mayhem. Fort considered this effort to be lightweight, and therefore also decided to make a videotape of El Rukns pretending to be from various cities around the country to impress the Libyans with the breadth of the El Rukns' membership.

1985 CPD raid.

BPSN had a CPD raid May 1985 where 26 arrested (with 3 that are generals), due to a snitch. Some of the things Anthony Sumner snitched on were:

-The April 30 killing of rival gang member Lindsay Williams and the shooting of Rodney Williams and James Love, both independent drug dealers. The 3 were ambushed in a fast-food chicken restaurant at 63rd Street and University Avenue in retaliation for stealing the baseball cap of a young El Rukn. Alvin Tony, 32, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

-The July 25, 1983, beating of Maurice Coleman, who languished in a coma until his death April 29. Coleman, who lived in a South Side building owned by the gang, was killed by gang members who thought he was snooping on them. Charged with murder in the beating were Ray Ferguson, 32, Eddie Franklin, 19, Nathaniel Jackson, 29, and Samuel Carter, 21.

-This snitch attended a meeting of gang generals when Fort reportedly ordered the killing of Willie Bibbs, 33, of 4120 S. Prairie Ave. Bibbs was shot to death by 2 men wearing ski masks as he emerged from a South Side tavern on June 15, 1981.

1986 federal raid (Fort and 5 others hit in March, and 2 of 5 hit August).

-Anthony Sumner, was what law enforcement needed to get court-approved wiretaps on telephones used by Fort in November 1985, which uncovered the Libyan conspiracy. Sumner began snitching after he was implicated in the March 28, 1985 murder of drug sellers Dee Eggers Vaughn, 30, and Joseph White, 24, whom were tied up, shot and stabbed, in their apartment 1016 E. 41st. Sumner was arrested in Ohio on May 10, and he implicated Earl Hawkins for killing them, and ordering him and Nathson Fields to tie them up (Nathson Fields will in decades be exonerated). Sumner was sentenced to 5 years probation in March 1987, while relocated.

Anthony Sumner's mother shot: on October 12, 1987, 3 masked men had shot her in the hip as she approached her home, 50. She survived. The 3 charged were Victor Johnson, 27, Michael Joiner, 28 of Cassopolis, Michigan, and Melvin Buford, 27 (June 1988). Ironically, Melvin Buford is the brother of Sam Buford. The 3 of them were found guilty in October 1988, and each sentenced 20 years late January.

Note: the fall of the BPSN in 1986 is largely due to a cokehead named Sam Buford "Magic." Sam was not a Black P. Stone, but has ties with them. His relation with the BPSN began in 1967 when he dated Eugene Hairston's sister. He began to cooperate with police in early 1986 after he was arrested on charges of attempted murder and unlawful possession of weapons and drugs while still on parole for heroin conviction. He was paid $10,000. Sam Buford testified that he introduced an FBI agent to a senior gang leader, Alan Knox, which resulted in the FBI agent selling an M-72 antitank rocket in July 1986 for $1,850. It was sold to Knox and Melvin Mayes in a south suburban Lansing motel room. Buford has also been in the El Rukn temple during nation meetings, but testified sometimes it wasn't in English.

When asked by defense lawyers if he would use cocaine if it were placed to him in the courtroom, he responded "I'd be mighty tempted."

March 1986: Jeff Fort and 5 others were indicted by feds. Melvin Mayes is a fugitive until March 1995. Then in August 1986, 2 more of 5 were raided by feds.

5 days after the July 31, 1986 telephone conversations, federal agents raided a building owned by the BPSN at 6414-16 S. Kenwood, where Trammel Davis and other gang leaders and their families lived. The antitank rocket which had been equipped with an electronic beeper instead of an explosive was confiscated, as well as 33 other weapons.

-Trammel Davis (Emir Tacu), the highest-ranking snitch (1 of 20 generals), was arrested as part of the Libyan conspiracy charges in August, 1986, and began cooperating in April 1987. He helped prosecutors translate the coded telephone conversations, and he had told authorities that Fort ordered the slaying of Leroy Barber (Hambone), a former employee of Noah Robinson, because Barber was "bothering" him. Trammel was released from prison early August 1988 from finishing his sentence, a 25 year-sentence thrown out and sentenced to 2 years, and placed in the witness-protection program. He joined the BPSN in 1965.

Trammel Davis's sisters-in-law shot: on October 19, 1987, 2 of his sister-in-law were both shot in the leg (Carol Louis, 22, and Virginia, 27) on a 6th floor hallway of the CHA Ida B. Wells Complex, 727 E. 38th.

Fort's trial was from October 7, 1987, to November 24.

