The Chicago Sewers
Ultimate Sewer Videos

Video 1:

My Secret Hideout .html

Sadly, they did not make green lights. :/ I regret that the tunnel is too big (not just long, but some 7 foot tall), causing the lights to be much dimmer. I regret that the camera could not catch light as well as the human eye can, oh well.

Video 2:

My Secret Dungeon .html

Video of my red, blue, and green flashlights.

Video 3:

Video 4:

My Secret Hideout .html

This video goes straight instead of left.

Video 5:

Reverse video.

Video 6:

Montrose tunnel .html

This is reverse Montrose video.

In this video though, I did not bring my Christmas lights, should I make a remake of this video?

Video 7:

New videos added 3/4/2013 (3 years later).

My Secret Waterfall .html

(This video is not in the waterfall page, this is a 2nd video and remake.). This marks the 1st time the purple flashlight comes in.

Video 8:

My Secret Chamber .html

This is the only other video that has all the solar lights with the colored flashlights.