Chicago Gang Stories

1. Any South side mobs founded by Puerto Ricans?
2. Any North side mobs founded by Mexicans?
3. Any wars started over a female?

     3a. Where 2 individuals from the same gang fought over a female.
     3b. Where 2 sects of the same gang fought over a female.
     3c. Where 2 gangs fought over a female.

4. What gangs of any gang sentenced the death penalty?
5. Biggest prison sentence for a female in any gang?
6. Stories were females lured guys to set them up to be killed?
7. Females in gangs relationship with a cop?
7b. Female cops in relationships with guys in gangs?
8. Guys in gangs who raped?
9. Females in gangs with the most baby daddys?
10. Females killed or shot by guys in gangs, that were boyfriend or ex-boyfriend?
10b. Females not in gangs killed by gangs that were not boyfriend or ex-boyfriend?
11. Gang individuals who flipped.

     11b. Where they fell in love.
     11c. Where they were killed for flipping.
     11d. Where they killed in order to flip.
     11e. Where they were beaten for renegading after flipping.
     11f. Where females lured guys in gangs to flip.
     11g. Where they flipped and then shot at their former mobs.
     11h. Where they were forced to flip, by former or new mob.
     11i. Where they flipped back.

12. Gangs sets who flipped.
13. Gangs who accidentally killed their own.
13b. Where it wasn't an accident.
14. Anyone in a gang that went to a 4-year college.
15. Where they had relationships across rival gangs.

     15a.Where they had kids across rival gangs.
     15b.Where they had marriages across rival gangs.

16. Irony stories.
17. Where they committed suicide.
18. Where they did the most murders.
19. Gruesome murders.
20. Miscellaneous stories.

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1. Any South side mobs founded by Puerto Ricans?

Villa Lobos, Latin Souls (Village Sharks), and Emerald Knights (annexed into Latin Souls).

2. Any North side mobs founded by Mexicans?

IGs and Pachucos.

Note: although Latin Brothers only exist on the North side and was started by a Mexican, they started in the South side, 18th street Pilsen.

3. Any wars started over a female?

-In Nov. 1986, 2 2 6ers shot into 3 of 4 people, mostly 2 2 Boys, because a Ambrose was with a lady 2 6. Party of 2 2 Boys and Ambrose was held at basement of 6318 S. Washtenaw. A White blonde 2 6er called Ace, with 4 other 2 6ers, Little Hulk (also imprisoned), No-Neck Rabbit, Inky, and Stony.

-LK and Familia Stone war in Albany Park. Started in 1993 when a old school PR Stone Slice killed a King from Lawrence/Kedzie over a female. The female was allegedly a “wannabe queen.” And then in 1994, Kings wanted Lawrence and Troy, and so the La Familia Stones killed a King called Renegade, and then the Kings killed a Stone called Widget.

-BDs and GDs. Back in 1965 Jerome Freeman and Larry Hoover were good buddies making the Supreme Gangsters and Black King Cobras allies, until in '65 when Freeman found out Larry was fucking Freeman's girlfriend behind his back. Hoover ended up in a long term relationship with her but Freeman started a war with the Gangsters over it. In 1974 when David Barksdale died, Freeman used that as a chance to take about 1/3rd of the BGDs to war with Larry Hoover 2/3 of the BGD in a civil war from '74 to '76. In '76 freeman's BGDs became the Black Disciples that we know today.

-Currently, the La Raza and 2 6ers from 47th street are in a war due to a female. Not over her, but because of her. A La Raza leader called Little Donut (George) who is her man, and Casper big time 2 6 currently in Colorado federal joint is her baby daddy. The Raza beats on her, she tries to lock him up he goes on the run. She is scared and tells her baby daddy the 2 6 who tells his boys from 47th to put security at her house cause of his daughter. This female decides to sell 1 lb of weed to the 2 6 thinKing they are cool. The 2 6ers rob her thinKing it's the La Raza merchandise.. she tells her baby daddy to get her paid he tells her pick a side. She patches things up with the La Raza. Now the La Raza had good boys hitting the 2 6ers for robbing her.

-In February 1996, a Spanish Cobra student at Kelvyn Park H.S. was beat up by several MLDs, in a dispute over a girl. The SC left school and returned with a gun, firing at MLDs but missed and struck a female student instead, who suffered minor injuries. The next day, a carload of men wearing ski masks fired shots at Kelvyn Park but didn't hit anyone.

