Chicago Gang Stats

Latin Mobs

Started Colors 2011 population
Ambrose Black and light blue 600+ Started by a big Polish guy named Don.
Ashland Vikings Black and green 220+
Bishops Black and copper 240+ Started by Bobby G. (Gutierrez).
Deuces 1994 370+
   Insane Deuces 1968 Black and green 310+ (+ Aurora) Flipped to Folks 1991. Their chief is Munchkin, who used to sit on the Cobra prison board.
      Barons 1959
      Blackhawks 1959
   Cullerton Deuces 1973 Gray 60+ Flipped to Folks 1994, merged.
Familia Stones Black and orange 300+
Imperial Gangsters 1971 Black and pink 1100+ Founded by Carlos Quintanilla "Lil Mexico" in 1971, resigned 1976.
Insane Unknowns 1960s Black and white 120+ Founded by Sinbad, who was Puerto Rican, but was primarily White gang.
Krazy Get Down Boys Black, purple, and white 90+
La Raza Green, white, and red 830+
Latin Brothers 1972 Black and purple 140+
Latin Counts 1958 Black and red 590+ Started by Joe the Boxer (Joe Escamilla, b. 1942), then Big Sal, then Lil Sal, then Meme, then Babyface Nelson.
Latin Dragons 1990s Black and white 330+ Founding members split off from Latin King's Kedzie/Cortez.
Latin Eagles Black and gray/silver 215+ Founding members split off from Latin King's Montrose/Hazel.
Latino Jivers 1966/67 (Latino Stars) Black and brown 150+ Turned gang in 1978, ran by Horse 1978-90, Louie B. 1990-95, Carmelo Pedroza 1995-2010/11, then Gary.
Latin Kings 1965 Black and gold 9900+
   North side (Imperials) 1954 Maroon Founded by Ramon Santos at Laflin/Van Buren.
   South side - Marshall Blvd 1964 Black and gold 3 sections: Seniors, Juniors, and Littles.
   South side - Coulters 1961 Black and orange Renamed to Coulter Kings from Coulter Counts, 1968.
Latin Lovers < 1975 Red and yellow 120+ Started by Fox L on 12/12/1977, then Godfather, then shortly ran by Babyface, then Cacu.
Latin Souls < 1976 Black and maroon 105+
Latin Stylers Gray and maroon 110+
Maniac Latin Disciples 1968 (Latin Disciples) Black and light blue 2750+ Founded by Freckles (d. 1997), then Chino D, then General Vic, then Fernie, then Rick Dog, then Pimp Daddy.
Milwaukee Kings Black and orange 170+ Founded by Shaky.
Orchestra Albany < 1978 Brown and yellow 230+
Pachucos Black and white 170+
Party People Black and white 215+
Party Players White and maroon 60+
Saints Rabbi, his brother Monk, and Frank Morfin in 1964/65. Black and light blue 570+
Satan Disciples 1959 Black and canary yellow 2700+ 12 founding members. Ran by King Satan (#2 Canary), then Big Baby D, then Aggie (#2 Godfather, who stepped down after Gizmo was killed).
Spanish Cobras 1961 Black and green 1570+
Spanish 4CH Black and red 70+
Spanish GDs Black and light blue 470+ (1,400 in USA). Chiefs were Rudy Rios (d. 11/18/1989), then Rudy Guzman, then Lil Dee, then Spike Rick.
Spanish Lords Black and red 120+ Started by Cortez, then Curky (d. 1979 in prison), then Rico.
Spanish Vice Lords Same as Vice Lords 150+
Two Six 1972 Black and tan 2370+
Two Two Boys Black and blue 150+
YLO Cobras Same as SCs 240+
YLO Ds Same as MLDs 190+

