Chicago Gang War Stories

Deuce-Royal war:

The 1st Royal to be killed, Arab, was killed in July 1974 by Deuces.

Eagle-LK war:

According to a 1979 newspaper, in the summer of 1978, Kings tried to move into Sheffield and Sheridan area, gang violence has gone way up.

On April 28, 1978, an 18 year-old Eagle Russell Corbine, of 1316 W. Addison, shot into a car killing a King and wounding another. Killed was Curtis Zolman, 16, of 4543 N. Greenview, and aggravated battery of John Arbizury, 14, of 4411 N. Paulina, at a red light at Irving Park and Damen. The Eagle allegedly approached the car and asked if they were members of the Latin Kings, and when 1 responded yes, he shot into the car 3 times, and arrested the next day.

See the other page for where 4 Kings took part in killing 3 Eagles in February of 1979.

Familia Stone-Pachuco war:

They were allies until around 2004 when they went to war over drugs or and guns and Familia Stones killed Chunky, and Pachucos retaliated and killed around 2 Familia Stones.

IG-SGD war:

SGDs came to Albany Park in 1992 (St. Louis/Ainslie), IGs came to Albany Park in 1993 (Monticello/Leland), IGs had wanted Central Park, SGDs would not let them. Monticello 3632 W., St. Louis 3500 W., so Central Park was in between, 3600 W.

LB-SC war:

On Oct. 6, 1984, Daniel Pena the driver and Juan Perez shot and killed a Cobra named Angel Velez, 19, who was with Victor Velez. Defendant testified that he attended a party of LBs, and was accused of being disloyal to a gang, and had to kill a Cobra to prove loyalty. Cobras killed a LB named Hector Sanchez by smashing a bag of nails to his head a year later, 1985, and specifically stated it was a retaliation from the previous year incident.

Chachi was also killed by LBs, North and Harding in the early '80s, then an old school MLD called Professor retaliated and killed a LB, went to prison for it. Professor hung out on Springfield and Hirsch back then.

LK-Deuce war:

On June 14, 1979, 2 juvenile Kings shot a Deuce 4x in Lincoln Park near Diversey. Shot was Jose Martinez, 16, of 3404 N. Southport. CPD shortly arrested 2 Kings, that were 15 and 16.

Years later, Lady Q / Bambi from the Kings lured Lil Man from the Aurora Deuces to the Chicago projects. Lord Gino moved his girlfriend Bambi to Aurora because that's where all the dope was. Then the Kings in the projects shot and robbed Lil Man (a setup). Lil Man survived with 4 bullets to the stomach in the hallways. Deuces then kidnapped Bambi and her daughter, which started the main war 1990.

LK-Familia Stone war:

There's 2 factors to this story. The 1st factor is.

There was a documentary from 1990 called A Heart Broken in Half, they showed Lawrence/Kedzie Kings and their main guy Pelon, when he was still a King. Pelon's dad was Juarez cartel shooter. LKst try to fuck Pelon over on some drugs, so he flipped to the Familia Stones later that year. So Kings arranged a meeting between Pelon and LKst, they tried to kill him.

In 1993 an old school PR Stone Slice killed a King from LKst over a female called Celica. And then in 1994, Kings wanted Lawrence/Troy, and so the Familia Stones killed a King called Renegade, and then the Kings killed a Stone called Widget. After 1996, Slice was killed by a King who flipped from the Familia Stones.

LK-LB war:

Kings killed Rhino in 2003, who was around 17, Rhino was the 1st LB killed by North side Kings. School/LaVernge took credit for it, LBs retaliated and shot 2 Kings from School/LaVernge.

LK-MLD war:

Oct. 15, 1971: CPD arrests Ernest Vlana, 18, of 3357 W. Hirsch, for murder of 1 of 3 MLDs, Pedro Mercado, 16, of 2620 W. Homer, survives Louis Menendez, 16, of 1110 N. Ridgeway, and Michael Diaz, 17, of 1457 N. Rockwell, whom were walking outside a LK building 2815 W. Division.

-From the 1971-72 election meetings, Saint from the Kings killed "Hitler" from the MLDs on Jan. 18, 1972. Then MLDs killed Saint. Note that "Hitler" was never called Hitler at the time he was alive, the gang gave him his name after he died. He was 17, Albert Hernandez.

LK-Milwaukee King war:

A King killed Tar Baby of the Puerto Rican Stones in 1971, and so Milwaukee Kings and some Puerto Rican Stones came to ambush the kings, killed 2 of 5 of them, wounded others, on Feb. 14, 1972, at Thomas and California. 2 of the 3 Milwaukee Kings that CPD arrested had beat the case.

A Milwaukee King (Hitler's cousin) was killed by Kings in 1971.

LK-OA war:

William DeJesus, 22, of 3043 W. Cortland, had killed Annibal Morales, 19, at 3200 W. Armitage, summer of 1978.

LK-Royal war:

Timothy Gilfillan aka Bimbo, the 3rd Royal to be murdered, and 4th Royal to die, was killed on 4/13/1975 by Kings. He started the St. Louis/Leland section. He was brothers with Jeffery aka Tuffy, the 2nd Royal to die, who was killed by Eagles.

Kings killed Popeye (Ronald Kleis aka Richard Cook) in prison on April 16, 1981. He was in prison for just more than a year, for robbery.

MCB-IG war:

Hector from IGs was a money man, always trying to do business. After MCBs jumped Hector from Western/Cortez, and stole his car, Hector didn't care, so IGs held a truce with MCBs. Pee Wee of IGs knew about it but didn't care, he later threw a brick at a car of MCBs, Drake and Dickens, 1988. 2-3 hours later, MCBs came back and killed Pete G. Peter G ran up the stairs and died in another IG's arms.

Milwaukee King-MLD war:

In 1972, when Kings killed Hitler, Mikwaukee Kings were there to assist.

Around 2005, Milwaukee Kings killed a MLD shorty at Riis Park, who lived in their hood, and claimed he was an IG.

Milwaukee King-SD war:

It all started when an SD flipped to MK. Then on Oct. 24, 1994, a group of MKs, shot at a group of SDs, killing Billy Bradford, in front of 710 N. Willard. Efrain Morales (Shotgun) went to prison for it.