December 1987: Fort sentenced 80 years, Reico Crenshaw 56, 63 years, Alan Knox 35, 54 years, Leon McAnderson 37, 51 years, and Roosevelt Hawkins, the 24 year-old driver who transported the rocket, sentenced 9 years.

November 1988: Fort sentenced to 75 years in Cook County Court.

-Eugene Hunter, a former BPSN general, had been spared the electric chair death penalty in return for his testimony against Noah Robinson, a Chicago businessman, in January 1989. He testified that Robinson was brought into the gang by Fort in order to help the gang set up legitimate companies to launder money so it would be legitimate money. He headed an El Rukn security company, called Preicision Contractors, Inc. Hunter, 36, said he joined the BPSN at age 14 and briefly described how the gang reaped millions in drug sales while committing murder-for-hire and acts of extortion while strictly adhering to Fort's orders. (Hunter and another listed below, were both hit for January 2, 1986 murder of Leroy Barber (Hambone), a former employee of Robinson.).

(Noah Robinson has a MBA from the prestigious Wharton School of Finance in Pennsylvania, by 1970. He came to Chicago to run Breadbreakfast Commercial Association, a charity he and Rev. Jackson formed to help minority business firms get off the ground and obtain contracts.).

October 1989 - 65 indicted altogether, but 37 new ones hit. Of the 65 hit, at least 14 generals, with 13 new ones hit.

June 1991 federal testimonies: Harry Evans and Henry Harris (Jeff Fort's sister's husband).

-Harry Evans (General BeBop), who was hit by feds for numerous charges in 1988, testified against Chicago businessman Noah Robinson, who helped the BPSN form a security-guard agency in the mid-'80s in part to allow the gang to legally carry guns. Harry Evans testified that Security Maintenance Service, hired around 30 El Rukns to guard Noah Robinson's Wendy's restaurants in the South and West sides. He also testified that the BPSN received large quantities of cocaine and heroin in the early to mid-'80s through connections established by Robinson, in court against Robinson and 6 high-ranking Stones. Note: Robinson is the half-brother of the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

El Rukns originally sold cocaine in 1983 to raise $100,000 to free Jeff Fort. Willie Stokes (Flukes) provided $20,000 and Noah Robinson provided $30,000 after taking some of Fort's jewelry. Robinson offered to set up major cocaine suppliers if they wanted to make some quick money, and Fort approved it. In summer of 1983, Robinson introduced the Rukns to Garfield Hall, who worked for Thomas Burnside, whom operated out of New York and South Carolina. Burnside sent the El Rukns 2 lbs of cocaine a month for resale until the end of 1984 when Burnside was arrested. Then in early 1985, El Rukns returned to Robinson for finding another supplier, and Robinson introduced Cody Griffin, a New York dealer who supplied several ounces of China white heroin. Prosecutors allege the gang made $1 million the 1st month, and 1/3rd went to Robinson. A heroin-selling group teamed up with a neutron named Alexander Cooper (Ghost).

Harry Evans, despite having multiple medical problems including heart problems, diabetes, and kidney failure, was still sentenced the minimum 30 years in July 1994, as the judge was still convinced he had done drugs during his time as a government-cooperant. He had testified at 7 El Rukn trials, he ends with "There's no such thing as protective custody. They can get you. I know it."

-Henry Leon Harris (General Toomba), was also arrested for murder on July 11, 1988 of Barber (he was among the men testified by Trammel Davis in Nov. 1987 for ordering a hit on Barber conspiracy.). Jeff Fort's son once caught him having an affair with Jeff Fort's wife Diana, and Jeff Fort's son, Antonio, did not tell anyone. Harris testified (also in June 1991) that Fort once ordered his son a beat down in 1986, because he had tried to start his own gang. Over the phone, Fort said "Son, I told you I keep my promises" over the phone. Then, 6 of 14 ambassadors formed a circle around Antonio, 19, and Fort said "Ambassadors, I want you to drum him until I tell you to stop." When the men hesitated, Fort said "I can't hear nothing."

Henry Harris also testified a 1981 meeting between Fort and convicted Milwaukee mob chieftain Frank Balistrieri, in the back room of a smoky bar, where Balistrieri said to Fort, "if the El Rukn organization was in need of cash, it should consider selling heroin." According to Harris, Fort was infuriated, and shouted "If you ever bring heroin to the South side of Chicago, around my people, I will come down on you so hard your forefathers in Italy will hear your bones rattling." However, within 3 years, El Rukns were 1 of the largest heroin and cocaine operations in the city.

Henry Harris himself was once arrested with Fort in Fort's limousine when they were chased from a traffic stop on December 12, 1980 (age 22). In June 1994, Harris was sentenced to 30 years.

