Criticism to NBC 5.

Left is NBC 5 photo of Tino from the Latin Kings, which they claim to hold a copyright to. Middle and right is from my 1st and 2nd FOIA requests to the CPD.

Years ago, as I was finding out about FOIA, I tried contacting NBC on what year was that photo taken. Eventually went to their office and they gave me a #. The guy on the phone (April 10, 2015) was all why do you wanna know, and so I say something like I'm researching Chicago gangs, and he says that photo is copyrighted and I can't have it. I think he asks me if I'm gonna write a book or something, and I say no, more like a website, and he asks me what my website is, and I spell it out to him. I actually think he went on my website while we're on the phone, just to see if if he could that photo on my website and go to press charges or whatever.

But I never got an answer. So years later when I did my own FOIA, then I saw he holding a sign that says 1983 on it.

And how can they claim copyright on that photo? Because, where did that photo ultimately come from - why, the CPD. Can they legally do this? I should have asked my FOIA lawyer if people can copyright these photos, but he is not a copyright lawyer.

Yeah, this post is actually another attack on White people. White people love to sue. Apparently only for money.

I think most people agree that whoever should get money, should be the victim's family or victim, and even the CPD than over whoever else copyrights the photo 1st.

And what if that photo cannot be copyrighted because it's a government photo, then what does that mean. That means that White guy on the phone was jus trying to act bigger and tougher than they need to be. This just goes to show, White people are the most evil on the Internet (and Facebook doesn't really count as the Internet). By Internet I mean chatrooms and message boards, and in this case the phone.

As well as other things that only White people give a fuck about. Look at how White people have this thing called leases. 12-month lease. And if you want a 9-month or 6-month lease, you can, but the monthly rent will be higher. Look at how HOAs (home owners association) for condos makes rules, that you can't rent your condo when you out on vacation, or else they fine you. There was a White guy who posted in a White Chicago forum that he once made $10,000 for renting his condo on AirBNB, but the condo association fined him $6,000. (But he did not say if the condo knew how much he made, condo could have sued him without knowing if he made more or less, but he told us he made $10k). Most of these rules are not to evict you out as much as to get more money from you.

Criticism to the Chicago Tribune.

I recently took in interest for homicides for the year 1999 in Chicago. A few years back, on the Chicago Tribune website, had a list of homicides going back to January 1, 2007, which had the full name, age, and block killed. So, 1999 was before the Internet age.

On November 9, 2018, I went into the new Tribune office, and the front desk phone called someone about my interest, and the person on the phone said "We don't give out that kind of info." If that's true, is that due to Tribune policies or state laws?