Chicago Gang Stats

Latin Mobs

Started Colors 2011 population
Ambrose Black and light blue 600+ Started by Italian, then by Armando (d. late '60s), then Louie (d. '79), then Tony (till '92)
Ashland Vikings Black and green 220+
Bishops Black and copper 240+
Deuces 1994 370+
   Insane Deuces 1968 Black and green 310+ (+ Aurora) Flipped to Folks 1991.
      Barons 1959
      Blackhawks 1959
   Cullerton Deuces 1973 Gray 60+ Flipped to Folks 1994, merged.
Familia Stones Black and orange 300+
Imperial Gangsters 1971 Black and pink 1100+ Founded by Carlos Quintanilla "Lil Mexico" in 1971, resigned 1976.
Insane Unknowns 1960s Black and white 120+ Founded by Sinbad, who was Puerto Rican, but was primarily White gang
Krazy Get Down Boys Black, purple, and white 90+
La Raza Green, white, and eed 830+
Latin Brothers 1972 Black and purple 140+
Latin Counts 1950s Black and red 590+ Were White gang as of 1961, '70s leaders were Contreras brothers, '80s leader Mario.
Latin Dragons 1990s Black and white 330+ Founding members split off from Latin King's Kedzie/Cortez.
Latin Eagles Black and gray/silver 215+ Founding members split off from Latin King's Montrose/Hazel.
Latino Jivers 1966/67 (Latino Stars) Black and brown 150+ Turned gang in 1978, ran by Horse 1978-90, Louie B. 1990-95, Gordo 1995-2010/11.
Latin Kings 1965 Black and gold 9900+
   North side (Imperials) 1954 Maroon Founder Ramon Santos at 18th/Wabash, now headquartered Beach/Spaulding.
   South side - Marshall Blvd 1964 Founded by White Sal (Salvador Longoria) at Roosevelt/Newberry (before UIC as built).
   South side - Coulters
Latin Lovers < 1975 Red and yellow 120+ Started by Godfather, then shortly ran by Babyface, then Cacu.
Latin Souls < 1976 Black and maroon 105+
Latin Stylers Gray and maroon 110+
Maniac Latin Disciples 1966 (Latin Disciples) Black and light blue 2750+ Founded by someone that, after he died, known as Hitler, and 11 others.
Milwaukee Kings Black and orange 170+
Orchestra Albany < 1978 Brown and yellow 230+
Pachucos Black and white 170+
Party People Black and white 215+
Party Players White and maroon 60+
Saints 1959 Black and light blue 570+
Satan Disciples ~1960 Black and canary yellow 2700+ 12 founding members.
Spanish Cobras 1961 Black and green 1570+
Spanish 4CH Black and red 70+
Spanish GDs Black and light blue 470+ (14,000 in USA)
Spanish Lords Black and red 120+ Started by Cortez, then Curky (d. 1979 in prison), then Rico.
Spanish Vice Lords Same as Vice Lords 150+
Two Six 1970s Black and tan 2370+
Two Two Boys Black and blue 150+
YLO Cobras Same as SCs 240+
YLO Ds Same as MLDs 190+

Black Mobs

BDs 1960 (Devil Disciples) Black and blue 4200+
Black P. Stone 1959 (Blackstones) Black, red and green 7,700+ Eugene Hairston (Bull), Charles Edwards-Bey, Wesley Brown, Ernest Vaughn, Charles Knox, Henry Cogwell (Mickey), and Jeff Fort.
Black Souls Black and white 1100+
4 Corner Hustlers Black and gold, black and red 6500+
GDs Black and blue 10000+
Mickey Cobras (Egyptian Cobras) Black, red, and green 1300+ Every July 27 party near Fuller Park, 45th/Princeton.
New Breeds (Black Gangsters) Black and blue 1740+
Conservative Vice Lords 1958 (14th street Clovers) Black and gold, black and red 3700+ Founder Edward Perry, headquartered 16th/Pulaski
Cicero Insane Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 470+
Imperial Insane Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 250+
Mafia Insane Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 1250+
Renegade Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 100+
Traveling Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 3540+
Undertaker Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 200+
Unknown Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 1230+

White Mobs

Gaylords 1952 Black and light blue 210+
Simon City Royals Black and blue, blue and green 360+

Mixed Mobs

Harrison Gents Black and purple 240+

Set informations

Black P. Stones.
Oldest sects: 62nd/Kimbark "Crank Town," Ancient Tank City, and 39th/Lake Park "Pyramid City."
Headquarters sect: 39th/Drexel (1980s).