The SDs (Huron/Ashland) took Huron/Noble from the MKs. Then the MKs went to MLDs for backup, and MLDs (Huron/Eerie) told SDs to give them back their hood, SDs refused. SDs later took Erie/Wood from MLDs.

MLD-Cobra war:

A Cobra called Beaver shot Hi Lo in the cheeks, and he spitted out the bullet, on February 7, 1996, on Armitage and Keystone. Hi Lo was the governor for Keystone/Cortland. 6 days later, Don Loco held a meeting about it, but the meeting wasn't to target Beaver, it was to target the entire Cobra nation. They were to do a bust-out shooting at a certain hour (5 p.m.) which would be rush-hour traffic jams, delay CPD and ambulance. That night, 5 Cobras were shot and 1 died. 1 of the survivors lost vision in both eyes (Victor, shot by Racoon).

MLD-LL war:

On Oct. 29, 1994, a MLD named Dana Garrett, shot and killed Antonio DeJesus, 25, at 2300 N. Washtenaw alley, as he was driving down. DeJesus was married that day. He and his wife and driven to Aurora to put down $650 security apartment to move their 2 kids away from the violence in Chicago. Garrett sentenced 50 years Feb. 1996.

2 months later, it was believed Latin Lovers had done some offensive graffiti to MLDs. On December 26, 1994, a group of 3 MLDs: Yarmo Green, Juan Cardenas, and David Robles, spotted a group at 2501 N. Washtenaw and beat them up, because they witnessed 1 of them spray disrespectful things to their gang. A 14 year old named Alfonso Briseno was beaten permanently braindead.

A month later, on Jan. 26, 1995, Nelson Padilla of the Latin Lovers and 2 others murdered Robert Deteres in an alley, 2200 N. Maplewood.

8 months later, 2 MLD gunmen killed a Latin Lover at a party in Chicago, at 2319 N. California, Sept. 26, 1995. Floco was killed. 10 hours later, Latin Lovers retaliated: Negro (Jose Barajas, convicted) killed Bull (Eric Givens) at Cortland and Washtenaw, Sept. 27.

The MLD-LL war now seeped into Waukegan: in fall 1995, the leader of the Lovers of Waukegan, was shot (Francisco Aguilar). His cousin, Juan Morales, was 2nd in command for Waukegan. Juan Salgado was the chief security. Latin Lovers believed Fonso shot him, LLs Salgado and Mouse (Carlos Arroyo) killed Fonzie (Jose Soto) May 7, 1996.

OA-LL war:

An OA was killed in LL hood, and LLs denied it, then OAs continued to kill them. Then a LL named Ace tried to bring peace between OAs and LLs, OAs killed him too, 1990s.

SC-IUK war:

KC wasn't killed on an April 20, he was killed on an April 14.

SCs killed Ruben Perez, 24. Next day, IUs killed KC on Division/Maplewood. SCs killed 2 IUs. Next day, Cruz Morales, 19, killed. Morales was Bruno, Tank’s brother, Tank was IUK leader. 2 days later, Ramon Cruz, 18, of IU killed, shot 9 times while in a car at 1053 N. Springfield, April 17. Next day, James Rosado, 19, of Cobras killed. 4 days later, IUs killed 2 neutrons and wounded a girl that they thought were Cobras, April 22.

Some time later, on May 27, 1983, 8:30 p.m. Cobras shot into a group at Leavitt/Schiller shooting 3 but 1 died, killing Jesse Martinez, and on June 2, 9 p.m., an IU named John Riveras (Fro) killed Enrique Ochoa at Hirsch/Maplewood.

SC-LK war:

Kings and Cobras were shooting at each other on the 2nd day of the riots in June 1977.

The 1st 6 Latin Kings to be killed by Spanish Cobras:

On Sept. 6, 1977, Cobras shot into a group of 4 Kings on Wabansia and Artesian, killing 1 and wounding 3. Killed was Emerit Muniz, 14, of 1919 N. Rockwell. Survived were Nelson Torres, 19, of 1844 N. Rockwell, Ramon Cotto, 26, of 3623 W. Homer, and Tony Perez, 16, of 2644 W. George.

Lil Capone (Edgar Pagan), 16, and Buff (Rafael Barrezueta), 14, killed by Horse, 17, and another Cobra, on Sept. 1, 1980, at Leavitt/Schiller (Lil Capone from North/Claremont, Buff from Division/Spaulding). A year later, King Tuffy killed (from North/Claremont, killed in an alley near there). Year after that, 2 Kings were killed (Angel Rivera, 17, and Francis Jimenez, 24) by Moose, 21 and Ivan Alvarado, 22, at Whipple/Wabansia (indicted May 1982).

Ambrose-LK war:

Between Little Village and Pilsen.

Started when a Ambrose named Wolfy (Alfredo Vela, 23, of 1012 N. Marshfield) killed a Coulter King called Butterfly (Robert Del Bosque, 21 of 2010 W. 23rd), in the stomach near 3456 W. 30th, on Aug. 31, 1974. The dispute happened at a bar, which caused Wolfy to go home and come back with a pistol, and smoke Butterfly. The dispute most likely involved the fact that Wolfie flipped from the Kings. 3 and a half years later, the Ambrose was re-arrested for the murder, and Kings beat him to death in the county, and the newspaper says the Ambrose committed suicide in the county (Jan. 1, 1978), where he was 26 and now of 1753 W. Erie. I suspect both versions happened. Wolfy had originally wanted to join the Ambrose, but they didn't let him, so he joined the Kings, then later flipped to the Ambrose.

Then, an Ambrose flipped to King, came back to shoot at Ambrose in King's hood. On July 21, 1977, Vince Galvan, a King flipped from the Ambrose, and Morris Calderon (Moe), shot at Ambrose having a party at 2600 block of S. Sawyer. Shot was Jimmie Vargas, who died on Aug. 1.

Some year later, Joe Negrete and Frenchie (Ryan Fontenot) of the Ambrose kill Apache from the Kings (before Sept. 1977). The LK-Ambrose war on the nation level ended.

On June 17, 2019, Ambrose shot and killed a King from 24th/Drake Victor Ochoa, 38, on the North side, 2900 block of N. Broadway.

Between Crown Town Kings and 63rd Ambrose.

The 1st motherland sect of Crown Town, 53rd/Albany, was started by Phantom in 1987. About a year after they started, they immediately warred with 63rd Ambrose, Phantom was shot in the arm by them.