Henry Harris's parents bar shot up: on October 9, 1987, 2 men dressed in all black and carrying a semiautomatic rifle and a sawed-off shotgun began shooting up Hank's Fun House Tap, which was owned by Henry Harris's parents, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After the shooting, Mark Baker went to the Fun House to observe the commotion, then went to a restaurant next door, and he overheard Felix Mayes brag about shooting up the Fun House. Mark Baker identified Felix Mayes in court. Prior to the shooting, Noah Robin had tried to pay Harris from testifying.

Post-conviction snitches.

Earl Hawkins (BPSN general) and Derrick Kees (BPSN general) began cooperating after they were sentenced. Hawkins (CPD raid) began cooperating a few months after being sentenced the death penalty, around 1987 (sentenced August 1986), by Judge Maloney (who later went to federal prison for accepting $10,000 bribe to fix cases). Kees was sentenced 55 years in 1988. Hawkins testified against Fort in October 1988 for ordering the killing of Willie Bibbs. However, Hawkins and Kees have snitched on themselves, saying they did the rival-gang Ronnie Bell murder in June 1983 (and J. L. Houston was the getaway driver), which would exonerate Robert Brown and Elton Houston (J. L. Houston's brother) as the triggermen. Robert Brown and Elton Houston were released in October 1989. (Note: Nathson Fields, a BPSN ambassador, was convicted of the death penalty with Earl Hawkins.).

Earl Hawkins, who had been in custody since 1985, had testified in a total of 12 federal racketeering trials from 1991 to 1996, leading to the convictions of 55 BPSN members and Judge Maloney (who accepted $10,000 to alter murder cases).

The snitch Harry Evans had previously told authorities that the wrong men have been convicted, and implicated Hawkins, Kees, and J. L. Houston. Anthony Sumner had also told authorities that the wrong men have been convicted. (Sumner had 1st testified against Hawkins for the Joseph White and Dee Vaughn murder, and Hawkins had testified aganst Kees for killing Willie Bibbs, and Kees has testified against Nathson Fields for the April 1984 double murder of Jerome Smith and Talman Hickman, both BGD Goon Squad, at 700 E. 39th). Hawkins joined the BPSN in 1969, and achieved the rank of officer.

In 2010, files obtained from an abandoned basement at 51st/Wentworth cleared Nathson Fields for murders. Earl Hawkins was released from prison in 2014 (13 years earlier than expected).

Federal raid December 2001, Englewood - 20 hit.

Was a drug raid, the chief person hit was Hugh A. Rogers (Ardell), who was a general. Investigation started June 1999. The gang had used a stash house at 8525 S. Kedzie, for storage, and to process powder cocaine into crack cocaine.

Snitch1 = non-active member of the BPSN, who started providing info to the FBI in November 2000. Bought cocaine at the stash house, as well as the parking lot of Wendy's by 55th and Dan Ryan.

4 Corner Hustler snitches.

-Shaky Shawn snitched on Angelo Roberts for wanting to blow up a police station. He did it as revenge for Angelo having Walter Wheat killed, while Angelo had kids with Walter Wheat's daughter.

May 2005 federal raid.

Investigation started July 2004 by DEA + IRS + CPD.

Snitch2 = worked for Sutton at Hamlin/Iowa drugspot. Interviewed on 11/12/2004.

Snitch3 = GD, worked for Sutton at Hamlin/Iowa. Interviewed on 8/2004 and 11/18/2004. Said Sutton collects street taxes for Longstreet. Cooperation discontinued.

Snitch4 = interviewed 6/11/2004. Cooperation discontinued.

July 2005 federal raid.

-Snitch1 has been hit by feds in May 1999, and started giving info while in prison, November 2003. He used to be high-ranking.

-Snitch2 began providing info for money, in February 2004.

-Snitch3 = a former BD, hit by feds, and began providing info March 2005.

-Snitch4 = joined the 4CH in 1979, and was hit by feds for drugs in 1996. He began giving info December 2003.

February 2010 federal raid: 8 hit.

Investigation started Feb. 2008 by CPD + FBI. North to Eisenhower, Laramie to Austin.

-Snitch1 = a Vice Lord, provided info to FBI April 2007 to April 2009. Paid >$18,000. Ceased providing info when feds found out he was involved in narcotics.

May 2019 federal raid against Raymond Betts and 2 others.

-Snitch2 = began cooperating 11/6/2018. Was a 5-star universal elite. In total bought 136 g heroin, from 12/1/2018 to 3/5/2019. He was snitched on by Snitch1, where on 1/23/2018, he distributed 24.7 g of crack to Snitch1, who was working for ATF. Has a murder conviction. Been paid $400 for phone bills.

GD snitches.