Black Mobs

BDs 1960 (Devil Disciples) Black and blue 4200+ Ran by David Barksdale (1967 - d. 9/2/1974), then Jerome Freeman till April 2000 (d. Jan. 2012), then Marvel Thompson, then Big Law (Lawrence Loggins, d. 2/6/2019), then Kenneth Brown.
Black P. Stone 1959 (Blackstones) Black, red and green 7,700+ Eugene Hairston (Bull), Charles Edwards-Bey, Wesley Brown, Ernest Vaughn, Charles Knox, Henry Cogwell (Mickey), and Jeff Fort.
Black Souls Black and white 1100+ Started by King Wee (Horace Willis, b. ~1950) who was a Vice Lord, died 1969, then ran by William Weaver, then Sam McKay, then Jack Bobo (Wayne Edwards, 1980s), then Ice man (Willie Jones, d. 2011).
GDs 1964 Black and blue 10000+
Mickey Cobras (Egyptian Cobras) Black, red, and green 1300+ Walter Caffey, then Henry Ponder (#2 Buck Ferguson 1968), then Cogwell. Every July 27 party near Fuller Park, 45th/Princeton. #2 in 2008 was Malik Ousley.
New Breeds 1984 at Kildare/Wilcox Black and blue 1740+ Ran by Boonie Black, (with Jeepers as his advisor, who died at 97), then his nephew Marcellus (Boyce).
Conservative Vice Lords 1958 (14th street Clovers) Black and gold 3700+ Founded by Pep (Edward Perry, b. 1939) with Leonard Calloway #2, then ran by Alfonso Alford (late '60s), then Bobby Gore in the '70s (#2 leader Sam Mahdi, #3 leader Minister Rico), then Minister Rico in the '80s (#2 leader Pierre (Elbert Mahoney, d. 2000), then Kenny Shannon). Headquartered 16th/Pulaski.

Cicero Insane Vice Lords

Chicago/Cicero Black and gold 470+ Started by AJ.

Mafia Insane Vice Lords

Central/Jackson Black, gold, and blue 1250+ Started by King Troy, the #3 CIVL, on 11/1/1990. 7 founding members, 5 in prison, 2 on street.

Imperial Insane Vice Lords

Division/Wolcott Black and gold 250+ Started by Don Sid (Sidney Hughes) in 1972, then DJ, then Nathaniel Hoskins (b. 1968) since 2010.

Renegade Vice Lords

Henry Horner Homes Black and gold 100+ Started by Nooney in 1965, then Gator.

Traveling Vice Lords

California/Flournoy Black and gold 3540+ Started by CW in 1963 (#2 Antoine Miller) till 1973, then Rabbit (#2 Spanky, then Dickie) till 1978, then King Neal till 1986, then Bay-Bay (Andrew Patterson) for 1 faction, Bo Diddley for another. After Bay Bay, was Fatman.

Undertaker Vice Lords

Jackson/Cicero Black and gold 200+ Started by Highneath before 1973. Prince is Waho.

Unknown Vice Lords

N/A Black and gold 1230+ Started by Willie Lloyd in 1970, then led by Tyrone Williams (Baby Ty) in summer 1988, (#2 Rio).

4 Corner Hustlers

Black, gold, and red 6500+ Started by Walter Wheater, a Unknown Vice Lord, then ran by Monroe Banks 1986, then Angelo Roberts (who ordered Wheat dead), then Ray Longstreet, then Shaky Shawn (Raymond Betts).

Vice Lords splintered into subnations after Bobby Gore stepped down. Sam Mahdi is also known as King Solomon.

Egyptian Cobras colors were green and brown.

White Mobs

Gaylords 1952 Black and light blue 210+
Simon City Royals 1969 Black and blue, blue and green 360+

Mixed Mobs

Harrison Gents Black and purple 240+ Ran by Coco 1980 to 1998.

Set informations

Started at Taylor/Western, then moved to Dvorak Park.
2nd sect 18th/Throop, 3rd Hoyne, 4th Wood, 5th Jefferson.
The 2nd sect 18th/Throop started because their only sect was having around 60-70 members.

Headquarters sect, current: Armitage/St. Louis
Headquarters sect, former: Kimball/Cortland.
Note: IGs are a merge of 2 gangs: Imperial Spanish Gangsters (Division/Grand) and Imperial Gangsters (Armitage-Palmer/Drake), and then when they merged, ISG dropped the S.
Armitage/Drake founding members (1969): Lil Mexico, Goyo, Pito, Jabar, Lil Bug (Jesse Rodriguez), and Killer.
Division/Grand 1972 members: Spanky, Tito, Godfather, Tiny, Casanova, Jauquin, Mr. Doc, Mad Dog, Cisco, Secret Squirrel James, Caveman, Lil Man, Alberto, Tomo, Modesto, Fingers, Lil Joe, Miguel (Chulito), and White Boy.

Started at McLean and Hoyne (As Unknown Souls).

La Razas.
1st sect: 19th/Carpenter.

Latin Counts.
Headquarters sect: 17th/Laflin.
Started as 6 White guys and 12-15 Mexicans. Founding members include Papa Joe, Knotch, Yo-yo (Frank Montoya), Rich Cervantes, Tony Lopez.
Originall called Sons of Mexico City, and it was Ed Anton's idea to be renamed Latin Counts. Some of the Sons of Mexico City split off to start the Spartans.