Headquarters sect, current: Armitage/St. Louis
Headquarters sect, former: Kimball/Cortland.
1st sect: Division/Grand "Cameron City."

Latin Counts.
Headquarters sect: 17th/Laflin.

Latin Kings - North side.
Headquarters sect: Beach/Spaulding.
1st sect: 18th/Wabash 1954-1959.
2nd sect: Laflin/Van Buren.

Latin Kings - South side.
Headquarters sect: Marshall Blvd.
1st sect: Roosevelt/Newberry "Jew Town" (before UIC was built).
2nd sect: 27th/Normal.
3rd sect: Marshall Blvd.

Headquarters sect: Rockwell/Potomac "Twilight."
1st sect: Rockwell/Potomac.
2nd sect: Haddon/Rockwell.

Party Players.
Headquarters sect: 65th/Spaulding.

Headquarters sect: 45th/Wood.

Headquarters sect: 23rd/Oakley.
1st sect: 18th/California.

Spanish Cobras.
Headquarters sect: Division/Maplewood (Maplewood/Potomac).
1st sect: Campbell/Potomac (1961).
2nd sect: Haddon/Washtenaw.

Former Gangs

Started Colors
Campbell Boys, Insane Maroon and gold Turned Cobras mid-2000s.
Campbell Boys, Maniac Maroon and gold Turned MLDs 2004.
Coulters Leader Bull (Jerry Melendez).
Crusaders Dark blue ~25
Devious Ones ~30, turned mostly 52nd/Talman kings mid-1990s.
Emerald Knights < 1970 Predominantly Puerto Rican, fought the Devil Disciples 55th/Halsted area.
Fairfield Boys Gage Park, kicked out, turned extinct around 2005.
Fillmore Boys Turned Coulters.
Guess Boys Blue and gold Gage Park.
Haddon Boys < 1971 Green and white 80-90% turned Cobras around 1980/81, some turned Warlords.
Kool Gang Black and white Didn't recruit, died off.
Laflin Lovers ~1977 Black and orange Started by Gato (Felix) who now works as a CTA bus driver. Old ones died off, 1992, young ones turned Counts.
Latin Scorpions Late '60s Purple and white Started by Big Louie, were a party crew, turned MLDs around 1974.
Mighty Projects Black and red Late '70s Bridgeport from 31st/Halsted to 35th/Morgan, mostly White and PR, only a few were Mexican. Leader was Birdman.
Morgan Deuces < 1958 Black and purple Founding members came from Brownsville, Texas. Started at Van Buren and Morgan. 1978 leader was Popo.
Party Gents Black and gray Turned kings.
Racine boys Navy and light blue
Rampants < 1969 Black and gray Were at 18th/Halsted area, turned kings. ~50.
Ridgeway Lords < 1966 Black and dark blue Started by Huddi, turned 2 6 and SDs.
Spanish Chancellors Black and light blue Turned 33rd/Morgan kings.
Spartans West Pilsen
Stone Kents Black and gray Formerly Artistic Kents, turned kings, were half Mexican half Puerto Rican.
TAP Boys Red and white Chicago Lawn, primarily Arabic.
TNT Boys Turned Cullerton Deuces, were a party crew.
Taylor Sharks < 1965
Villa Lobos Late '60s Black and green Started Cullerton and Blue Island, mostly turned kings by 1979. 1 sect left on 23rd/Trumbull.
Village Sharks Black and maroon Turned Latin Souls, 55th/Halsted area.
Warlords 1976 Black and orange Died off in 1985, younger ones turned kings, mostly Division/Wolcott kings.
   La Familia Warlords Started by Lord Chief.
   Wicker Park Warlords

Chicago's 1983 newspaper stated the city had 4,000+ gang members, at 110+ gangs.
However, earlier newspaper August 1978 stated city had 5,000 gang members age 9-40, at 150+ gangs.

Note: Loyola University (maroon and gold) has the same colors as the Campbell Boys, Northeastern Illinois University (gold and blue) has the same colors as the Guess Boys (blue and gold), Roosevelt University (green and white) has the same colors as Haddon Boys, and Northwestern University (purple and white) has the same colors as Latin Scorpions.