-Tony Jackson, a GD from Stateway Gardens, tricked on some GDs and was killed while washing his car, around 1982.

GDs had set a Del Viking on fire in an elevator, Mitchell Holmes, at Robert Taylor Homes because he snitched on a GD called Dog, killed around 1982. Dog was with a group that misaimed that killed a IIT staff. Although Dog had killed Mitchell Holmes, he only went to prison for the IIT staff.

-A Mickey Cobra that flipped to GDs, Brodgerick, from Robert Taylor Homes, had snitched on several GDs and was killed around 1984.

-Inmate Harry Martin, a former BGD member, testified about the motive of the killing and discussed defendant's participation in the killing. Martin 1st outlined the structure of the BGD and its activities, including extortion, gambling, prostitution, tax fraud, armed robbery, and credit card fraud. He was Hoover's financial advisor from 1984-1987, and began to cooperate with the IDOC in 1987 because he learned that the BGDs were planning to kill him.

-2 BGDs at Cabrini Green, killed another BGD after finding out he was working as a police informant. Oscar Clay, 22, an enforcer, and Angelo Williams, 33, a general, killed Aaron Buckles, 20, on June 18, 1987. They held a shotgun to his head, and told him he's a stool-pigeon.

August 1995 federal raid against Hoover.

4 of 5 pre-raid snitches:

-Rickie Harris (Slick Rick) fell off from an 8th floor balcony trying to flee police from being arrested, June 1993, and shortly began cooperating. According to a February 6, 1996 article, Slick Rick was the latest to testify against 8 GD members.

-Reginald Jones (a former member in the mid-'80s) was arrested by the DEA in August 1994 as he picked up 10 kilos of cocaine from his supplier. He then agreed to cooperate. 2 months later, Eric Brownlow delivered 10 kilos to Jones and was arrested for that, and with Brownlow's cooperation, Brownlow's drug boss, Joseph Montgomery, was arrested as Brownlow received a shipment of 50 kilos from him. (Only Jones had been a GD, none were GDs at the time of the raid, and all testified in Feb. 1996).

-Reginald Jones had also sold 3 kilos of cocaine to Russell Ellis (Poncho, an assistant-governor), who was arrested on December 7. Ellis agreed to cooperate and identified Joseph Montgomery as a heavy supplier.

Deceased snitches (the 1st initial):

-Charles Banks (Jello), had cooperated with the government (since October 1992 after being arrested in Decatur on drug charges) and arranged to buy 2 ounces in February 1995, along with a undercover CPD posing as his cousin. After the gang learned of his government assistance, Banks, 28, was fatally shot several times in the head June 9, 1995, as he stepped from a car 11000 block of S. Ashland. Quan Ray (Q) had killed him, with a 9mm gun. Darryl Johnson (Pops), a board-member GD, had been charged for ordering the hit. The information from Banks had helped authorities get permission to tap Johnson's phones, who's recordings will play an important role in both trials.

1st trial snitch:

-His death was witnessed by an 18 year-old GD, Alonzo Butler, who was the government's 1st witness. Then Roger Stewart, an assistant-governor GD, warned Alonzo not to tell anyone what he had seen that night. Roger Stewart himself did not witness the death, he was returning from a meeting of GD governors at a Loop hotel when he was paged by Ray and had learned Banks died.

-Travis Stephen, a leader in the GDs, decided to snitch after seeing his friend Charles Banks get killed directly in front of him. Quan Ray, who had killed Charles Banks, had told him he found out he was a snitch due to Darryl Johnson's lawyer. Travis Stephen was charged for murdering Darryl "Blunts" Johnson, 18.

Note: Darryl "Pops" Johnson, 32, and Darryl "Blunt" Johnson, 18, are not related. The younger Johnson was ordered a hit by the older Johnson because the older though he was being a snitch, but the cook county state's attorney had said the younger Johnson was not cooperating. A jury of 8 Blacks and 4 Whites imposed the death penalty for Pops, 33, in November 1997.

-McKinley Hayden, 27, testified in early February 1996 in the 1st GD trial in federal court, being the 4th insider to provide intimate details of gang life. Hayden, a former coordinator, lost his rank in 1992 after he challenged a gang governor named William Taylor (Boo Demon) to discuss a dispute, where he was demoted to soldier. A few days later, he was given a physical violation by 3 others in a bar. About a month later, Gregory Shell (Shorty G) asked him to supply Taylor with cocaine, but he instead sold it to Too Short, a high-ranking GD.

-Akera Stigler, 20, testified in early February 1996 in 1st GD trial in federal court, being the 5th insider to do so. In fall 1993, GDs and BDs were playing a friendly game of football against each other. But in the following spring, they were at war. When the war started, Strigler said a gang regent named Steven Pink (Chi Chi) delivered a crate of 10-15 guns, to those working in the alley, and dispatched his troops to 82nd and Drexel, where the BDs had security set up. Stigler was later arrested for drug possession by CPD.