Latin Eagles.
1st sect: Wilton/Grace.

Latin Kings - North side.
1st sect: Laflin/Van Buren.
Started as a group of 3 people, then became 5.

Latin Kings - South side.
Seniors was started by DJ and Genaro (both Puerto Rican), Juniors was started by twin Mexican brothers Dan and Don Villanueva, and Littles was started by Boogaloo (Puerto Rican, d. 1971) and White Sal (Mexican). DJ died in 2020.

Coulter Kings founding members: Started in 1961 by Sexy (Freddy Fernandez), Shy Kid (1st to die, killed by Chancellors under the El), Bull (Abel Torres, b. June 5, 1951), Browns Boy and Butterfly were twins, Egor, Sippie, Flaco, Wino, Pretty boy, Papo, Charlie, Galetti, Curly, and Wolfy (b. 1951 who flipped to the Ambrose).

Sexy and Chopper (b. 1955) were originally Spanish Chancellors. Some senior members include Beretta, Big Deadeye (Joe Fabian), Barron (Danny Broughton, b. 1950-51), Jesus Melero (b. 1952-53), Chewy (b. 1953-54), and Fish (Edwin Miranda, 10/31/1953-11/30/2015 who was Puerto Rican). There was also Aggie (b. 1955, who flipped to Ridgeway Lords) and Scarface (Eddie Roncone 7/19/1957-1/26/2018). Shy Kid was the 1st to die, Bull was the 2nd to die (18, 12/8/1969), Butterfly was the 3rd to die (Robert Del Bosque, 21, 8/31/1974). However, there was a 2nd Bull that left the Coulters and overdosed around 1973. Big Deadeye (Joe Fabian) was the 1st to go to prison for murder, next to Dino (Hector Pagan, b. 1947).

Latin Lovers.
1st sect: Richmond/Dickens.

1st sect: Rockwell/Potomac "Twilight."
New headquarter sect: Talman/Wabansia.
9 founding members were Freckles b. 1956, "Hitler" b. 1954, Savage, Leprechaun, Clyde, Shank, Tarzan, Tony Dons, and Deadeye.

Milwaukee Kings.
Motherland: Huron/Noble.

Headquarters sect: Lyndale/Sacramento.

1960s members include Rabbi (Rich), his brother Monk, Frank Morfin, Butcher, Professor, Tony Vasquez, Wando, Grasshopper, Little El Cool (Bobby Sanchez), Spook (Joseph Pietryzyk), Paul de la Garza, Carlos Gonzalez, and Pat Ramos.
Started at Davis Square Park, renamed to 45th/Hermitage, then moved to 45th/Wood late '80s.

1st sect: Taylor/Racine, which closed when UIC formed. Split into 2 sections: 18th/California, and 18th/Oakley.

Spanish Cobras.
Headquarters sect: Division/Maplewood (Maplewood/Potomac).
1st sect: Springfield/Hirsch (1961), then migrated to Harding, then Thomas/Ridgeway, then Artesian/Potomac.
2nd sect: Haddon/Washtenaw.

1st South side sect: 88th/Houston.
1st North side sect: Rosemont/Broadway, then Broadway/Cuyler, then St. Louis/Ainslie (shared with GDs), then Sunnyside/Kimball.

Started in 1971 as a baseball and basketball team by a lady Ambrose at McCormick School, then transformed into a gang by Armando Espinoza, after him came Alfonso, then David.
Some of the founding members of the baseball team were founder Linda, Carmello, Carmello's sister, Stretch, Fish, Josie, Chris Branch, and Miriam.
Some of the founding members of the gang were founder Armando Espinoza, Junior, Chief, Carmelo, Fish, and Rabbit.
Some of their senior members were David Avalos who joined in their 2nd or 3rd year.

Originally started in West side by Richard Strong, then moved to 53rd/Kimbark.

Black P. Stones.
1st sect: 65th/Blackstone (from 63rd to 67th), 2nd sect 46th/Cottage Grove.
When 39th/Drexel opened up "the Fort" it was a merge of 65th/Blackstone and 46th/Cottage Grove.
Oldest sects: a tie between 3: 62nd/Kimbark "Crank Town," Ancient Tank City, and 39th/Lake Park "Pyramid City."

1st sect: 68th/Green.
2nd sect: 64th/Halsted.

Vice Lords.
1st White to join: David Dawley.
1st Hispanic to join, came from the Spanish Counts that merged into the Vice Lords.