3a. Where 2 individuals from the same gang fought over a female.

-A Deuce from Barry/Hoyne shot another Deuce also from Barry/Hoyne (Hamlin Park) over a female they both loved in 1993. The chick was with both of them for years. But the Deuce shot was not killed. [Part 1 of 2].

-2 Kings standing outside Division and Spaulding July 2014 argued over a female, and a 3rd 1 came over and shot 1 of them, he died.

3b. Where 2 sects of the same gang fought over a female.


3c. Where 2 gangs fought over a female.

I wish. ;/

4. What gangs of any gang sentenced the death penalty?

-4 North side Kings took part in killing 3 Eagles in February 1979. 2 of them were executed, a 3rd fled to California and later testified against a 4th. 3rd died in prison, 4th still alive. Their bodies of the Eagles were found dead in an abandoned car in an alley behind 1460 W. Pensacola (near Montrose), all stabbed with their throats cut off.

-A Latin King named Raul Ceja was sentenced the death penalty in DuPage County for killing 2 IGs (Alfredo Garcia and Richard Sanchez) from the jungle (Franklin Park), in Elmhurst. Both of them were shot in a vehicle on July 24, 1998. However, governor of Illinois commuted his death penalty to life in prison without possibility of parole.

-A Latin Brother named Mario Flores was sentenced the death penalty for the death of a Latin Styler called Blue Eyes (Gilbert Perez), that resulted from a car crash at North and Western on January 1, 1984. The Illinois Supreme Court issued the original death sentence of March 16, 1993 back to the circuit court.

-(See gruesome murders section for 1 that was on death row.).

5. Biggest prison sentence for a female in any gang?


-2 lady Bishop sisters, Margaret and Regina, killed 1 of their boyfriends (a neutron), June 6, 2000. Regina called her boyfriend of 3 weeks into her Pilsen home, after killing him, the sisters robbed him of $600. Margaret for 46 years, Regina got 35 years.

Latin Kings:

-North side got Queen Cuca and Queen Sinister, both did a shooting at the White Castle on Armitage/Milwaukee separately. Cuca got 30 years, Sinister got around 25.
-South side queen Sonia, around 25 years, and more recently Lady Puppet, in her 20s, took part in the murder and burning of a body of a 12th street player in Crown Town, 2009.


2 of 3 Lady MLDs got life sentence, 15 and 20. In 2012, U.S. Supreme Court declared life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional, so the younger 1, Loca D, got shortened to 63 years. Tuti (as of 2011) 42 years. [Part 1 of 2].

Spanish Cobras:

-Flaca killed a King from Beach/Spaulding called Black Midnite around 1984, for cheating on her.

6. Stories were females lured guys to set them up to be killed?

-Lady Q / Bambi story was similar, who lured Lil Man to the projects from the Deuces. Lord Gino moved his girlfriend Bambi from Chicago to Aurora cuz that's where all the dope was. Then the Kings from the projects shot and robbed Lil Man from the Deuces from Aurora (Lil Man didn’t die, he survived with 4 bullets to the stomach in the hallways), then Deuces kidnapped Bambi and her daughter, which started the main war 1990.

In Halloween 1990, the Kings killed the leader of the Deuces Psyco (Albert Gonzalez). Lil Man succeeded Psyco. Tuffy C later gave CoCo a spot for the Deuces.

-Compa story sort of. In Dec. 1975, Compa's prostitute, Deborah Schak, who was living with him, wanted money for her methadone treatment, and she went out to go lure some men, for sex, in which Compa was to rob. She got a ride back in victim's car, Compa shot/killed 1 him in his car, left his body there.

-3 lady MLD stories sort of. In May 1992, 2 of 3 lady MLDs went to go shoot at random Kings, after Kings killed a neutron called Mudo (Ismael Torres, who was deaf). They were 15, 20, and 16. Mudo was Mauri's nephew. Yvette Rodriguez was the lady D that snitched on the 3 of them. The 2 Kings that were killed were Hector Reyes, 22, and Jimmy Cruz, 21, they were both shot at the back of the head. Mudo was killed while driving a car and shot in the left temple around 1 a.m., May 11, at northeast Francisco and Bloomingdale. Girls retaliated May 12 around 12:15 a.m., and were arrested May 13 at Mudo's wake.

