Lawsuit against Shell gas station: Shell vs. Citgo

Okay I have a State of Illinois Link card. I found out I qualify for 1 in 2014 at a state of Illinois office when they said the law changed around 2008 so that richer people can qualify, so long as they don't make much. I had a part-time job, and was getting $15/month from Link at that time, but they retroactively paid me. Later I had full-time jobs and never reapplied, till like 7 years later.

So last spring before my full-time job, while unemployed, I applied. Then when I got hired full-time, I left them a voice mail saying I got hired a full-time and they can discontinue my link. But they never did, and this was during the covid benefits so I got $250/month. But I still mostly ate at restaurants. Cuz when you're an incel, you try to pick restaurants with the hottest female employees.

Then, this spring I got laid off. My Link peaked at $1600. So bit by bit I go to this corner gas station for late night snacks, to spend a few dollars, but the clerk sees my receipt and sees how much is in it. Then, as it was almost $1000, poof, they put a skimming device when I came in and removed it after I left. And skimmed $1000 in California. Leaving only $1.34 in it. I went on Shell website and gave them the exact minute that I used the device, they never responded.

So, I'm not suing the gas station for the skimming of $1000, but the corporate level, which is in Texas, for not acting on my inquiry. And it's costing me $995 for it. To hire a process server to send them. Else I have to fly to Texas myself.

And I'm doing it without a lawyer because no law office wants to represent me. 1st, 1 law office says here's a phone # to get a refund, but if you get a refund, you have no "claim" against suing them.

But not all gas stations are the same. That gas station used to be a Citgo gas station, and I sent an inquire about them, and they responded.

As an employment-cel, meaning I have a hard time finding real jobs, I'm a big advocate against minimum wage employees who act below. So many minimum wage employees need to go on a cigarette break. Many late-night employees working a solo shift go stand outside for a cigarette break, and if they see you walk in, they follow behind you. But it's the fault of the corporation for hiring employees that need cigarette breaks that work solo shifts.

Well, there's nothing I do about that. But 1 time, there's someone who I believed to be the manager of a Citgo gas station, shut down the entire gas station, just to go on a cigarette break, and I reported it to corporate website, but didn't include the address, to respond with something like "is this something that is meaningful to you guys?" And to my surprise, Citgo responded with go ahead and send us the address...

So, not all gas stations are the same. I like Citgo gas stations but not Shell, from the administrative level. And today, I replied back to Citgo with a copy of my 2-page lawsuit, so they can use it against their competitors...

So I think this is another $995 I'm wasting. Just like my $792 lawsuit against Facebook 2 years ago. As well as numerous other lawsuits against carnival companies and festival organizations that accused me of being a pedophile. Life's tough when you're an incel.