Chicago Gang Snitches

-Does not include suburbs at this time: if either the snitch or snitchee are from Chicago, will be included, but not if both are from suburbs.
-Does not include where they were snitched on something for something they did not commit.
-Does not include if a group are all hit with the same charge, and they explained each other's roles, unless they snitched on someone outside that wasn't hit.
-Only includes snitching on their own gang, but I may set up a separate page for snitching on rival gangs, and non-gang members.

Ambrose snitches.

-An Ambrose named Hector Serrano (Boobies) b. 1973 snitched on Jose Negrete (b. 1956) in 2013, for possessing an AK-47. Why did he do that? He did that so he could get a reduction in his own charge. Both of them are deceased. Hector died in Sept. 2016, of overdose, Jose Negrete died April 2018, of dialysis.

-An earlier Ambrose was killed by other Ambrose while in the front seat of a car under the Metra bridges on 16th near Halsted, he was slashed in the throat, late '80s or early '90s.

Ashland Vikings snitches.

-Pedro snitched in 2003 to Rey Renteria, 3 attempted murder cases.

Count snitches.

-A Count named Michael Maddox, 23, recorded a McKinley Park gang meeting held by Babyface Nelson on April 23, 1999, on an older Polish woman named Jean Cusulick, 50, who constantly made 911 calls against the Counts, and was a CAPS volunteer. At the end of the meeting Michael Maddox was supplied 2 guns which he gave to CPD.

Latin Lovers snitches.

-Chicky snitched on White Boy Billy from Lyndale/Campbell, who did 20 years for killing a Cobra.

Saints snitches.

-July 2008: Fabian Gomez (Gato), a member of the Latin Saints street gang, testified that he had been working with the Chicago police as a confidential informant since May 2001. Gomez provided information in exchange for the dropping of aggravated kidnapping charges against him in an unrelated case.

-The Chicago police were unable to identify any suspects in the shooting until January 16, 2002, when Jesus Nevarez was arrested for engaging in three separate narcotics transactions with undercover Chicago police officers. Upon learning of the severity of the drugs charges he was facing, Nevarez told the Chicago police officers he had some information on the homicide in question. On the basis of this information, the Chicago police subsequently arrested defendant, Garcia, Melendez, and Montelongo.

-May 2010: Edwin Rolnicki, a former Almighty Saint, testified that he was at the meeting and recalled that Schoen was thirsty for blood and everyone was pissed off. [...] After being released from the police station, Rolnicki went to the defendant's house where he met with the defendant, Gallardo, and Garcia. The group discussed what happened and the defendant said "it wasn't over" and that he was going to hire an attorney to see if anyone was cooperating with the police. Rolnicki testified that he cooperated with police and, as a consequence, he left the Almighty Saints gang and had not spoken to any gang members since that day.

-Jacintos snitched on a Wood street Saint on a murder (he was a Paulina), and so Saints shot at Jacintos 9 times (8/10/2013), he survived.

-Saints currently have Furby on a SOS, he snitched on a Wood Saint, feds relocated him to Indiana.

-A 2 6 named Fatman G snitched on a Saint named Pancho (who wasn't wearing a mask), then Pancho snitched on Macho's son for killing Pacman on April 20, 2012 (Pancho was in the car when Macho's son, who was wearing a ski mask, killed Pacman). Macho's son got around 80 years, Pancho snitched his way down to around 10 years. Fatman G was walking with Pacman at the time when the incident happened. Note that Pancho did not initially snitch on who in the car actually did the murder, but eventually his mother stepped up and got him to snitch, and then she relocated.

-A Saint snitch who did not have legal status bought cocaine and guns from a 19 year-old Saint (bought a Lorcin .380 pistol 9/10/2018, 56 g cocaine 1/17/2019, 116 g cocaine 2/13/2019), taken by feds March 8, 2019. He was given 1-year extension, paid $5,520 for his services, and $1,000 for relocation.

SD snitches.

In Nov. 2006, SDs had a federal raid that hit 17, all from either Douglas Park or 42nd. Biggy Rat the top nation leader from Douglas Park 18th/California, Diablo the leader in charge of 42nd. There were 2 snitches, 1 from Douglas Park and 1 from 42nd. I believe the 2nd snitch was a female, where she introduced a female FBI agent to SDs as her sister.