-Robert Crawford, 22, testified in March 1997 in federal court. He moved up 1 level in rank, to chief of security, in Lon City (78th to 83rd, State to Stony Island). While he never met Hoover, he met Gregory Shell, and acted as security for him and others when they visited Lon City. He agreed to cooperate when he sold 2 bags of crack in January 1995 to an undercover cop, after being arrested (he had went to prison at age 17, and came out in 1993). He wore hidden recorders to weekly gang meetings.

-Vincent Martin, 38, was the last GD to testify for the government at the 1st of 3 scheduled trials. As coordinator, he once disrespected a higher-ranking GD and got a 3-5 minute violation. A former assistant governor, he testified that some of the hundreds of dollars he collected weekly in street taxes from other members became political money delivered to the offices of 21st Century VOTE.

Note: none of the above 6 people were hit in the raid, only the below people were.

-Roger Stewart, the assistant-governor among the 39 GDs hit in August 1995, had agreed to cooperate in May 1996 and plead guilty. He was the older Johnson's right-hand man.

(Sept. 1997, Quan Ray was found guilty for murdering Charles Banks, and in Nov. 1997, the older Darryl Johnson found guilty for ordering the 2 murders.).

-Delano Finch, a governor also hit in August 1995, had testified that Darryl "Pops" Johnson, a GD board member, had ordered a hit against another GD board member, Gregory Sharp, a week before he was killed, outside a restaurant. (Gregory Sharp was killed on Nov. 28, 1994.). Otis Williams, who went to prison for it, was there during the conversation. Finch had tried to contact Sharp that day, but Sharp never responded to his call. (This may have been, or he did testify, in early April 1997.). Finch was originally threatened with a life sentence, but reduced to 15 years, for his services. Testimony against Otis Williams was also done with his nephew Ramone Finch, and Kelly Quarles.

Finch also testified against another GD govenor for the suburbs, Larry Yates.

Larry Hoover's girlfriend:

-Bertha Mosby, who had distributed more than 330 pounds of cocaine between 1986 and 1992, was sentenced to 5 years, for testifying against Hoover, March 1997. She had known Hoover since 1970 before their breakup in the early 1990s. She was arrested since at least April 1994.

-Robert Lee Watkins Jr, once lived in the South side, then moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to run the gang's drug trafficking operation there, he testified. In 1997, he faced a life sentence and plead guilty to conspiracy to sell crack cocaine, then began cooperating with authorities in Chicago. Sentenced reduced to 66 months. In November 2003, he was arrested for trying to rent a hotel room for 1 of the men charged in the murder of a Cincinnati Reds outfielder Dernell Stenson. The men was his cousin.

Aftermath of the raid (as of late January 1996).

Note: the highest-ranking GD to not be arrested from the raid, was Charles Dorsey, who was shot to death in a West side GD-hangout bar, on January 8, 1996, at 26. He was a board member and ran the Cabrini-Green housing. Police believed he was killed by his own gang. 2 other GDs: William Hill, 24, and Donzell Fletcher, 22, were killed and stuffed in a car trunk (12/30/1995), as police believe because their colleages feared they might be targeted by police as potential witnesses (they were pulled over by police April 1995 at 950 E. 114th, with $366,000 in their car, were not arrested, and denied knowing about the money). A GD sect in the Prairie Courts went renegade and split from the gang, and killed 2 GDs that were sent to quell the unrest. Another board member, Leon Holton (Milkman), was murdered on March 10, shot in the head while sitting in the front seat of his car in the 1200 block of E. 78th street, killed by Vincent Galloway, who was another board member. Milkman did not get along with Big Chuck.

New snitch - caused the next raid in May 1997.

-Presley Patterson (Lucky) was arrested in May 1996 as he tried to visit Stateville with a gun and marijuana. He agreed to cooperate and pleaded guilty to less serious charges. He provided insight to the gang's power struggles after the 1995 raid, as of 1997. He was a former governor, and a former boyfriend of Hoover's sister, Diane Cooper. He wore wires to record receiving money from other governors, to give to defendant Jeffrey Hatcher, a board member.

-Tyrone Reames, who grew up in the Robert Taylor homes, in early April 1997, testified stories against GDs, in which Jerry Strawhorn was specifically mentioned.

May 1997 - 8 new GDs hit (including 3 board members and 1 governor).

-Solomon Evans, 32, pled guilty in July 2000 to narcotics conspiracy in federal court and agreed to cooperate in return for a 15-year sentence. He was arrested the previous summer. In 1995, he was the regent for the valley - Stony Island to Jeffery from 75th to 83rd.