The 1st 7 Mafia Vice Lords: group of 5 in Graham prison were King Troy, Derrick Griffin (Skullbone), Pookie. The 2 in the streets were Goob and Jamie Silas (Jello).
Who did King Troy get permission from, to branch off? Not from the Cicero VLs. He got permission from Bobby Gore and Willie Lloyd.

Motherland: Ohio/Noble.

Simon City Royals.
Started at Irving Park and Ashland, a 1969 merge of Simon City (Drake/Wabansia, black and white, started 1952) and Ashland Royals (started 1968 as 7 members, black and columbia blue).
In 1969, 1 of their prime members, Arab, came back from Vietnam and moved his operation to Lakeview area where he tried to call it Simon City North, but the Ashland Royals he had just merged with didn't want, hence SCR. However, not all of Drake/Wabansia wanted to merge, so that section was still around as a standalone. After Arab died in 1974, Mike Brewer changed the colors to black and royal blue.

Former Gangs

Started Colors
Baby Tokers Early '70s Brown and green Originally 19th/Paulina, then moved west towards Wolcott. Turned Bishops and Counts in the '80s. Brown and green were the colors of weed, because they were always "toking" up. Chief was Wino.
Bishops 1920s Black and blue 92nd/Commercial. Imperial Bishops, they died in the early '70s, the last chief was Rocky Hinojosa, who later died of an overdose. Some turned Kings. There were no Puerto Ricans in the gang, and did not start out as a White gang. No allies.
Bush Nation No colors 89th street South Chicago, led by Roy Cortez who turned King in prison early 1980s.
Campbell/Boys, Insane Maroon and gold Turned Cobras mid-2000s.
Campbell/Boys, Maniac Maroon and gold Turned MLDs 2004.
Chancellors 18th. Black and white
Chi-West Light blue Chicago and Western. Their symbol was a skunk.
Coulter Counts Black and orange Started by Sexy in 1961. 24th/Hoyne/Coulter. Renamed to Coulter Kings.
Crusaders Dark blue ~25
Devious Ones Purple and gold ~30, turned mostly Homan and Albany kings mid-1990s, their leader turned 52nd/Talman king.
Emerald Knights < 1970 Predominantly Puerto Rican, fought the Devil Disciples 55th/Halsted area. Village Sharks were older.
Fairfield Boys Gage Park, kicked out, turned extinct around 2005.
Fillmore Boys Turned Coulters.
Guess Boys Blue and gold Gage Park, leader was Freaky (Lupe). Majority got heavy into drugs.
Haddon Boys 1963/64 Green and white 80-90% turned Cobras around 1980/81, some turned Warlords. By 1969, had 25.
Kool Gang Black and white Didn't recruit, died off.
Laflin Lovers ~1975 Black and orange Started by Gato (Felix) who now works as a CTA bus driver. Old ones died off, 1992, young ones turned Counts and Bishops. 1990 had around 35-40 members, most ever had was 50.
Latin Pimps 1969-1974, Dean and Paulina. Blue and pink Most turned Harrison Gents of Beach/Paulina.
Latin Scorpions Late '60s Purple and white Started by Big Louie, were a party crew, turned MLDs around 1974.
Los Chingones Early '80s Brown and white 27th/Sawyer, party crew.
Mighty Projects Black and red Late '70s Bridgeport from 31st/Halsted to 35th/Morgan, mostly White and PR, only a few were Mexican. Leader was Birdman.
Morgan Deuces < 1958 Black and purple Founding members came from Brownsville, Texas. Started at Van Buren and Morgan. 1978 leader was Popo.
Night Crew 1976 Gray and white 45th/McDowell. Died 1990s.
Party Gents Black and maroon Turned Kings. ~80% turned 28th/Christiana Kings. Leader was Shaggy.
Racine Boys Navy and light blue
Rampants < 1969 Black and gray North of 18th/Blue Island area, turned Kings and Ambrose. ~50.
Rampants Were on Oakley, turned SDs early '70s.
Ridgeway Lords < 1966 Black and dark blue Started by Huddi, 1st sect 27th and Ridgeway.
Royal Knights Black and mustard yellow A majority Puerto Rican gang. They had a younger branch Midget Knights, that mosly turned SGDs in South Chicago.
Saints Black and yellow 87th/Houston, their sweaters were brown and yellow. Symbol was a red devil. Died in the '70s, few were Puerto Ricans.
Sin City Boys Late '60s. Black and navy blue Started at 27th and Springfield.
Spanish Chancellors 28th/Wallace. Black and light blue Half of them turned 27th/Normal Kings, half died out.
Spanish Kings Black and maroon 84th street, turned Latin Kings.
Spartans Gray and blue West Pilsen, their founding members were split off from the Sons of Mexico City.
Stone Kents Black and gray Formerly Artistic Kents, turned Kings, were half Mexican half Puerto Rican.
TAP Boys Red and white Chicago Lawn, primarily Arabic.
TNT Boys Turned Cullerton Deuces, were a party crew.
Taylor Sharks < 1965
21st Boys 1981 Black and green 21st/Western. When Goyo got out of prison and was cool with BGDs, wanted to turn folks. Most turned Ambrose in the '90s because they hated the Oakley SDs.
VMP Late '70s Black and gray Started by Ambrose from 18th that moved to 86th/Baltimore. Then they turned Ambrose.
Villa Lobos 1967 Black and green Started at Cullerton and Blue Island, mostly turned Kings by 1979. 1 sect left on 23rd/Trumbull.
Village Sharks Black and maroon Turned Latin Souls, 55th/Halsted area.
Bucktown Warlords 1976 Black and orange Died off in 1985, younger ones turned Kings, mostly Division/Wolcott Kings.
La Familia Warlords 1974 Started by Lord Chief.
Wicker Park Warlords 1964.
Young Bloods 1980s. Turned King in South Chicago 1990s. Their fathers were Bush nation.