Investigation started Sept. 2004. 17 arrested Nov. 7, 2006.

Snitch1 = cooperating with FBI since March 2006, following positive on drug test while on parole.
Snitch2 = cooperating since Sept. 2004, paid $9,332.90

Snitch1 (Thomas Wortham) and Biggy Rat.

On March 8, 2006, bought 52.1 g of cocaine base in form of crack for $1200.
On April 19, 2006, bought 55.4 g for $1400.

Some time after finding out Snitch1 was the snitch, he was assaulted by SDs.

On October 13, 2009, Biggy Rat sentenced 125 months.

2nd federal raid April 2012 (12 hit), hit 59th/Richmond, hit the chief of 18th, hit a former 1 from 19th/Oakley.

Investigation started 2009 by FBI + CPD. Gun buys and drug buys.

Snitch2 = since 2009, paid $33,697.81. Bought gun from Wino.
Snitch3 = since 2004 or 2005, and ended 5/17 or 5/20/2011 which is when while working for five-o, he had drugs on him. Only paid a little by CPD.

Other snitches.

-Dozer snitched on Savage and Maniac (Danny Malave). He's currently in IDOC until January 2021.

SGD snitches.

-Ramon Gavina testified, under subpoena, for the state. Gavina testified that in August 1985 he was a member of the Spanish Gangster Disciples. [...] Gavina testified that they drove to the park to look for Latin Kings to fight, everybody including Rosa, Rodriguez, and Gonzalez got out of the van to chase the Latin King [...].

G26 snitches.

July 2010 federal raid. September 2010 federal raid.

Snitch1 = helping CPD since 2005. From 2006 to 2008, he was in charge of 30th and Avers, and sold cocaine and heroin.

It all starts in January 2009 when original-snitch goes to CPD, tells them he think he's being extorted by 2 members: Santana and Carlos (Santana Cruz and Carlos Vigneri), and that his family might be targeted too. Original-snitch tells CPD that on January 16, 2009, he tried to "broker the sale of a kilo of cocaine" from Santana to a CVL named Big Mike. But an associate of Big Mike robbed original-snitch and Carlos of that cocaine that was intended to be sold to Big Mike. And Santana and Carlos held original-snitch responsible for the stole cocaine, and demanded he pay them $22,000. For fear of his life, original-snitch immediately gave them his car, but feared it was not enough.

On June 17, 2009, original-snitch bought gun from Samuel Nunez by Pershing/Washtenaw.

On June 30, 2009, bought gun from Joel Velasquez (Lil Evil) and Jesse Lopez (Baby Monster).

Snitch2 = April 2009 to CPD, been over 10 years as a 2 6.

Investigation started, June 2009, when CPD and DEA got together.

Snitch3 = on July 10, 2009, stopped by CPD on 31st, had 2 g of weed on him, not arrested.
Snitch4 = out of 190 pages of shit, mostly telephone conversations, I couldn’t find the story of snitch 4, cuz the 1st 3 snitches were mentioned near the beginning.

On July 21, 2009, bought gun from Jesus Centeno.

On August 20, 2009, bought gun from individual B and David Morales.

Takedown of G26 leader Casper and friends.
On June 16, 2010, 4:37 p.m., feds gave original-snitch recording devices, and drove to meet with Casper (Joshua Vidal) at the 4800 block of S. Winchester. Casper agrees to buy guns with original-snitch over the phone, and the 2 met up with Individual A at an alley near 55th/Halsted. At Casper's instruction, Casper and Individual A drove to Shell gas station, where Davian Mosley and Antonio Cobb delivered guns to Casper as he sat in the backseat of original-snitchs vehicle.

Original-snitch introduced undercover-cop to the crew, where undercover-cop tells them he is looking for individuals to join him in robbing a stash house that has over 30 kilos, and will offer them 6 kilos a piece. "Hell yea" said Casper.

On July 14, 2010, 3:42 p.m., feds gave original-snitch recording devices again. Original-snitch picked up Casper at the gas station on Fullerton/Kilbourn which is by where Casper lived, while undercover-cop waited at the Home Depot parking lot on Armitage/Cicero. There, Casper introduced undercover-cop to his cousins Juan de Jesus (Bogey), Victor Torres, Juan Velez (Bam Bam).