September 2002 federal raid - West side: Rockwell Gardens (340 S. Western) - 34 hit.

The raid also hit a VL, a TVL, and a BD. The leader of the raid, Icky Red Jr, ended up becoming a snitch. Note: Icky Red Sr is deceased, so all Icky Red is meant to be Icky Red Jr.

-The drug operation's leader, Richard Epps (Icky Red Jr), a former high-ranking GD leader, had pleaded guilty and testified at the trial against his co-defendants.

-2 other post-raid snitches were Derquann Butts (Dinky) and Trevon Banks (Juiceyball), whom had been given violations before.

Snitch3 = arrested by CPD for armed robbery, began helping.

In the mid-'80s, he was dating Icky Red's sister, where Icky Red was the coordinator at the time. Icky Red became the governor in 1994, because he met Larry Hoover in prison. At that time, he was the coordinator of 1230 N. Larrabee. When Icky Red came out of prison a 2nd time and became governor again in October 2000, Icky Red made him the regent for 340 S. Western, replacing Lamont White (G-Money). The GD board member at the time was Sundown / 35 / Batman / Mello.

Snitch1 = arrested on March 26, 2001, for a warrant for a traffic offense.

Snitch2 = was not a GD but had been given violation by GDs. He has some arrests but no convictions. He provided info in May 2001.

Icky Red came out of prison in 1993, where had met Larry Hoover, which is why he became governor in 1994. As governor, Icky Red also controlled 2417 W. Adams. Icky Red went back to prison later, came out again in July 1999, and took over 340 S. Western again, replacing Po-Pimp. GDs were not happy about that, as with Icky Red as leader, they had been forced to sell cocaine that they received from Icky Red despite being able to buy cheaper cocaine from other sources. In summer 2001, Sundown had demoted Icky Red, snitch3, and Po-Pimp of their positions. Prior to that, Icky Red was making $10,000/day as governor. Sundown had replaced Lamont White (G-Money) as the new governor, and Sammy Armstead (Sammy-O) as another governor, who made Darryl Wilson (Snap) as the new regent. With G-Money in charge, GDs sold less nation-drugs because they were now allowed to sell their own drugs (Icky Red had sometimes mixed his own drugs with nation-drugs, and was ratted on for that). Then on October 2, 2001, Icky Red was elevated to assistant governor by Sammy-O, who in a demo outdoors by Albany and Van Buren, said it was his choice on giving Icky Red a rank again. Icky Red then told the GDs at the meeting to discontinue complaining about not making enough money, and that he had been fucked over more than anyone else.

March 2005 federal raid against the new #2 leader GDs - Mark Clark.

Hit the #2 leader Mark Clark (Hammer, Prince Black, MC), who was a board member. In 1995, Mark Clark was the regent for 51st-55th/State, where he controlled 200 GDs. In 1997, Hoover made him a board member, where he ran the entire city of Chicago (South and West side). Some of the people that Mark Clark had ordered to their deaths was a BD named Antonio Merritte, 18, killed at 5201 S. Federal on July 15, 2000. After Mark Clark was hit, Big Reesey from 47th took over drug sales.

Snitch1 = cooperated in 2001 while in Cook County Jail, with a pending armed robbery case. He had helped snitch on the September 2002 federal raid that hit 36 GDs, 33 of which were convicted at the time of this raid. He was sentenced to 8 years.

Snitch1 met Icky Red in the mid-'80s at Rockwell Gardens. After Icky Red became overseer for the West side GDs in October 2000, he made snitch1 the regent for Rockwell Gardens. In April 2001, Icky Red introduced snitch1 to Mark Clark, who was the overseer for the entire South side of Chicago. (Snitch1 is snitch3 for the Icky Red raid.).

Snitch3 = arrested by ATF May 2002 with a friend, to purchase 9 firearms from a 3rd person, who was cooperating with ATF. May 2003, he pled guilty. In early 2004, he gave info on GDs and BDs, as he recently testified against the BD leader.

Snitch3 used to be a BD that flipped to the GDs after he was shot by another BD. His case of 144 months was reduced to 121 months.

Snitch4 = in February 2003, he had arrived to the IDOC a month earlier, and provided lengthy debriefings to investigating agents and IDOC officials.

Snitch4 was a childhood friend of Mark Clark. At the time he was snitching, authorities knew him as Mark Clark's right-hand man, and knew him as Mark Clark's principle enforcer. However, as he was in there for attempted murder, in May 2003, the Cook County State Attorney's office charged him with murder, and authorities had stopped seeking his cooperation for the time being.