-In December 2012, a two-sixer called Kilo (David Perez) was dating a queen from Little Village. On a 2nd or 3rd date, where he was to pick her up at 31st/Pulaski, she set him up to be killed.

-Rudy Rios of the SGDs. He was set up by a queen. He went upstairs into her apartment to have drinks, and when the Kings showed up they shot him, stabbed him, cut off 2 fingers to make a crown sign.

7. Females in gangs relationship with a cop?

Only North side / Puerto Ricans, nobody Mexican from the South side.

-The female that the 2 Deuces fought over, she ended up being with a neutron cop from Belmont/Western.

7b. Female cops in relationships with guys in gangs?

-There was an Ambrose who had a cop girlfriend, and they eventually broke up due to him bringing in drugs.

-In 1995, the girlfriend of the #2 leader of the GDs, Gregory Shell (37, co-chairman), was a Chicago police officer, Sonia Irwin, 41. Sonia knew Gregory since she was 8, owned a seafood restaurant for the gang on 1756 E. 79th. She was CPD for 8 and 1/2 years when resigned December 1995 due to the indictment. Convicted March 1996, and August 1997 sentenced 12 years 7 months.

8. Guys in gangs who raped?

Spanish Cobras:

There was a North side King called Baby King from Wild West (Whipple/Wabansia) has 2 other brothers that are Kings, 1 called Headless. They also have 2 younger sisters, 1 named Sandra a.k.a. Mita who got raped by random Cobras coming from school and her brothers retaliated.

Latin Kings:

1969 newspaper of indictments of rape by 3 Latin Kings: Augustine Soto, 17, of 2130 W. 21st Pl., David Galdan, 19, of 334 W. 24th, and Anthony Barrera, 18, of 243 W. 24th.

La Raza:

Around 1985, a teenage daughter who hung out with La Raza, SDs, and Kings, was driving a yellow Mustang with her mom in the La Raza hood in Pilsen, and were robbed. When they went through the mother's purse and saw she was a Cook County sheriff, they took her gun to their head, and raped them both. She later became Cook County sheriff, as was her father. They didn't snitch on the La Razas, as it would disappoint the father if he knew that they were acquainted with them.

9. Females in gangs with the most baby daddys.

Humboldt Park / MLDs:

-Former lady MLD called Roxanne and Cocksanne, who is older, has 9 baby daddys.

Little Village / Latin Kings:

-Someone that is older has 6 baby daddys, Queen Buddah, that are mostly neutrons.

East Pilsen / Ambrose:

-2 former lady Ambrose sisters Niny and Molly each have around 5 baby daddys.

Pilsen / La Raza:

-A female with 4 kids, with 3 or more baby daddys, all are La Raza. Late 20s.

10. Females killed or shot by guys in gangs, that were boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.


Ambrose called Puppet (Danny Orozco) was living with his girl, 1 day a gunman knocked on door, Puppet's girl answered the door, gunman shot her in the cheeks and fled. Gunman was her ex-boyfriend and a Count called Devil, he didn't like that she broke up with him, and to an Ambrose. This was before 1992. Puppet joined 1970 at age 13.

Humboldt Park.

1 day, a Cobra called 38 from Potomac came home 1 day from paroled early from prison, came home early by surprise, saw his girl was fucking another Cobra from the same sect, Choco. Choco fled. 38 later killed her, stabbed her some 25 times, and went to prison for it. Is 38 still a Cobra? Yes - he would have lost his status if he killed Choco, but not for killing women.

Little Village.

In November 2013, a 27 year-old woman (Rosa Perez) was found stabbed to death in the 2200 block of S. Sacramento, stabbed by her 19 year-old boyfriend Aaron Mejia (a King called Terrorizer). Articles only say it was after an argument. He found out she gave him HIV. The 2 were roommates for a year, had dated for 3 years, he stabbed her 27 times.

Belmont Gardens.

On March 18, 2016, a lady Viking and formerly a lady Cobra called Prieta (Jeanette Laureano, 24) was killed by a MLD named Emmanuel Raya, 32, as she sat in a car on Kilbourn south of Diversey, after the 2 exchanged gang signs.