Ambrose-Raza war:

The 1st Raza killed by Ambrose is Mocho (Jesus Sanchez) by 19th/Loomis (March 19, 1988), by Jose Anaya. Another Raza, Martin Quiroz, was arrested for it 7 days later, who was with Anaya when Razas beat him. According to Quiroz, he and Anaya had picked up 2 girls both named Patty, and when they were in a parking lot by 19th/Loomis, a group of around 10 Razas came and only beat up Anaya, the Ambrose. Both of them went to prison for it.

Lowrider from Razas killed Joe from Ambrose. Peter G later killed Aguila with Rudy Link in his car.

Lil White Boy killed Beaver in 1992, same year Beaver flipped from Razas to Ambrose, where he was originally an SD. Then Ambrose retaliated and killed Lil Peckas in their alley, Lil Peckas brother Mikey was killed new years 1994.

Bishop-Ambrose war:

Wedo from Bishops killed Dutchie from Ambrose, a little after 1978. Dutchie had flipped from the LBs.

Gabe from Ambrose shot Frido in 1984, who survived.

The 1st Bishop killed by Ambrose is Buffy in 1988, the 5th Bishop to die. Little Bob and Willie went to prison for it.

Bishop-Count war:

There's 2 factors to this story. The 1st factor is.

In 1991, there was a party where a Bishop and a Count were arguing and then got in a fist fight. The Bishop would not calm down after the altercation and later that night he strolled to the outside of the Count gang members’ home and shouted disrespectful things about the Counts then started shooting at the house but did not hit his intended target instead he shot the gang members’ girlfriend in the chest, who died instantly. Later on that night a Count called “Rhino” gunned down a Bishop called “Chuco” to avenge the death of the Counts girlfriend.

The 2nd factor, was a Count had shot Pac man from the Bishops, because Pac man had stabbed a Latin Brother. Then Frido killed that Count that shot Pac man, and Frido didn't want his gang to go to war over him, so he flipped to the Ambrose. Then his younger brother Bobby, also a Bishop, (at that time) was believed to be killed by Vicious of the SDs, so Frido wanted to war with the SDs, but at that time as an Ambrose, couldn't, so flipped back to the Bishops. But later his brother was believed to be killed by Candelario, an Ambrose who lived in SD hood. Bobby was killed in 1986.

Counts-Ambrose war:

In 1973 or 1974, Counts killed Tuddy from the Ambrose in the alley of 18th Pl and Carpenter. Around 1978, Bird from the Ambrose killed Butler from the Counts.

Note: Valente Burnett, 17, and Prince Paul, 20, did not actually kill a Count on Dec. 1, 1978. They killed someone trying to start a car at 1500 W. 18th Pl but the person wasn't a gang member. They were both convicted for it.

Similarly, Carlos Aguilar and Jose Melgoza did not kill a Count either around 1983. They killed someone in a group that moved away but was visiting, near 16th/Loomis. Both got 40 years.

Count-LK war:

Polish Counts had a section on 23rd/Whipple, 1961.

Counts killed 2 Kings in Pilsen on May 15, 1971, and a 3rd 1 survived. This happened on the 1500 block of W. 18th. An unnamed Count leader was in custody. This could support older Counts claim that BK has a tattoo that says "Down with 18th" on his arm and wanted to open a King section in Pilsen. This was 1 month before BK was arrested.

In ~1975 or 1981, Kings and Counts had a peace treaty for 2 week, and after a baseball game at Harrison High School, Mustang and Beto went to go shoot some Counts on 18th as a sneak attack. Mustang killed Albert Magana. A Count saw Beto reaching out of the window to shoot, shot him, Beto was beat by steel garbage cans and ended up paralyzed.

In South Chicago in 1991, Counts claim, and decided to declare war with the Kings. They wanted to war with the Kings from 26th to 95th, and asked the Bishops for help. Bishops refused.

Counts-Raza war:

When Razas started, as a group of paisas hanging at the park, Homeboys tried messing with Razas, and underestimated them. Homeboys went to Counts, Counts (Jimmy C) killed Microbio on Racine. Microbio was a founding member.

Counts-SD war:

Started when a Count and SD fought over the same female, likely all 3 of them were students at Juarez at the time.

Years later, a lady Count named Victoria (likely called Tubba) setup a Black SD called Big Reese from Douglas Park, she got him killed a few days after their kid was born, around 1999. She was later killed on 18th street.

LK-Cullerton Deuce war:

LKs from 21st/California killed a Deuce named Demon on his front porch on Fairfield and 21st, then the Deuces caught that LK and beat him with a bat, he died.

Shortly Deuces flipped from People to Folks, 1994.

On July 29, 1995, a 15 year-old King was on a bike at 2100 S. Fairfield shooting about 3 times, and then he was killed. The person that killed him, was an off-duty CPD that used to be a Cullerton Deuce, Xman.

LK-Saints war:

Saints and ALKN were allies in the '80s, Mustang had a residence in Saints hood, by 43rd/Honore.

Then in the early 1990s, a Crown Town King brought a Bishop to Saints hood. Saints weren't cool with Bishops and so a war started. When they came back, the Saints surrounded their car. A Saint stuck the King in the face and started talking shit, CT Kings jumped out and they said it's cause he took the Bishop to Saints hood and so they told Kings to leave and not come back. That CT King was Guero, and that Bishop was from 53rd/Winchester. However, Crown Town was not quite solidified as 1 region at the time, so only Guero's section (51st/Campbell) warred with Saints 1st, then other sections kicked in.

Then there was a peace treaty. Saints had to mandatory throw up a crown then a halo while visiting King's hood. Crown Town eventually broke that treaty cause Saints wanted to open up shop on 57/Sawyer [or 56th/Spaulding].

On a separate story Saints beef with Bridgeport Kings from Tilden, they killed Puppet and Sleepy from 33rd/Morgan 1993-1994. Ralphie / Choke (Rafael Rodriguez, 23) kills a King at 33rd/Morgan on April 11, 1998, Eriverto Mejia, then flees the USA.

Then in Oct. 1999, 26th street Kings purposely shoot by accident a big ranking Saint named Raul Herrera, he died. It was on purpose because the car was riding on the opposite direction of a 1-way street (25 Rules of Little Village). It was also on accident because had they known who he was they wouldn't have. Saints retaliated by killing Lefty from Crown Town, and Diablo from 51st/Campbell. They also shot up Little Village houses.