According to snitch4, in 1990, he was the building coordinator, and in 1991, chief of security. And 1 of the few people that Mark Clark trusts, and Mark Clark used to have a condo in Hyde Park with a couple of women living in it, and he had personally seen 100 kilos of cocaine, 500 lbs of weed, and $1.5 million in cash, in the condo.

Snitch7 = began cooperating in January 2004, because he believed it was appropriate that Mark Clark's organization be stopped by law enforcement. He was also a childhood friend of him.

August 2014 federal raid - West side.

35 hit (20 by feds, 15 by CPD), including a Black Soul. Hit the GD (Johnny Herndon "Goo") in charge of all cocaine being sold in the entire West side. Johnny Herndon (Goo) supplied Chris Harris, Harris supplied Darven Marion, Marion was a Black Soul.

Snitch1 = arrested by CPD fall 2012 for 100 g of cocaine, began cooperating.

Snitch2 = came to CPD in fall 2009 because he wanted to be paid. Was paid $5,700. In 2010, he was no longer directly affiliated with the GDs, and lost ability to buy from them.

Snitch3 = paid $2,700.

Snitch4 = came to CPD in March 2014. Paid $7,700.

January 2017: President Obama reduced the prison sentence for a former GD governor: Eric Wilson (Fat Eric), age 44, reduced to 35 years.

-Demetrius Murry, testified against Pocket Town GDs Rico Clark and Corey Manuel, for killing a Sircon GD named Damion Kendrick in March 2007, from Feb. 2007 weed arrest. (Murry was on parole for a felony gun charge at the time and he did not want to go back to prison. So did Kevin Eson.

Note: years later, Demetrius Murry will be in the county jail in 2016, and will have a Terror Dome Stone as cellmate, who will boast to him about killing a 9 year-old boy, Tyshawn Lee, who's father was a Killa Ward GD, and Demetrius will record the conversation and further testify. The Terror Dome Stone Dwright Boone-Doty.

Hobos gang.

Note: the chief of the Hobos (Gregory Chester a.k.a. Bowlegs), and snitch2, are both former GDs.

Snitch2 = Keith Daniels, who was killed on April 14, 2013. He was arrested by CPD in May 2011 for a gun charge, but after cooperating, was not charged. He was paid $28,000.

-Kenneth Bland, who had robbed the Collections clothing store with Arnold Council, received immunity for his testimony.

Mickey Cobra snitches.

-(Egyptian Cobras) Andrew Redmond, 20, told authorities that he was the "war counselor" of the gang, and that the gang's president, Henry Ponder, stabbed Lucius O'Neill multiple times on August 19, 1961, in the laundromat at 5056 S. Cottage Grove, where O'Neill was the watchman, because he refused to buy him some wine a few days before (December 1961).

Note: 9 years later, at age 29, Andrew Redmond was arrested on the CTA on April 7, 1971, for forcing a 12 year-old boy from Glenview to commit a sexual act on the train in front of some 30 other passengers, none had intervened. CPD arrested him when he was holding the boy at knifepoint. The boy and his friend were on their way to the Museum of Science.

-In fall 1999, a Mickey Cobra member for about 13 years, had agreed to wear a hidden recorder when buying narcotics from the #2 leader, Clarence Hankton. Raid hit January 2001.

May 2001 federal raid.

Hit the previous #2 Cornell Green (Cornbread), the new #2 Clarence Hankton (1999-2001), as well as a #3 (supreme sultan) for Lathrop Homes, Gregory Davis.

-Snitch1 = voluntarily cooperated with DEA on Dec. 3, 1999, to receive reduction for a narcotics charge by CPD.

-Snitch3 = arrested for marijuana Nov. 5, 1998, cooperated. Starting buying heroin from Green in April/May 1997, and selling on his own. Worked in Green's organization ~Aug 1996. But this snitch disappeared after being arrested, his whereabouts became unknown.

-Snitch4 = debriefed by agents on Dec. 30, 1998, because snitch3 had delivered 200 pockets of heroin to him, for him to sell in a building near 29th/State. Cooperated.

-Snitch2 = voluntarily approached DEA on May 15, 2000. He knew Green since 1974, 7 years before Green became a Cobra.

June 2006 federal raid - Dearborn Homes.

Hit a #3 guy who ran the entire Dearborn Homes, James Austin.

-Snitch1 = not a Mickey Cobra. Informant for DEA and CPD since 2001. Paid more than $80,000 by the DEA. Has about 18 arrests.

-Snitch2 = came to law enforcement in hopes charges would be reduced if hit by it. Assisted agents in numerous phone calls since March 2006.

New Breeds snitches.

August 2010 federal raid.

-Snitch6 = cooperated for 3 years, and provided info December 2009. Paid $4,500.