On July 20, 2010, they met all met at White Castle parking on Ogden/Harlem, and transferred to a single car to Cook County forest preserve at 43rd and Oak in Lyons, IL. At 7:02 p.m., all 5 of them - 4 of them along with Individual A who was the driver, were ambushed by the feds as they sat in the parked car. All of them tried to fight the arrest too.

By the next morning, came the rest of the federal and CPD raid.

Original-snitch has been paid $50,000 in total as of the day of the raid.

According to the Tribune "Four Chicago men were ready to storm inside a home, use tape to tie up the people inside and shoot them if necessary in order to take off with more than 30 kilograms of cocaine, according to a federal complaint released Thursday. The only problem was the house allegedly filled with drugs didn't really exist."

September 2010: about 2 dozen hit.

12/5/2016 Jose Maldonado a.k.a. Spook sentenced 22 years.
2/10/2017 Francisco Masias a.k.a. Swoll and Cisco sentenced 22 years.

May 2017 raid.

Hit about 48 of them, some half federal and some half state. Hit the nation leader, Francisco Sanchez (Smokey).

Investigation started November 2014.

On the morning of May 25, 2017, feds went to Smokey's house at the 6 a.m. hour where he was sleeping, arrested him. Found a Colt model 1911, .45 caliber pistol.

Snitch 1 = paid $30,250. According to snitch1, Francisco Sanchez is the nation leader of the 2 6.

Smokey was convicted of murder 11/25/1986 to 70 years, and reduced to 40 years on 5/25/1990.

Some things about Franciso Sanchez a.k.a Smokey.

On Sept. 9, 2015, he met with a snitch and talked about how 1 2-6 robbed another 2-6 of drugs and money, and to discipline him.

On March 20, 2017, Smokey replaced Individual E with Individual F with the next #2 leader of the 2 6, and to in charge of 63rd/Central. 1st he spoke with Individual E privately, then spoke with Individual F privately.

On April 16, 2016, feds saw Smokey give a gun to individual C who gave to individual D, at the bar on the 4200 block of S. Archer. When the 2 left, feds nabbed them both. According to individual D, who is a female, 38th/Albany stole a handgun from 31st/Avers, and then lost the gun. Individual C is in charge of 31st/Avers, and contacted Smokey about it.

Smokey retracted the not pleading guilty, got 27 months.

Humboldt Park snitches.

MLD snitches.

Before 2000, MLDs have about 4 big snitches, 1 in 1981, 1 in 1992, and 2 in 1996.

The 1st 1 who implicated Fernie (Socorro Roldan), a lady D who implicated the 3 lady Ds, and then the 2 and a half at Don Loco 1996 meeting.

MLD 2004 federal raid.

Investigation between CPD and FBI started March 2003. Hit the #2 guy, and previous #2 guy, as well as the #3 guy.

Snitch1 was from a different gang, and information provided was disputed by the other snitches, and was discontinued as a snitch.
Snitch2 = helping FBI since Aug. 2003, because he/she wanted to leave the gang. Paid $4,500.
Snitch3 = became a snitch because he/she wanted to be paid. Was paid $12,000.
Snitch4 = helping since 2004, after caught with possession of a gun.
Snitch5 = a former member of a different gang, cooperated since at least 2002, paid $19,100.

MLD 2011 raid was some federal but more CPD, + 1 C-Note.

Snitch3 = since with FBI summer 2009 after guns found by police, until spring 2010, paid $170.
Snitch4 = since with FBI winter 2009, paid $4,300.
Snitch6 = since with FBI winter 2009 to Oct. 2010, paid $1,400.

Snitch2 = a neutron, or a non-MLD actually, since with FBI summer 2008, paid $3,800. 1 who actively hangs with MLDs.

Nobody with rank was hit here, only drug sellers. Mostly from Talman/Wabansia with 1 from North/Richmond and Rockwell/Le Moyne. 1 of the Talman/Wabansia hit was a senior member of the MLDs, where he was a founding member of Talman/Wabansia called Black Gato, who lived in NW Indiana.

-On September 13, 2011, a group of 4 MLDs drove around in a car wanting to beat up rival gangs. At about 9:17 p.m., at the 2900 block of W. Bloomingdale, they spotted 14 year-old Brian DeLeon, and 19 year-old Esteban Miranda came out with a metal baseball bat. The neutron told them he wasn't a Cobra, and the other 3 MLDs, tried to prevent him from the attacks. At the police station, Miranda was silent, but the other 3 MLDs implicated him. The victim was still in a coma at that time.