Southeast region Kings.

-According to the 2011 federal complaint, Kings from the Southeast region have killed lady Counts and lady Dragons, including pregnant women.

10b. Females not in gangs killed by gangs that were not boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.

-Kristin Ponquinette, a Puerto Rican girl from Aurora, high school class of 1990, was not in a gang but into the gang life. Moved to South side of Chicago, killed 2 years later by Black P. Stones. She boasted to the lady Stones about having fucked some of their boyfriends, but the issue was, she witnessed stuff they did that made them think she could be a potential snitch. They shaved her head, tied a manhole cover to her legs, and dumped her into the Calumet River. Police recovered a note of names and phone numbers inside her shoe. 3 of them captured got heavy sentence, then 4th 1 who was leader caught later, got life sentence.

The stories of who did what is known, because lady Stones were arrested too, and they had to testify against the Stones in order to get 0 time.

-1 of 2 Ashland Vikings killed 2 women in 1973, in Belmont Harbor, and left their bodies out in the park. 1 of the women killed was pregnant. They picked them up at Rush street nightlife. The 2nd 1 later testified against the 1st 1, when CPD came to arrest him, they found him hiding in his refrigerator. Jose Torres, of 2714 W. Division, was testified by Peter Gonzales. 2 women were Sandra Johnson, 20, and Rosemary Brown, 23, on September 3, 1973.

11.Gang individuals who flipped.

-Aggie of the SDs. 1st he was a Coulter King, then he was a Villa Lobos, then he joined the Ambrose, for only 2 days. Because, Tony of the Ambrose kicked him out, saying we can't have a fucking renegade. And so Aggie joined the SDs. Eventually became the #1 leader.

-Tino of South side Kings was originally a Count, became #1 leader.

-Mustang of South side Kings was an Ambrose, became #2 leader.

-The 1980s leader of the South Side Popes, Lord Conan (Mark Hamilton) was originally a 2 6.

Highing ranKing member of any gang to flip was Jessy Perez of the Senior Ambrose who flipped to the Spartans after his gang voted him out.

-2nd Highest ranKing member of any gang to flip was Prince Paul of the Ambrose to Spanish Cobras, after he killed some Ambrose, and.
-Maniac Mouse of the Counts, who set up 1 of his own to get killed by 33rd/Morgan Kings, flipped to the Kings.

-David Ayala's brother Tyrone of 2 6 flipped to the Ambrose.

-Pelon of Lawrence/Kedzie flipped to the La Familia Stones in Albany Park around late 1990, and this was a reason that started their wars.

-ADawg from 53rd/Albany was originally an Aurora King.

-Crown Town had Kings who flipped to SDs, 2 6, and GDs. They did not come back to shoot at them.

-When Deuces as a nation flipped to folks in 1991 due to not getting along with the Kings, some Deuces were upset at that and turned Kings.

-A King called Bam Bam from North/Claremont (and previously Division/Richmond) got sliced in the throat by his own gang, and flipped to the MLDs, late '80s or after.

-A King called Ghost from Leavitt/Schiller flipped to the IUKS after the April 1979 war with the Cobras.

-Porky of the MLDs flipped SD and moved to the South side because he wanted to start something but couldn't get permission, couple others such as Oso flipped with him.

-Bear and Little Bear (Antonio and Danny) flipped from Berteau/Sacramento Kings to the Familia Stones.

-Tutti's baby daddy Deadeye was originally a Jiver who flipped to the MLDs.

-Shorty B was a Bishop who flipped to the Kings, however, both mobs claimed to have killed him.

-A Raza from 48th called Benji flipped to the SDs on 48th/Union, called Silent (Benjamin Robles).

-David Lemont Moore was a GD, then flipped to CVL, then to Mickey Cobras. On January 17, 1992, he did a shooting at age 16 or 17 in the West side, sentenced to 20 years in December 1993.

11b. Where they fell in love.

-In 1990s, a MLD called Smurf fell in love with a lady Cobra, and dated, the Cobras caught his ass somewhere, he flipped.