There's generally no King-on-Saint crossfire due to Fernando King (Ace). Ace had family that were Saints or high-ranking Saints and prevented ALKN from going to war. Jan. 1998 Ace comes out of prison, and so I suspect he played a role against any retaliation for the 1999 incident. But at the time he had no authority over Crown Town, so there prolly was some crossfire between CT Kings and Saints in the 1990s. 1/1/2003 Ace becomes supreme regional inca, has authority over CT, ends any CT crossfire. In 2004, a new regional inca for Crown Town is appointed, who reports to Ace, Ace makes sure CT don't shoot at Saints also.

In May 2005, a Saint named Mack comes to the Midway Kings, is a courier tells them Saints want to open up shop by Midway, Tino said no. ALKN wanted to war with Saints again, and again Fernando King said no.

Then Dec. 2006 Fernando King put away by feds.

LK-2 6 war:

In 1971 Kings shot into the baseball team, where most of them evolved into the 2 6 gang in 1972. 2 months after the gang formed, Armando Espinosa.

In Brighton Park, 2 6ers started the war. A 2 6 called Crow Dog (Leonard Losoya), 17, who had started the 38 section, had killed Lil Wolf (Sabian Camper), 16, on Aug. 31, 1978, from 36th/Washtenaw. Lil Wolf had started the 36th/Washtenaw section, and with Lil Rican's death around the time, caused the section to close.

Kings killed Alfonso Ayala Jr, 18, on Aug. 13, 1979, as he was standing in front of his girlfriends house. (1 of 2 Black men killed Alfonso's father Jan. 25, 1981 in the tavern 27th/Karlov). Kings also killed the husband of David Ayala's cousin, Sweet Wine (Theodore Ordonaez, 30, who is part of the Montemayor family), not because of his ties of with the G26, but in a robbery attempt, Sept. 23, 1981. He was the chief of the Bush nation (that later turned Kings), but did not start the Bush nation. He moved to the South Chicago neighborhood because he had family there, then turned Bush, then became the chief of the Bush. Although both G26 and ALKN had tried to absorb the Bush nation, Bush chose to go with ALKN. Note: I was unable to get info on if the Bush had voted to turn ALKN or G26, but it looks like no members of the Bush had ever turned G26.

Party People-Ambrose war:

Blackie who was a Party People turned Ambrose and didn't wanted to get a violation, they got in to it with 18th/Throop Ambrose. Around that same time Coca had turn Party People. In that first war, Bobbies almost end it up paralyzed.

SD-Ambrose war:

The 1st Ambrose to be killed was killed by Animal of the SDs (Raul Gayton, 19). On August 21, 1969, Animal, assisted with John Rodriguez, killed Joe Campos, 16, at Cullerton and Blue Island. Campos was with 2 other girls, and he shot them over sweaters. They were wearing Ambrose sweaters. Animal also shot Vince Hernandez, 15, in the chest, who survived (though Vince later died in the '90s due to alcoholism and cirrhosis). Animal and John Rodriguez were both arrested for murder a month later.

By 1974, the next Ambrose chief, Louie Limas, was shooting at SDs that survived.

At the end of that year, before Aggie became the chief of the SDs, he was Michael Rodriguez's right-hand man (Ice Mike). When Ambrose had approached Michael Rodriguez 1 day, Michael opened up his jacket which displayed lots of guns. Ambrose immediately killed him, Dec. 1974, then Aggie later vowed revenge against the Ambrose.

By the late '80s, SDs and Ambrose were at peace again. Then before 1990, an Ambrose was with a lady SD, and he beat her, she went to her brothers, they came back to beat the Ambrose. Then the Ambrose went to go shoot at SDs and Party People at Barrett Park, an SD was shot in the balls. But the turning point was around 1995 when Ambrose killed Aggie's son (Aggie Jr.), and this was about a year before Aggie came out of prison. (Aggie's stepson was Malo, who flipped from the 2 2 Boys.).

In Burbank, the Ambrose (79th/LaVergne) stabbed an SD on a bus, from 85th/LeClaire, 1990s. SDs cocktail bombed the Ambrose apartment. The Burbank police went at it on the SDs and so SDs moved to 81st/Tripp (Chicago).

SD-Bishops war:

Bro was shot 5x by Lil Tony in 1985, who survived.

When Bobby was killed in 1986, it was speculated to be by Vicious of the SDs, but later speculated to be by an Ambrose.

On Oct. 12, 1989, William Norton (Beanie) killed Javier Ortega. Pac man of the Bishops almost killed Beanie in prison.

Fly was killed by SDs around new year's eve 1991-92, at 19th/Paulina.

SD-Saints war:

There was 2 Saint families living on 59th, 1 of them the Santoyos. 1 house on Spaulding and 1 on Trumbull, SDs had tried to shoot and burn down their houses. 59th SDs opened up on 59th/Spaulding in summer of 1993, they came from 27th/Komensky.

In Brighton Park, the chief of the Saints Stony was killed coming out of a dance club on 47th west of Western, which started a big war in the 2000s.

SD-2 6 war:

Brighton Park.

SDs and 2 6 in Brighton did not like each other in 1982, but didn't have crossfire until 1988 at a basketball court. Turning point was on Feb. 29, 1988, when 4 SDs fired about 6 bullets at 2 6er playing basketball at 3542 W. Pershing and 1 of them was killed. 1 of the intended targets was a 2 6 leader named James Pelican.

Little Village and Pilsen.

SDs had a sect in 2 6 hood. In the 1990s, Ghost from Hellzone 24th/Rockwell shot and killed a 2 6 named Tony by the Walgreen's. This caused SDs to close their sect in 2 6 hood, 27th/Komensky. Ghost and Oso were beating a shorty 2 6 and Tony jumped in and beated Oso so Ghost shot him in the head.

SD-LK war:

The 2nd SD to go to prison for a murder, was Satan, for killing a Coulter King, in the late '70s. This would be (at least) the 6th Coulter King to die, or the 5th Coulter King murdered. However, the 1st Coulter King to die, was Shy Kid that was murdered in the late '60s, and it is not known what gang killed him.


The 1st Cicero King killed was 15 year-old Jose Salas (Baby J), 1600 North LSD, after from beach, likely from GDs. The 1st to die in the hood was Pascual Lara Jr. (Lil Man), 16, in 1997, killed 5600 Cermak, by SDs.

