The Oldest Man in Canada

It doesn't seem as if this table will be resolved anytime soon.
Name From To Age Death Age Born
George Ives April 12, 1993 111 years 146 days November 17, 1881
Ernest MacPherson January 11, 1899

Apparently, Canada doesn't have a lot of male supercentenarians. As far as men under 110, the Gerontology Research Group doesn't have a correspondent from Canada (that I know of).

According to an official Canadian article from, on September 30, 2006, it said Canada had 4,000 centenarians, with 4 of them over 110.0. (At that time, the Gerontology Research Group had 2). Of the 4,000 centenarians, 3,400 of them are women. Perhaps Jean-Claude Menard can help with finding the oldest men in Canada.

I also managed to do a Google search, with the exact phrase "the oldest man in Canada," and found several cases of centenarians in the early 1900s that I've never heard of. Meh, not much else to find.