-In 1989/90, a King from Aurora was dating a very sexy girl not in a gang, but her brothers were very active Deuces. 1 day, her brothers caught him at her house, forced him to flip. The next school day he came to school all beat up 1 day, said “I’m Deuce now.” The Kings were after him like crazy, and he lived in LK hood never relocated. At that time, war between the Kings and Deuces just started, and it was tearing the Latino Aurora community apart. But he and the girl broke up in 1992, Kings wouldn’t have wanted him back, he stayed Deuce.

11c. Where they were killed for flipping.


-Dutchie of the Latin Brothers flipped to the Ambrose because his cousin was leader of the Ambrose, and came from a big family of Ambrose, but Dutchie was killed by his former gang for that.

Humboldt Park.

-Demon of the MLDs flipped to the IGs in 1994/95, and was killed for that. MLDs were upset that he was their chief of security, and he took a lot of guns with him when he flipped, so they killed him for that.

11d. Where they killed in order to flip.

-1 of Lord Gino's bodyguards that were South side Kings, Pro, was a former 2 6 who flipped. He shot at 2 26ers 1 died.

-A Puerto Rican King from Albany Park flipped to the Simon City Royals, he killed a Polish MLD kid on Addison and Troy (at that time MLDs and Royals did not get along). He got around 35 years.

11e. Where they were beaten for renegading after flipping.

-Ambrose called Coca in Pilsen had a brother who was a Party People. 1 day Ambrose shot at random Party People, his brother happened to get killed in the crossfire, Coca retaliated against the Ambrose. He later flipped to the Party People, eventually became the overall leader. Ambrose were given permission to go beat his ass, it happened 1 day on 18th/Carpenter Ambrose driving around saw him come out of grocery store carrying a jug of milk, Coca made hand signs against them, ran to alley, hid in an opened garage, the Ambrose found him hiding, sodomized him. '80s. Some years later his body found dead in dumpster in Kings hood in alley behind the nightclub 31st/Central Park.

11f. Where females lured guys in gangs to flip.

-In the ‘70s, a handful of 26th street Kings fell in love with Lady Casanovas and flipped to the Casanovas, and when the Casanovas died out, they returned back as Kings.

11g. Where they flipped and then shot at their former mobs.

-An Ambrose named Vincent Galvan flipped to the Latin Kings before July 1977. Galvan was imprisoned for 24 years from doing a drive-by shooting to a group of Ambrose standing outside in King's hood, with Morris Calderon (Moe). July 21, 1977.

11h. Where they were forced to flip, by former or new mob.

-Shyster (Nino Penaloza) forced into the Razas, flipped from SDs. -Dice was 2 6 from 38th flipped to SDs on 59th. When he was a 2 6, 2 6 made a big deal over he having lots of SD families and had a nation meeting over it, so he flipped.

11i. Where they flipped back.

-Lil Sal of the Counts flipped to the 2 6, then back.

12. Gang sets who flipped.

-BGs were able to get the entire New Town GDs to flip. 45th/Champlain was GD, they flipped BD right after New Town around 1994.

Gang sets who merged.

-90% of 59th/Whipple transferred to 56/Sacramento when it closed, 90% of 63rd/Spaulding transferred to 49th/Lotus. Those sets were opened by the regional inca Baby but closed by the next regional inca Rascal. 63rd/Spaulding came from 28th/Lawndale (which did not close).

13. Gangs who accidentally killed their own.

-MLD prison leader called Chino, he and his brother Felix ran the prisons. He was with 1 of his boys another MLD called Kalito who tried to rob a random person, displayed a gun. But the person refused, and that MLD didn't want to shoot, so they fought/wrestled. And so Chino decided to shoot the person his guy was trying to rob, with a .357 magnum, and although the bullet hit the guy they trying to rob, it went through his body and into the MLD too. Only the MLD died.

-MLD named Francisco Martinez, 28, got in an argument at home 1 day and shot at 2 of his sisters, killing his sister Isabella, 22, and wounding his 35 year-old sister, 2300 block of N. Harding.

-There was an Ambrose who purposely shot/killed his own father, in a heat of the moment rage. He was having a physical fight with his father, and decided to pull out a gun and shoot his father in the chest.

13b. Where it wasn't an accident.

-Latin Kings from Albany Park: Lurchie killed September 2002, Lurch was killed by Columbia, Goofy, and Chickenwing. Jody knew that they were going to kill him and didn't warn him.

