Chicago Gang Stats

Latin Mobs

and white
2011 population
Ambrose Black and light blue 600+
Ashland Vikings Black and green 220+
Bishops Black and copper 240+
Deuces 1994 370+
   Insane Deuces 1968 Black and green 310+ (including Aurora)
      Barons 1959
      Blackhawks 1959
   Cullerton Deuces 1973 Gray60+
Familia Stones Black and orange 300+
Imperial Gangsters 1960s Black and pink 1100+
Insane Unknowns 1960s Black and white 120+
Krazy Get Down Boys Black, purple, and white 90+
La Raza Red, white, and green 830+
Latin Brothers 1972 Black and purple 140+
Latin Counts 1950s Black and red 590+
Latin Dragons 1990s Black and white 330+
Latin Eagles Black and gray/silver 215+
Latin Jivers 1966/67 (Latino Stars) Black and brown 150+
Latin Kings 1963/64 Black and gold 9900+
   North side (Imperials) 1954 Maroon Founder Ramon Santos at 18th/Wabash, now headquartered Beach/Spaulding.
   South side - Marshall Blvd 1953 Founded by White Sal.
   South side - Coulters
   South side - South Chicago
Latin Lovers Red and yellow 120+
Latin Souls Black and maroon 105+
Latin stylers Gray and maroon 110+
Maniac Latin Disciples 1966 (Latin Scorpions) Black and light blue 2750+ Founded by Hitler and 11 others.
Milwaukee Kings Black and orange 170+
Orchestra Albany Brown and yellow 230+
Pachucos Black and white 170+
Party People Black and white 215+
Party Players White and maroon 60+
Saints 1959 Black and light blue 570+
Satan Disciples ~1960 Black and canary yellow 2700+ 12 founding members.
Spanish Cobras 1961 Black and green 1570+
Spanish 4CH Black and red 70+
Spanish GDs Black and light blue 470+ (14,000 USA)
Spanish Lords Black and 120+
Spanish Vice Lords Same as Vice Lords 150+
Two Six 1970s Black and tan 2370+
Two Two Boys Black and blue 150+
YLO Cobras Same as SCs 240+
YLO Ds Same as MLDs 190+

Black Mobs

BDs 1960 (Devil Disciples) Black and blue 4200+
Black P. Stone 1959 (Blackstones) Black, red and green 7,700+ Eugene Hairston (Bull), Charles Edwards-Bey, Wesley Brown, Ernest Vaughn, Charles Knox, Henry Cogwell (Mickey), and Jeff Fort.
Black Souls Black and white 1100+
4 Corner Hustlers Black and gold, black and red 6500+
GDs Black and blue 10000+
Mickey Cobras (Egyptian Cobras) Black, red, and green 1300+ Every July 27 party near Fuller Park, 45th/Princeton.
New Breeds (Black Gangsters) Black and blue 1740+
Conservative Vice Lords 1958 (14th street Clovers) Black and gold, black and red 3700+ Founder Edward Perry, headquartered 16th/Pulaski
Cicero Insane Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 470+
Imperial Insane Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 250+
Mafia Insane Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 1250+
Renegade Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 100+
Traveling Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 3540+
Undertaker Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 200+
Unknown Vice Lords Black and gold, black and red 1230+

White mobs.

Gaylords 1952 Black and light blue 210+
Simon City Royals Black and blue, blue and green 360+

Mixed mobs.

Harrison Gents Black and purple 240+