Haddon Boys founding members: Founder, founder's younger brother, Baby, Lefty, Cano, Papo, Papajoe, Raymon, Brillo, Buzzy, and Tacobender. Started from Chopin School.

More Laflin Lovers turned Counts then Bishops. The ones who turned Bishops were Rocco, Chuy, Chato, Omar, and Shorty. (Though Lil Man turned Count, then flipped to Bishop.).

For the Mighty Projects of Bridgeport, most of the Mexican ones turned Kings in 1981, and the Puerto Rican and White ones turned SD in 1988.

Villa Lobos: 1959-64, president Paquito, VP Johnny PR, and Warlords Krazy Hector and Berto.
Villa Lobos: 1967+, president Mousey, VP Cheetah, and Warlords Shark and Roldan. 25 joined in summer of 1967. By 1970, 400 members.

Started Colors
Black King Cobras Pontiac Prison Gold But on the streets, started at 41st/Cottage Grove. Rode under Devil Disciples by 1968.
Del Vikings By Johnny Johnson <1966, at 36th/State, and #2 Narvel Blackman Blue Majority turned GDs, 1977.
Double 6 Kings 1960s, 69th and Normal, led by Charles Atkins. Turned BPSN in 1969 after May.
Egyptian Warlords Black and red Turned Jet Black Stones.
Five Trey Cobras <1967, 53rd/Halsted. Black and gold
Goon Squad 1969, at 16th/Kedzie. Black and purple Started by Rabbi, and his #2 Rusty (Steve Bailey), turned New Breeds 1987.
High Supreme Cobras <1966, at 3737 S. Federal. Blue Allies with Venetian Lords, turned Stones and Cobras.
Imperial Chaplains <1960 at 16th/Homan area. Started by Big John b. 1946, and his #2 Jojo Easter. Peak population of ~80. Turned Vice Lords due to the Black Souls, early '70s.
Maniac Cobras <1971, Fillmore/Springfield. Turned West side GDs, and some turned CVLs, ~1980.
Roman Saints 1960s Started by Eugene Brown from the Vice Lords.
Royal Family 1972 Started by Roger Collins when he came out of prison. Turned New Breeds in 1991.
Satan Lovers 1960s, 63rd/Laflin, Ogden Park. Blue Leader was James Anderson (Satan), turned BPSN around 1968.
Soul Brothers Turned Black Souls.
Tasmanian Devils <1974, at Robert Taylor Homes Gold Died off.
Venetian Lords <1966, at 3737 S. Federal Red Formed to ally against the Del Vikings. Turned Stones.

Del Vikings: Johnny Johnson died, he jumped off at 31st street Beach and landed on rocks, got paralyzed for a few years then died.

Imperial Chaplains: Big John died in 2010 of cancer, Jojo Easter died 2001 of AIDS.

Chicago's 1983 newspaper stated the city had 4,000+ gang members, at 110+ gangs.
However, earlier newspaper August 1978 stated city had 5,000 gang members age 9-40, at 150+ gangs.

Note: Loyola University (maroon and gold) has the same colors as the Campbell Boys, Northeastern Illinois University (gold and blue) has the same colors as the Guess Boys (blue and gold), Roosevelt University (green and white) has the same colors as Haddon Boys, and Northwestern University (purple and white) has the same colors as Latin Scorpions.