Zack^ was the former founder of #Scripting. Well, he apparently forgot to identify to his other nick's nick for 30 days which foundered the channel so it dropped and now Unimatrix0 is the new founder!

[05:33:25] -zack^:@#scripting- the channel finally dropped?
[05:41:13] -myndzi:@#scripting- earlier today
[05:43:30] -zack^:@#scripting- heh, took long enough
[05:43:49] -myndzi:@#scripting- there's a 10 day or so grace period for the successor to pick it up
[05:43:55] -myndzi:@#scripting- but apparently she didn't.
[05:44:08] -myndzi:@#scripting- i'm fairly sure she was on before it dropped too
[05:44:36] -zack^:@#scripting- i sent her a memo earlier but she must be a nub or something
[05:45:12] -zack^:@#scripting- avi has the channel password?
[05:46:27] -myndzi:@#scripting- no. we picked up the channel when it dropped
[05:47:02] -myndzi:@#scripting- technically, i guess he did it on his own, but i was helping
[05:47:34] -zack^:@#scripting- could you query/notice me hte password if you have it?
[05:47:44] -myndzi:@#scripting- nope
[05:47:48] -myndzi:@#scripting- on both counts
[05:48:08] -zack^:@#scripting- *kicks avi*
[05:48:19] -myndzi:@#scripting- heh, he's not the one who let the channel drop
[05:48:27] -myndzi:@#scripting- were it me, i'd not give it back either :P
[05:48:43] -zack^:@#scripting- he could try to do that, but i'd like to see how long he'd last against nina :P
[05:48:45] -myndzi:@#scripting- but he's out of town so ...
[05:48:58] -myndzi:@#scripting- "last against nina"?
[05:49:06] -myndzi:@#scripting- last i checked, ircops were subject to the rules too
[05:49:46] -zack^:@#scripting- well lets just hope it doesnt come to that
[05:49:59] -myndzi:@#scripting- what do you mean by that?
[05:50:44] -zack^:@#scripting- when will avi be back?
[05:50:51] -myndzi:@#scripting- i can tell you one thing for pretty certain... the channel is staying in its current hands
[05:50:56] -myndzi:@#scripting- i don't know, some days
[05:51:23] -zack^:@#scripting- avi isnt keeping hold of the channel
[05:51:29] -myndzi:@#scripting- oh?
[05:51:46] -zack^:@#scripting- yes, oh
[05:51:50] -myndzi:@#scripting- if that's the case, he could have told me on the phone earlier today
[05:52:12] -zack^:@#scripting- you really mean he's going to keep the channel?
[05:52:16] -zack^:@#scripting- he's seriously considering that?
[05:52:33] -myndzi:@#scripting- you are going about it a bit backwards
[05:53:02] -myndzi:@#scripting- more surprising would be if he was seriously considering giving it back
[05:53:11] -zack^:@#scripting- it isnt his to begin with
[05:53:18] -myndzi:@#scripting- it is now
[05:53:30] -zack^:@#scripting- we accidently let the founder nickname drop, luckily it was an op who registered the channel when it dropped
[05:53:42] -myndzi:@#scripting- ONLY an op could register the channel when it dropped
[05:54:07] -myndzi:@#scripting- like i said, were it me who picked it up i wouldn't give it back either. if the founder(s) were irresponsible enough to let it drop, i'd keep it solely for the purpose of preventing that.
[05:54:08] -zack^:@#scripting- yes, i mean someone else who may have gotten op but not part of the channel
[05:54:18] -myndzi:@#scripting- who else could have gotten op? heh.
[05:54:29] -zack^:@#scripting- anyone, ive seen it happen in the past
[05:54:30] -myndzi:@#scripting- anyone who did would be at the behest of an active op in the first place
[05:54:49] -myndzi:@#scripting- when was the last time you saw someone without cs access in here get +o?