Spanish Cobra snitches.

-YLO Cobra snitch called Bones from Avers/Hirsch in the 1990s he snitched on 2 of his boys that did drive-by shootings against random opps, and then took off to Texas.

-A Cobra since March 2007 came back to feds, and that month bought crack from Erick Diaz who was arrested individually October 15, 2008.

Black Disciple snitches.

-1968 (when the gang was called Devil Disciples), their #2 guy, Nicholas Dorenzo, testified to the Senate committee at Washington D.C. on how the gang used the fund money. 6 weeks after he was taken off protection and back in Chicago, he was shot after he left his house, then ran into a gas station.

Black P. Stone snitches.

-The 1st snitch in the history of the BPSN was James Duffy, 21, also known as James Nevels, who on Feb. 4, 1972, testified how he collected $48/weekly checks for attending a federally financed training center and then kicked money back to gang leaders. He said last Sept., Fort and 1 other defendant held a meeting of about 20 trainees at a center by 67th and Stony Island.

-Adam Battiste, 30, was placed on 5 years probation on May 25, 1972, due to testifying against the rest. Assistant U.S. attorney Samuel Skinner said his life is in danger due to his cooperation.

BPSN had a CPD raid 1985 where 26 arrested, due to 2 snitch. Some of the things he snitched on were:

-The April 30 killing of rival gang member Lindsay Williams and the shooting of Rodney Williams and James Love, both independent drug dealers. The 3 were ambushed in a fast-food chicken restaurant at 63rd Street and University Avenue in retaliation for stealing the baseball cap of a young El Rukn. Alvin Tony, 32, has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

-The July 25, 1983, beating of Maurice Coleman, who languished in a coma until his death April 29. Coleman, who lived in a South Side building owned by the gang, was killed by gang members who thought he was snooping on them. Charged with murder in the beating were Ray Ferguson, 32, Eddie Franklin, 19, Nathaniel Jackson, 29, and Samuel Carter, 21.

-This snitch attended a meeting of gang generals when Fort reportedly ordered the killing of Willie Bibbs, 33, of 4120 S. Prairie Ave. Bibbs was shot to death by 2 men wearing ski masks as he emerged from a South Side tavern on June 15, 1981.

1991 federal snitch: Jeff Fort's sister's husband.

-Henry Harris, snitched because Jeff Fort's son caught him having an affair with Jeff Fort's wife Diana, and Jeff Fort's son, Antonio, did not tell anyone. Harris testified that Fort once ordered his son a beat down in 1986, because he had tried to start his own gang. Over the phone, Fort said "Son, I told you I keep my promises" over the phone. Then, 6 of 14 ambassadors formed a circle around Antonio, 19, and Fort said "Ambassadors, I want you to drum him until I tell you to stop." When the men hesitaed, Fort said "I can't hear nothing."

-Other snitches include Harry Evans and Trammel Davis.

Note: the fall of the BPSN in 1986 is largely due to a cokehead named Sam Buford "Magic." Sam was not a Black P. Stone, but has ties with them. His relation with the BPSN began in 1967 when he dated Eugene Hairston's sister. He began to cooperate with police in early 1986 after he was arrested on charges of attempted murder and unlawful possession of weapons and drugs while still on parole for heroin conviction. He was paid $10,000. Sam Buford testified that he introduced an FBI agent to a senior gang leader, Alan Knox, which resulted in the FBI agent selling an M-72 antitank rocket in July 1986 for $1,850. It was sold to Knox and Melvin Mayes in a south suburban Lansing motel room. Buford has also been in the El Rukn temple during nation meetings, but testified sometimes it wasn't in English.

When asked by defense lawyers if he would use cocaine if it were placed to him in the courtroom, he responded "I'd be mighty tempted."

4 Corner Hustler snitches.

-On November 14, 2003, Martise Nunnery met with an assistant state's attorney and a detective on the homicide of Rudy Rangel Jr.

Vice Lords - Unknown snitches.

-CPD once pulled over a ~19 year old, he told them their trap locations. The gang beat him up.

Latin King snitches.