-2 Kings arguing over a female on Division/Spaulding in the 6 a.m. hour, and a 3rd came and shot 1 to death, he'll receive a violation.

-In December 2017, an Insane Dragon named Jesus Hernandez (Lil Jessie), 20, was issued a violation by his gang because he stole a gun from another member and sold it, so he received a videotaped 2-minute beating, and the video was shown to others. He told Jermin Beganovic, 29, that the punishment was harsher than he should have gotten for what he did, and killed him in the victim's residence.

-Biggest prison sentence for a Familia Stone is Nookie (Robert Anderson) who has a life sentence, he killed 2 on March 6, 2003 (a 18 year-old Familia Stone and a 15 year-old neutron), in a parKing lot by Irving Park and Sacramento.

-A La Raza from 48th called Cornelio was killed by his own, and (repeat) his brother flipped to the SDs.

-Jeff Fort had a son a long time ago who after selling drugs to his customers, would rob them after. Nation confronted Fort about this, Fort gave them the green light to violate his son, but nation took it too far and killed him, his body found years later at Wolf Lake, Indiana. Black P. Stones.

14. Anyone in a gang that went to a 4-year college.

-North side King called Bull, now deceased.

-Ambrose named George (high school class of 1985) attended DePaul University majoring in business, and was a few courses away from graduation. Half Mexican half Sicilian.

-A YLO D called Red (also called Batman) from California/Wabansia went to a 4-year college, eventually became Cook County Sheriff.

15. Where they had relationships across rival gangs.

15a. Where they had kids across rival gangs.

-South side queen from Crown Town has 2 baby daddys, 1 a King and 1 a 2 6. She's a little mentally off, so she doesn't raise any of her kids, the baby daddys or their families raise them.

-A King from Joliet Joey Munoz and a lady SD from 59th.

-(See the section on gangs killed by CPD.).

15b. Where they had marriages across rival gangs.

-A former lady 2 6 from Little Village married a King. She now has her tattoos removed. Her father is a King.

-A former lady Ambrose married a Spartan after the previous guy went to prison.

16. Irony stories.

-2 MLDs, Mario Cervantes, 18, and Adam Alicea, 20, were arrested for Cerventes shooting a 17 year-old girl when they thought the group were in a rival gang, on Sept. 7, 2004, outside the Dominick's store by Belmont and Spaulding. Cervantes shot into the car, killing Crystal Mustafov. Mario Cervante's mother was also CPD, and she cooperated with law enforcement and brought her son in to surrender, a week later.

-North side King called Oso, was once arrested because his mother called police on him.

-There was a 2 6 from 38th shot by his own father. He shot at Saints and his Saint father shot him outside the Lococo's Pizza.

17. Where they committed suicide.

Latin Kings.

-LK leader called Red from the West side came home from prison 1 day, asked his people if it was true that they wanted to flip, they said yes, then he took out a gun, and shot himself. ~'80s.

-This 1 mass-murdered before committing suicide. He shot his girlfriend, kid, and mother-in-law, before killing himself. He was high on cocaine.

For a day and a half, they were snorting cocaine, then Martinez was dropped off at his house on Winchester, on the 2nd floor, on New Year's Eve. He was going to be picked up in 2 hours, so he could take a shower. But when the driver came back, police and ambulance were all around.

Regarding why Martinez did it, according to the driver, who said "I think from being high got into argument with his wife accidentally shot her cuz he used to carry the gun and play with it all the time and pointed at people and him being on drugs and drinKing wasn't thinKing straight. He wasn't home for almost 2 days so most likely his wife or girlfriend was argue with him probably thinKing he was with another woman not coming home only conclusion I can come up with." (Note, this guy who delivered the story is the same person that testified against Lord Gino in 1998.).

-A King called Stretch killed himself in the mid 2010s, probably from Little Village and probably with rank.

-A 13 year-old girl from Little Village committed suicide - she hung herself in the bathroom - because a King broke up with her. Feb. 7, 1991 - March 7, 2004.


A Deuce from Hamlin Park (Barry/Hoyne) called Monk committed suicide in 1996, most likely because his girlfriend left him.

18. Where they did the most murders.

-Puppet of the Ambrose did a total of 5 murders, and some have done more.