An SD named Roberto Sanchez, 17, killed in forest preserve, Dec. 27, 2000, by an SD, who flipped from LKs. Edwin Chico Martinez, 20. Killed over $600.

SGD-LK war:

The 1st King from South Chicago to be killed by SGDs was Dice from 89th in 1985, killed by Puerto Rican Roger. 3 SGDs went to prison for it. All 3 of them passed away after coming out.

On August 9, 1985, a group of 8 or 9 SGDs, drove to Hammond, Indiana to buy beer. After buying beer and returning to the car, 2 cars filled with Latin Kings drove up. Because they were outnumbered, the SGDs ran. After returning to Chicago, 15 to 20 gang members took a van to the neighborhood where the Aguinaga brothers [or Aquinozas] lived, which was known to be a Latin Kings area. They got out of the van at 90th and Escanaba. And Dice was killed.

All 3 SGDs that went to prison for it were Puerto Rican. Dice was believed to be Mexican.

Another story, on Sept. 27, 1992, a group of 4-5 Kings shot a SGD in the head named Juan Garcia who was outside 8812 S. Houston. Bullet lodged into his brain and he was in a coma, later testified against a King who was in the group, and got 10 years.

2 2 Boy-SD war.

Around 1993/94, 2 2 Boys shot Spooky in the face (and survived), some say Emma from 2 2 Boys did it, some say that’s what sparked it all up. Spooky was shot in the face because SDs had had wanted the whole 2 2 Boys whole section to flip to SDs-24th/Rockwell. But what prevented the war, was Aggie's stepson Malo, was a SD who just flipped from the 2 2 Boys. (Aggie's biological son Aggie Jr was killed by Ambrose around 1995.).

Pancho went down for the murder. He got out around 2012. Then Pancho wanted to kill a SD for this. Pelón was a 2 2 Boy who lived on 23rd between Washtenaw and Rockwell, Pancho went by Pelons house thinking they still cool, chilled had dinner, afterwards Pancho killed him. Pelon's cousin was Joker from 24th/Rockwell. This prevented people in the neighborhood to tag "Pelon rots."

Around 2010, 42nd/Campbell took over 22nd/Cal too, but 24th/Rockwell didn’t allow. Bobby D from 24th was killed around the time and possibly by 42nd/Campbell. Robert Vela, 35, died Oct. 30, 2010, at 2600 W. 24th.

Emma from 2 2 boys had cousins that were 42nd/Campbell, the sect leader from the 1990s.

Interracial Gang Wars

GD-Saints war:

On July 12, 1990, a GD named Russell Williams shot Frank Hernandez who survived, and his pregnant girlfriend in the head, Luz Fernandez, who died. Luz has a sister named Debra Escobedo, 49, associated with SDs, who was shot on June 1, 2014, in Bridgeport by 24th/Rockwell and died a month later.

Years later a GD called Guebo assisted SDs in shooting Saints.

LK-GD war:

Lord Gino designated GDK in 1978.

On Feb. 2, 1985, King Gene (Eugene Clark, 28) killed Tony Johnson, 21, outside Mr. Onion, 1118 W. Wilson. He was sentenced 75 years, and his #2 Wolf (Carlos Gonzalez) sentenced 50 years. Gene was of 1311 W. Morse, and his #2 of 4339 N. Hazel, both from Montrose/Hazel. The GD had flipped from the Eagles, and was called Fat Tony. Kings had threatened 3 witnesses from testifying against them.

Note: Kings from Humboldt Park had killed someone they thought was a GD, because he was wearing black and blue, but turns out he was a Unknown Vice Lord, by the park, around 1986, as mentioned in the LK-VL war.

On August 3, 1989, a King named Jose Costillo shot and killed Corey Davis, 1300 block of W. 51st, cuz the GD had a tilted cap and the Kings took offense to it.

Around 1995, Ricky Miller, who had flipped from TVL, was high on PCP and shooting at random cars on the street. He happened to shoot at Kings who killed him.

Note: according to a West side GD born 1960, the 1st GD killed by Kings was called Snoopy and killed in 1970 at Grand/Kedzie.

LK-VL war:

Lord Gino killed a Vice Lord in 1971, and went to prison for it. On June 27, he and his female accomplice Florentine Menendez, saw Glenn Burr at Potomac and Leavitt, and she shouted "Shoot that Black mother fucker!" and then Lord Gino shouted "Die nigger die." Then he had tried to kill the VL's sister, Verlinda, but he was out of bullets.

Although the official war started 1990, Kings have killed some Vice Lords before the war started. In the late '70s or early '80s, Kings from Humboldt killed Chubbs from TVL in King's hood. The 1st Unknown VL killed by Humboldt Park Kings, was around 1980-81. A queen just broke up with a King from Kedzie/Cortez, and then went with this VL. Kings had warned and chased the VL out of the hood a few times, eventually caught him with the queen by Division/Washtenaw, and killed him. Then around 1986, the 2nd Unknown VL killed was Tony Brown, by the park. Kings had mistaken him for a GD, as he was wearing black and blue. Kedzie/Cortez Kings had also shot an Unknown VL that survived in the mid-'80s, Tyrone Robertson, in Garfield Park, over a girl.

Then when the war started, it started because IIVLs killed Happy from Kedzie/Cortez, 1990. Happy's father Pete was high-ranking. Many Vice Lords who lived in King's hood had to move out, or flip. The 1st MIVL killed was living in King's hood, who didn't care to move out. His name was Romero (Black), and he was killed in his bedroom in his 3rd floor apartment by Potomac and Spaulding, around 1993. His girl was a nurse. MIVLs retaliated about a year later, and killed Flaco in his bedroom with his girlfriend around 1994, because they knew Flaco had shot MIVLs before or had ordered it. The 2nd MIVL killed was Maurice Daniels, around 1994, at Kedzie/Potomac.

Around 1997, Kings killed a TVL hitter named Terry Young aka Fast. When Kings killed him they knew he did some King bodies before, they killed him on Central Park near Chicago when he was in front of his car, then stole his heroin. Note: this Terry Young from the TVLs is not to be mixed up with another Terry Young also from the TVLs. The other Terry Young was a Dixmoor Park District police officer, hit by feds in 1997, and aka T-Fly. These 2 Terry Young are not related, but knew each other. Fast is King Neal's nephew.