Vice Lords - Conservative snitches.

March 26 - April 20, 2014 raid, 5 hit.

-Snitch1 provided info to ATF since 2006, because he wanted to be paid. Provided info to them on December 16, 2013. Tricked on Big Red, Big Red's older brother Little Mo, Little Red, and 2 others.

In Dec. 2013, snitch1 introduced a fed to Big Red. Throughout the months, the undercover fed bought drugs from him. Then Big Red sent Little Red and 2 others to buy illegal gun with high-capacity magazine in exchange for crack. Those 3 were arrested as they attended the meeting, March 26. Big Red therefore ordered a SOS on the snitch. The feds told snitch1 and his brother to not go to their residence. On April 2, Snitch1 and his brother were shot by Little Mo as they sat in a car outside an apartment complex, 400 N. Austin, where the snitches lived. Both survived. Little Mo was arrested April 5, and Big Red arrested April 20.

Vice Lords - Imperial snitches.

October 2013 federal raid.

The previous leader of the Imperial VLs, DJ, became a confidential informant.

-Darrell Pitts, who was hit in the raid, testified that the Imperial VLs made $1 million a week. He also testified that Pagan told him that Pagan and Hawthorne sold heroin for Faulkner while Faulkner was running the Keystone drug market.

-Raymond Myles, who was also hit in the raid, testified that Julian Martin (#3 leader, Light Bright) provided him with a weapon and ordered him to kill a man named Tony Carr, but he said he didn't know Carr and Martin didn't explain why he wanted Carr killed. He instead, attacked Carr with his gun, and told Martin that his gun jammed.

Note: Raymond Myles has the same name as a Cook County judge that was murdered in 2017.

On May 12, 2016, Nathanial Hoskins was sentenced to life.

Vice Lords - Mafia snitches.

May 2004 federal raid.

Troy Martin was released from parole in 1998, and his phone was intercepted from Feb. 2003 to Sept. 2003.

-Snitch1 = provided info August 30, 2002.

-Snitch3 (Mario) = provided info while in IDOC, and was a 5-star universal elite.

-Snitch2 = was given a supervisory position of an area right before a raid. He believed he was given that rank because they knew the area was being spied on by law enforcement. Provided info while in IDOC.

Vice Lords - Traveling snitches.

Jan. 1997 federal raid.

-1 person hit in the raid, was a CVL, that flipped to Latin King around 1995. He snitched and testified in the raid, including to the police officers hit in the raid, some were TVLs, some were not.

-A former high-ranking leader of the TVL, testified Monday the street gang hooked up with indicted Austin District tactical police officer Edward Lee Jackson Jr., and another police officer to rob 2 drug dealers. (Billy Carter, Feb. 1998).

November 2010 federal raid.

-Cooperating witness1 = provided info to CPD and FBI for ~2 years.

-Snitch1 = cooperated with FBI since late 2008. FBI had paid for his phone they set up and housing. Paid $43,000.

-Snitch3 = provided info since May 2009. FBI had paid rent directly to his landlord. Currently incarcerated at the time of the raid due to an arrest. Paid $16,000.

-Snitch6 = cooperated in June 2010. Paid $1,600.

-Snitch7 = a former GD. Provided info to CPD for ~1 year.

March 2017 raid.

Snitch1 = began cooperating Jan. 2016, provided info for TVLs and the Cali Boys sect (California/Harrison, and 27-2800 W. Lexington). Paid $400.

Snitch3 = began cooperating Feb. 2016. Is a heroin user, has no convictions, and is cooperating with the investigation without expectations of receiving any monetary compensation.

Vice Lords - Unknown snitches.

-Schelton Williams, 28, changed his mind and testified against the chief Willie Lloyd in December 1993, after 2 attempts on his life.

Lloyd had ordered Schelton pay him $6,000 or be dealt with seriously. It started when Schelton's brother called him to an apartment because the gang would not let him leave, and when Schelton and his friends showed up, they were forced into the apartment at gunpoint. Schelton then spoke to Lloyd on the phone, and agreed to give him his 1984 Mercedes-Benz. When the car was delivered to Lloyd's associates, he was freed 12 hours later. However, the next day Schelton and his brother and 2 others had sought revenge on Lloyd, shot at his car on the Eisenhower, a Chevy Caprice, on March 27, and were arrested for that. Lloyd was not in the car, but his girlfriend and his 18-month old son were hit by flying glass. Charges against Lloyd for the apartment-hostage were dropped in April 1994.

-CPD once pulled over a ~19 year old, before 2019, he told them their trap locations. The gang beat him up.

August 2016: President Obama reduced the prison sentence for Kenneth Choice, 46, from life to 27 years.

Latin King snitches.