Gangs who did more than 5 murders.

-White Boy Bradley from the Cobras,
-Slick from the Eagles,
-Sin Dog from the Crown Town Kings, have all done more than 5 murders.

-Ernie Bird a Saint from 43rd/Wood has at least 7 bodies on him, he did the most shootings in Brighton Park.

19. Gruesome murders.

-In the '80s, Kings from the projects kidnapped 2 Latin Lovers, took them to forest preserve, made them perform sex acts on each other before killing them both.

-March 2004, 2 Cobras charged with slaying owner of 2 cell-phone stores and body parts found scattered in trash bins throughout the city. Victor Fabian Lopez, 34, and Jose Perez, 25, kidnapped Jesus Colon, 44. They kidnapped the store owner and phone called his wife and held him ransom, for $100,000, before slicing his body to pieces. Store owner owned 2 stores, 3700 and 4200 block of W. Fullerton.

-Latin Kings meatloaf story.

-In the '80s, Kings kidnapped a 14 year-old La Raza and tortured him in an abandoned building, plucked his eyes out, left him in there for days, by 51st/Ada.

-A SD named Teodoro Baez (Mandingo) was convicted the death penalty in March 2004, from a August 5, 1999 murder in the Northwest side of Juan Estrada, 21, of Cicero, and his girlfriend Janet Mena, 24, or Berwyn. Then he cut their bodies apart, and a week later most of their parts were found scattered throughout the city. However, he appealed, and Illinois Supreme Court set execution date on September 13, 2011, but the Illinois governor struck it down on July 1, 2011, and Mandingo was among 15 spared.

20. Miscellaneous stories.

-There a Mexican GD from Cicero who punched his girlfriend's 18-month kid in the stomach because he peed on him. He doing 30 years before parole.

Where they were killed for refusing to do a handsign against their gang.

-In 1990, the Cobras killed a King called Negro from Montrose/Paulina. They found him in Humboldt Park somewhere, he refused to drop the King's crown, so they killed him.

Where they joined because they were shot at.

-The 26th street Crown Council Chairman of the Latin Kings, Slimmy, was forced in. At age 15 as a neutron, he was shot at allegedly by rival gangs. When the Kings (Avers) found out about it, they forced him in, so he was "blessed in," didn't have to do initiation or drive-by shooting.

A peace treaty that was not approved.

-The North side King who testified against Lord Gino in 1998 - he also set up a peace treaty that was not going to be approved, between them and the Cobras. He was worKing with Porky of the Cobras, a street leader. Tuffy C okay'd it, but Lord Gino did not. How did he and Porky (also known as Corky) get acquainted? Through U.S. rep. Luis Gutierrez.

-Boogalou of the Marshall Blvd Kings, wanted to start a peace treaty around 1971, and was killed by that (possibly by accident, and possibly or most likely by the Novak brothers).

-Ace, a leader of the Latin Lovers, tried to bring peace with them and the Orchestra Albanys (OAs), but the Orchestra Albanys killed him for that. He was killed with Pee Wee, early 1990s. Also known as Big Pito.

Guys in gangs who become pastors.

-There's a Spanish Cobra that became a pastor, who had the church on Keystone/Wabansia. However, in 2016, he left Chicago to Pennsylvania, and the next pastor has never met him.

-Pastor Danny "Baby Count" of the Counts.

-Pastor Enrique "Kike" of Insane Unknowns.

Businesses/organizations who pay taxes to gangs.

-26th street miqueros (26th and Albany) as well as 26th/Central Park, paid taxes to 26th street Kings, up until December 2006 and September 2008.

-La Bomba restaurant by Armitage/Kedzie most likely contributes to the North side Kings, but by choice and not by extortion (the owner is an old school gold.

Organizations/politicians funded by gang money.

-U.S. representative Luis Gutierrez, who was a founding member of the F.A.L.N., was funded by North side Kings in the '80s. Black Roach campaigned for him. The North side King who testified against Gino in 1998, funded Luis 90%. In the '90s, MLDs and Cobras funded him.

-Billy Ocasio was funded by MLDs on Fullerton, and Latin Lovers.

Political stories with gangs.

-Danny Solis had met with a gang leader from the Ambrose to try to get him to cut down on gang violence before.