On Oct. 6, 1993, a CVL named Antoine Douglas drove into a gas station on North and Laramie, when he got out, and wearing Duke Blue Devils shirt, another car pulled around and someone asked him if he was a Disciple. He responded no, he was a Vice Lord, then the Kings shot him multiple times, he died. A witness identified Jose Cruz as 1 of the shooters.

In Lathrop Homes, Kings warred with Cicero VLs. War started at a party where the gangs had shot each other over women. On Oct. 5, 1992, Vice Lords shot into a car of 5 Kings at Diversey and Leavitt: David Ramos, Jerry Davey (driver), Jose M. Colon (who died), Jose A. Colon, and Ramon Figueroa. Alfred Antoine Porter went to prison for it.

Prior to that time before the war started, there were racial problems between Humboldt Park Kings and Vice Lords. For example:

Dec. 1986, a group of Black guys in a car driving at Division/Spaulding, Kings were walking the street slowly, they honked their horn, the Kings hit the car with their hand, the drivers got out asked why you hit the car for, got into a fight, Kings used racial slurs, a different 1 came out with a gun, threatened to shoot, told them to get back into their car, eventually a King shot into a car killing a sleeping Black girl. The King was called Polocko, he went to prison for it. However, I have not yet connected this story if they were Vice Lords.

The 1st Vice Lord killed by 26th street Kings is Andres Wilkins (Will), a Unknown VL, around 1974, at Cermak/Pulaski/Ogden area. He may have just visited a girlfriend at 23rd/Keeler. The 1st MIVL killed by 26th street Kings is Poncho, intentionally, around 1998, on Cermak, a 5-star MIVL from 19th/Avers.

In Uptown, only crossfire was between Kings and CVLs, and they have killed each other a few times, mainly between shortys from Senn High School. Some Kings that were shot and survived include Kung Fu and his brother, around 1991, Black King Rico shot a couple times and survived, around 1993-93, and Rose's husband who was a bodyguard to Gino.

On an off-topic note, there have reportedly been more Vice Lords killed by Spanish Cobras than by MLDs, but still more killed by Kings.

There have been no Crown Town Kings (55th street) that have been proven killed by Vice Lords before.

In Humboldt Park, no Kings from the Hirsch/Central Park section have ever been killed by Vice Lords before (but that section was only around from 1995-2001).

Peace treaty: started in late 1990s when 3 leaders of Vice Lords and 3 Humboldt Park Kings got together: 1 CVL, 1 Unknown VL (Baby Ty), and 1 TVL (Spanky). Vice Lords can now live in Kings hood. This peace treaty did not apply to 26th street Kings. However, Mafia VLs did not honor this peace treaty, as their prison chief and street chief both opposed him. The street chief of MIVLs Gooey, he was Romero's cousin, so he had a cousin killed by Kings, as well as another that was killed by Kings that was like older family to him (Duper, killed while setting up the Humboldt Park carnival around 1998, because he was dating a queen). The prison chief of the MIVLs, King Troy, also opposed it because Snowball from Beach/Spaulding and Baby Angel killed his brother Chubbs around 1997, in the folk side of the park. The Kings knew Chubbs from prison, and knew he was King Troy's brother. (This murder was witnessed by Spanish Cobras, who told Lil Mick of the MIVLs about it.). The peace treaty also did not apply to IIVLs, and therefore did not apply to CIVLs either. (For IIVLs, China Joe's brother Baby Lord was killed by Kings around 1999, by Division/Wolcott.). Undertaker and Renegade VLs likely never killed, or been killed, by Kings before, so this peace treaty likely didn't need to apply to them. In Uptown, crossfire ended. For Humboldt Park Kings, keep in mind this peace happened a little after the MLD-Cobra war started, as MLDs and Cobras began to kill themselves, made a good time for Kings and Vice Lords for peace treaty.

Black Gang Wars

BD-Stone war:

On July 26, 1966, a East Side Disciple named Danny Butler, 14, of 5633 S. Cottage Grove, is arrested for shooting at a Stone named Bernard Green, 19, of 1527 E. 67th, who survives.

Oct. 7, 1967, Stones killed Stevie Coffey, 16, of 6453 S. Greenwood, shot in the forehead at 65th/Woodlawn. He was with 7 others, none from his group returned fire. The Stones shouted "Mighty Blackstone."

Jan. 9, 1968, a Stone named Bernard Wood, 17, of 6641 S. Ellis, arrested for shooting a Disciple named Joseph Evans, of 1220 E. 64th, and TWO (866 E. 63rd). He admitted to it, but said it was an accident.

April 2, 1968, a Devil Disciple in a taxi shoots and kills a Stone named Hillary Johnson, 16, of 1051 E. 42nd, survives Michael Adams, 14.

On May 8, 1968, 3 Stones shot at David Barksdale and 2 others in a car, and all 3 Stones were arrested: Melvin Bailey, 19, Andrew McChristian 19, and Edward Dinkins 21. In the car with Barksdale are William Gaddy, Tyrone Withers, and Mitchell Newton, at 6526 S. Ellis.

May 12, 1968, a group of 6 Stones shoot Roger Hunter, 18, of 4652 S. Lake Park, in right hip in front of 4210 S. Greenwood, who was with 2 other Disciples. The Stones shouted "Mighty Blackstone."

On April 26, 1969, there was a party at 83rd and East End, where a Devil Disciple named Alva Love, 17, of 9126 S. Harper, shot and killed a Ranger. Then Jerome Jackson, 15, of 8906 S. Greenbay, was arrested for killing Love.

On June 2, 1969, a Disciple named Larry Davenport, 19, of 6543 S. Racine, kills a Stone named Marcus Joyner, 19, of 6502 S. Loomis.

On April 1, 1970: BDs shoot at 2 Stones coming out of 26th and California, that were to testify against BDs for a recent murder. Shot and survived was Eddie Rogers. 17, of 4521 S. St. Lawrence, and his companion Kirby Hicks, 20, of 1452 E. 67th. A 3rd Stone, Tommy Walker, 17, of 7945 S. evans, told news that he, Rogers, Hicks, and 4 others were walking when the shooting occurred. CPD arrested Dwight Rankins, 20, of 105 E. 70th, Robert Allen, 21, of 6039 S. Halsted, and Jerry Smalley, 20, of 723 W. 60th.

Stone-GD war:

On Sept. 8, 1968, a Supreme Gangster named Booker Ransom, 19, killed by Stones at 65th and University. The next day a Stone named Jerome Cogwell, 19 is killed at Robert Taylor Homes, 5244 S. State. This is as Stones had a peace treaty with the BDs.

Note: in spring 2021, I got a confirmation from a GD board member that Booker Ransom was the 1st GD to be killed (this was to clear confusion that all the newspaper mistakenly listed Booker Ransom as a Devil Disciple.).

GD-BD war:

Started from competition drug money at Robert Taylor Homes, then seeped South. A big turning point was in summer 1991, when the #2 leader of BDs was killed by young GD shortys, Mickey Bull (Michael Johnson). By Aug. 1991, they were already established enemies. Around 1996, David Barksdale's son was killed found in the trunk of a car in Evanston, IL. The biggest ranking GD killed by BDs - although there weren't any in the 1990s, was Cold Black in 2001, and in the mid-2000s was Hot Rod, a GD governor from Edubb (in Englewood) killed near 62nd/Vernon.

Note: BDs would not have wanted to split from the BGD, as GDs had the upper hand. The 3 GD leaders that pushed for, or approved of the BGD split, was 3 governors, 1 from the South side, and 2 from the West side wow: Big Lowe, Red, and Manashaw. The GD governors in charge of Robert Taylor Homes during 1990 was Killer Wayne (governor for 51st) and Fat Moe (governor for 35th - 37th).

Some sample early stories:

On April 28, 1991, a GD called Mann (Dajuan Banks) had shot 3 BDs that survived at outside the Robert Taylor Homes. The 3 BDs shot were Kenneth Lemons, David Ross, and James New aka James Harris. Also arrested was Aundrake Parks.

On Aug. 7, 1991, 3 GDs were killed during 2 drive-by shootings, fired from BDs from a taxicab in Englewood. Terrence Brooks was convicted for it. The 3 GDs were John Coleman and Greg Archibald at 600 W. 71st, and Rhenardo Bussle at 66th/Peoria. Allen Epton was a GD who survived the shooting on 71st, and said the taxicab was driven by Tojo (Ivan Smith). He also identified Maurice, Javan, Deloney, and Ollie Bays. CPD interviewed Javan, who verified that he, Maurice, Tojo, Ollie Bays, defendant, and Curtis Milsap were involved. George Cruthard and Marcus Taylor, were the 2 shot that survived on Peoria.

Terrence Brooks was convicted of the death penalty, but spared by Governor Ryan in 2003.

On June 11, 1993, William Ware, James Hale, and Rodney Watson attended a GD party at 6500 S. Lowe Avenue, surrounded by BD territory. At ~11:30 p.m., a gunman fired shots into the group which killed Hale and injured Ware. According to defendant, on June 11, 1993, he attended a meeting of the BDs, of which he was a member since 1989. Defendant had attained the rank of co-minister within the gang, and stayed after the meeting to talk with other members of the gang who were in positions of authority. At the post-meeting, defendant learned that a man by the name of Howard (a GD) was putting out cigarettes on the faces of girls associated with BDs. A leader of the BDs then instructed defendant to go with a group and find and shoot Howard.

Note: GDs have been killed by BDs before the war started. BDs have killed 2 that flipped to GDs: Shorty G around 1983 (who was a regent for a while, but killed shortly after becoming governor), and Broadget around 1989. The 1st BD killed by GDs in the South side is Juju Butler (Julius), killed at 52XX S. Federal, Aug. 6, 1984, age 20, by 2 GD brothers over dice game money.

GD-BD war in 2006 in Englewood and West Englewood:
GDs killed Kyle Jackson, 41, at 6900 Carpenter 5/7/2005, BDs killed Calvin Wilson, 33, at 1100 Marquette apartment 6/20/2006. John Rondo, 19, was killed but wasn't a GD, he hung out with GDs, at 6400 Seeley 9/21/2006.

Note: when the GD-BD war started, a place where GDs and BDs did not go to war, throughout the 1990s, was the Washington Park and downtown area.

Regarding David Barksdale's son killed in Evanston in the 1990s after the GD-BD war started, David Barksdale's son was not actually a BD from Evanston, he was a BD from the South side. As to what he was doing in Evanston, his girlfriend-bm was living there. Jerome Freeman also likely had a grandson living in Evanston at the time. It's still unknown to BDs if she set him up.

4CH-VL war:

The 1st VL killed by 4CH was Don Black, a CIVL and #2 guy, killed by Prince Dirt, around 1980, at Central/Jackson.

The 1st Unknown VL killed by 4CH was Eddie McClane, 1980, on Springfield between Harrison and Flournoy. Spider was also killed by 4CH around 1983-84 at Pulaski/Flournoy.

Unknowns killed the chief of the 4CH, Monroe Banks, on Aug. 16, 1991.

By the 1990s, a 4CH shot a Unknown named Kayo Smith, then Kayo's brother Keith killed the 4CH.

The 1st MIVL killed by 4CH was Raceski, around 1991, at LaVergne/Adams.

GD-VL war:

1st VL killed by GDs is Robert Jackson, a CIVL, killed around 1976 near Madison/Cicero.

1st TVL killed by GDs be Lil Marcus, in the 1980s.

New Breeds-VL war:

-Started when New Breeds killed Willie Cage, a CVL, who was found dead in the trunk of a car, on June 8, 1985, outside ABLA homes at 1239 S. Racine. (He was believed to be dead for several days.). The body of Nicole Carroll, 24, of 720 N. Ridgeway, was with him. Willie was 31 and of 4828 W. Van Buren.

But Minister Rico had family that were New Breeds, so no retaliation happened. Minister Rico and Boonie Black were 1st cousins.

15 years later, on Sept. 29, 2000, a group of New Breeds kidnapped and killed the #2 leader of Vice Lords, Elbert Mahone (Pierre). 3 weeks later, Linard Kidd, 27, was arrested and went to prison for it. Pierre was kidnapped at 16th/Hamlin and found in an alley behind 2621 S. Komensky.