-In the 2000s, a Crown Town King from 58th/Hamlin opened up a porno store on 47th, but Alderman Burke's office shut it down. The owner (AK, for Arabian King) tried to offer them money, but still a no go.

Mexicans in gangs killed by Mexicans not in gangs (and non-cartel related.).

-Lil Man of the Bishops, and.
-Snoopy of the Party People (next leader after Coca), during a robbery gone wrong.

Guys in gangs who became police officers, that were not indicted.

-George T. Sims, a former Vice Lord, became the commander of the Fillmore district June 1965, age 40.

-From the 2 6, some that became CPD or Cook County Sheriff were Ponch, Stevie, Jimmy Capone who became detective, and his brother Ricky.

-From the 26th street Kings, 2 White brothers Kato and Kayo, who joined in the '60s, were cops by the '80s. They once did a prank and pulled over White Sal into their car and White Sal did not recognize them until inside the car.
-Chico a.k.a. Sunchild became cop.

-From the 26th street queens, Blanca, who lived across the street from Armando's grocery, a CTA bus once crashed into her living room.

-Tank from the MLDs became CPD.

(Repeat) -A YLO D called Red (also called Batman) from California/Wabansia went to a 4-year college, eventually became Cook County Sheriff.

Where they backstabbed their own.

-Around 2010, a KGB who was a former Blood from California, became rich 1 day (like worth $120,000), hosted a party at a hotel. Then the #1 leader Yoshi and some older heads personally home-invasioned his home during the party, robbed his house when his family was there.

Note: KGB were also allies with Ambrose and backstabbed them after 2012, and also had a peace treaty with a tagging crew called Locz, backstabbed them too.

Where they were killed by CPD.

-Around 2014 CPD killed a 2 6 from 38th called Kaos.

-CPD beat up a King called Bam Bam on 27th/Trumbull, he was high on cocaine.
-A King named Thomas was killed by CPD on 31st because he was holding a bb gun, his mother a queen and his father a Count.

-In Albany Park, a SGD called Colors shot/killed a King called Shadow, then CPD killed Colors.

Where moms lost 2 or more sons to shootings.

Moms on both 2 6 and King side of Little Village have lost 2 or more sons.

-Older brother Carlos Gonzalez a 2 6 was killed in May 2008, then his younger brother Javier Gonzalez joined the 2 6, lived a life of drugs. Javier was then killed November 2013.

-A 2 6 from 47th/Damen called Lil I is of triplets, he was killed in his brother's funeral.

-2 brothers, 1st 1 Robert Lilligren was a 15 year-old neutron killed along with a 18 year-old Familia Stone by another Familia Stone called Nookie on March 6, 2003, in a parked cat Irving Park and Sacramento, and his brother Charles Akers a Familia Stone, 25, was killed inside a barbershop at Irving Park and Central in March 2010, still unsolved.

Where both their parents that were in a gang were killed by gang shootings.

-In 2014, a girl who was 5 or 6, her father who was an SD was killed from driving around 51st/Rockwell, shot in car and car flipped over, then 2 years later, her mom (a lady SD) got killed with her La Raza boyfriend on 48th. Note: both the SD's parents were CPD.

Where girls had multiple boyfriends in a row locked up for murder.

-Lorena Reynoso, who has a brother that was a Familia Stone, has had 2 ex-boyfriends both charged with murder. Lorena has an arrest for concealing a fugitive, 1 of which is her ex-boyfriend.

Youngest killers - where they admitted they did a shooting to join a gang.

-Baby Jojo was less than 2 weeks from turning 13, and he did a double homicide in February 1998 on 50th and Paulina, so he could join the Saints. He was White and killed 2 Black kids.

Where people were killed by gangs because they sold guns to outsiders.

-In the '80s, Ambrose killed 1 of their own, they killed Dctor Jay after finding out he sold a lot of guns to outsiders. He was found dead in a dumpster or alley at 19th/Oakley. He was also the 1st Black to join.

-In August 2018, Saints killed a GD leader called KB (Kendall Brown, 26) because he sold guns to Razas.

Wish list:

-Stories where a person in 1 gang owed a person in another gang a lotta lotta money, and eventually paid him off, either because his gang wanted him to, or the other gang wanted him to.

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