5 years later, TVLs had wanted to make a peace treaty with New Breeds, but New Breeds refused. New Breeds started setting TVLs up. TVLs killed Kenny Eye near Troy/Douglas, as well as Country, near 16th/Kedzie, both around 2005. TVLs had killed Marquel Harper, 16 on Oct. 27, 2006, and 3 New Breeds were going to retaliate, but CPD killed 2 of them, 3rd 1 arrested. The 1st TVL killed by New Breeds be Bear, around 2008, by Madison/Wilcox.

New Breeds-GD war:

Boo Jack started to do a lot of stuff against people, so GDs killed him around 1988.

Stone-Cobra war:

After Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was killed on April 4, 1968, chaos erupted. Stones went to the Egyptian Cobras, asked them to extort West side businesses. Cobras refused. So then Stones shot the #2 leader of the Egyptian Cobras, who survived, on May 27, 1968, near Halsted and Maxwell. 3 weeks later, CPD arrested 4 Stones for it, on June 21, 1968. That is where a spokesman for CPD said the Egyptian Cobras are now a branch of the BPSN, called Cobrastone Rangers.

It won't be until 9 years when Stones kill the chief of the Cobrastone Rangers, Henry Mickey Cogwell, on Feb. 25, 1977. To give you an idea how close Mickey Cogwell was with Jeff Fort, you can find a photo out there where Cogwell is sitting right next to Jeff Fort. On 1 side of Fort is Cogwell, the other side Jesse Jackson Sr. After Cogwell is killed, Cobrastones shortly renamed to Mickey Cobras.

Within a few years after Cogwell is killed, a Stone called Blue from Moe Town kills 2 Mickey Cobras from Robert Taylor Homes, he goes to prison for a double murder. He was the bigest ranking Stone in Stateville prison in the 1990s and 2000s.

Starting in Stateville prison by 1992, Stones tried to make a rule that Cobras are not allowed to eat pork, and Cobras refused.

Stones and Cobras went to war in the Cabrini Green in the 1990s, where 1 of Mickey Cogwell's 3 sons, Prince Money, who flipped to GD (around 1993), was at. His sons learn to find out that Jeff Fort did not just approve of their father's murder, but likely ordered it. Cogwell's 2 oldest sons went to war with Stones, while the youngest 1, Lil Mick, was not the violent type. Some Stones killed by Mickey Cobras include: Lil Blue, G Red, Johnny, Sam, and LB.

Starting in Stateville prison around 2003, and seeping into other prisons, Stones ordered Mickey Cobras to turn Stones, and so Cobras bonded together to unite as a force to not turn Stone.

Stone-VL war:

The 1st VL killed by Stones is Mike Murphy (Lil Mike), killed around 1987 on Homan near Roosevelt. Some think the Albany VLs killed him, but that area just recently became a Stone area.

In Stateville prison, a MIVL named James (Sprawl) was killed in the shower by Stones around 1996. Stabbed in legs.

VL-Soul war:

On June 8, 1970, Unknown Vice Lords killed a Renegade Soul. Killed was Barry Flanders, 18, of 5521 W. Washington, with 2 others wounded, from shots fired by a driving car that shouted "Lords." Unknown Vice Lords broke off from CVLs "several weeks ago." CPD arrested Gregory Jones, 17, of 10441 S. Prairie for it.

20 minutes later, more Unknown VLs shoot Renegade Souls that survived. John Hooker, 16, of 4421 W. Washington, and Percy Thomas, 15, of 5322 W. Washington, were shot as they walked along Madison and Hamlin.

However, according to a Unknown Vice Lord b. 1960, who confirms this story of Gregory Jones, says the 2nd Stone to go to prison for killing a Soul is Richard Green (called Andre), but I have not been able to find a newspaper for it.

On Aug. 19, 1970, Kirk Appling, 15, of 3906 W. 19th, was found killed in front of 1906 S. Harding, a member of the Soul Brothers. CPD speculated to have been killed by VLs.

On Oct. 16, 1971, CPD found Virgil White dead in a pool of blood, at a playground of Ryerson Elementary School, 616 N. Lawndale, but he was holding an address book where on the 1st page wrote "Greg Vincent and Chop Dog Kill Me." So CPD arrested those 2 Black Souls for it. Virgil White was a Imperial Insane Vice Lord. According to Vice Lords I asked, the murder was over women.

The 2nd VL and 1st CVL to be killed by Souls is Smoke (Donte Williams) in 1973-74.

The 3rd VL and 2nd CVL killed by Souls is James Wells, at Henry Horner Homes, around June 3, 1983.

The 1st 2 TVLs killed by Souls be Fred and Lil Tony around 1985, then Marcus Wright (Fast Black) on 5th Avenue/Sacramento around 1988.

The 1st MIVL killed by Souls is Mike Mike at Superior/Kilpatrick around 1991.

Between current and former gangs

Ambrose-Spartans war:

An Ambrose named Tom Perez, who has a brother named Mario, started the war with the Spartans.

Ambrose-Villa Lobos war:

Villa Lobos had a hardware store, an Ambrose kills Ralphie there, then dumps his body in the Chicago River. That Ambrose later went to prison, was liked by Kings for being a killer, and later that Ambrose got a crown tattoo on his back. Ambrose were upset at that, but he did not technically flip, cuz he tried to be liked by Ambrose and Kings at the same time.

Villa Lobos killed a White Ambrose called Greek in the mid-'70s, Greek has done 1 body before.

Ambrose later killed Orlando in June 1983. He was set up, shot 17x in front of Tito's Hacienda parking lot. He was 21.

LK-Brazers war:

On April 29, 1983, Sarkis H. Eshaya (Ace) did street gang murder of Marcos Ocampo and the attempted murder of Martin Salgado, whom were Brazers, at Rainbow Nightclub on Clark and Lawrence. Was a group of 5 (3 Brazers and 2 neutrons) and 3 Kings, and what caused the fight is disputed by both sides, except that they agreed that the fight started after a fist fight between King Humphrey Jenzeh and Brazer Romell Nava.

Latin Souls-King war:

On April 27, 1976, a Soul named Jose L. Diaz, 19, of 6050 S. Winchester, and a 16 year-old, kills a King named Mandy Efren Camacho, at 5600 block of S. Maplewood, of 6343 S. Artesian. The 2 Souls were called Wino and Chico (in no order).

Warlords-Jiver war:

The 1st Jiver to be killed, Boo Boo, was killed on November 11, 1980, by Half Pint from the Warlords.