[05:55:07] -myndzi:@#scripting- anyway, if you'll turn off noop for a moment i'll aop you
[05:55:09] -zack^:@#scripting- not for years, but when the channel deregisters chanserv isnt really around
[05:55:13] -myndzi:@#scripting- i can't do any more for now
[05:55:37] -myndzi:@#scripting- my point is none of the ops have even set +o on a non op, regardless of whether chanserv would deop them or not
[05:56:02] -myndzi:@#scripting- it's an extremely unlikely situation that a "non-op" would get the chan
[05:56:07] -myndzi:@#scripting- besides which avi and i had it well in hand :P
[05:56:23] -myndzi:@#scripting- you know the moment it dropped i got a text message on my phone? ;)
[05:56:27] -zack^:@#scripting- yeah i know, but if someone wasnt around to register it we could had all slowly been deopped and no one could get it
[05:56:43] -myndzi:@#scripting- i had uni and firehose on auto-op, and he had me on auto-op
[05:56:52] -zack^:@#scripting- noop is off
[05:56:57] -myndzi:@#scripting- and then there were 6 other ops lingering
[05:57:11] -myndzi:@#scripting- and even if we all got deopped, noone else would get +o anyway
[05:57:16] -myndzi:@#scripting- *shrug*
[05:57:23] -myndzi:@#scripting- added
[05:57:28] -myndzi:@#scripting- wait
[05:57:35] -ChanServ:@#scripting- [VERBOSE] myndzi! => aop #scripting add zack^
[05:57:45] -myndzi:@#scripting- oh, verbose is on.. when did that happen?
[05:57:52] -myndzi:@#scripting- heh, anyway
[05:59:50] -myndzi:@#scripting- i expect some things will change, but most likely most things will remain the same *shrug*
[06:03:17] -zack^:@#scripting- uni isnt the channel founder, simply as that
[06:03:33] -myndzi:@#scripting- 03:05.54 -ChanServ- Founder : Unimatrix0 (
[06:03:40] -myndzi:@#scripting- you wanna talk about simple eh?
[06:04:47] -zack^:@#scripting- i'll talk to him when he gets back, you're just trying to make me become agressive
[06:05:10] -myndzi:@#scripting- i'm not trying to *make you* anything
[06:05:16] -myndzi:@#scripting- i am telling you the truth
[06:05:49] -zack^:@#scripting- if you cannot seriously realise that avi ISNT the channel founder then something's wrong
[06:05:50] -myndzi:@#scripting- uni and i made arrangements to register the channel. he ended up with the actual foundership.
[06:06:05] -myndzi:@#scripting- are you delusional or just drunk?
[06:06:11] -zack^:@#scripting- it is nina, splodge, and my channel - he needs to give the channel back to us
[06:06:20] -myndzi:@#scripting- he doesn't *need* to do anything
[06:06:43] -myndzi:@#scripting- all three of you neglected to do something so simple as identify to the founder nick once every 30 days
[06:06:52] -zack^:@#scripting- it is up to him, but i know we wont remain with that decision
[06:06:54] -myndzi:@#scripting- it would have been wiser to set it to a nick at least one of you actively used, but that's another story
[06:07:03] -zack^:@#scripting- nina WILL try everything she can in her power (and she has a lot of it) to get it back
[06:07:28] -myndzi:@#scripting- unfortunately for nina, not only is she pretty much never here, but oper or not, she must abide by the rules as much as anybody else, perhaps moreso
[06:07:55] -myndzi:@#scripting- people ask opers for help all thetime recovering nicks or channels, and are turned down
[06:07:55] -zack^:@#scripting- whatever, im ending this now before i get mega pissed off
[06:08:02] -zack^:@#scripting- i'll talk to avi when he comes back
[06:08:06] -myndzi:@#scripting- get it out of your system now
[06:08:13] -myndzi:@#scripting- i'm only being straight with you, heh
[06:08:22] -zack^:@#scripting- the channel isnt going to be changing hands simply because the channel dropped accidently
[06:08:37] -zack^:@#scripting- simple as that, if you dont understand that then there is going to be issues
[06:08:44] -myndzi:@#scripting- well you got one thing right
[06:08:51] -myndzi:@#scripting- but it isn't the part you think
[06:11:36] -zack^:@#scripting- whatever, im sure you're glad i aint founder
[06:11:47] -zack^:@#scripting- im surprised he didnt akick me instantly
[06:12:10] -myndzi:@#scripting- i'm not glad or sad about anything..... what is, is
[06:12:19] -myndzi:@#scripting- i've got no grudge with you
[06:12:45] -myndzi:@#scripting- as far as uni goes, i don't know. i don't think he's gonna be akicking anyone, or at least i'll try to ensure it, heh
[06:13:22] -myndzi:@#scripting- it'll take some days before he gets back and we hash things out, but until then most of the ops are ops still
[06:13:57] -myndzi:@#scripting- anyone who wasn't +o earlier today i don't have the nick of, but message me and i'll re-add them
[06:14:19] -zack^:@#scripting- BuRuz
[06:14:22] -myndzi:@#scripting- buruz being the only stipulation - he can turn off the swear kicker first.
[06:14:29] -zack^:@#scripting- swear kicker remains
[06:14:35] -myndzi:@#scripting- then i guess he stays -o
[06:14:38] -zack^:@#scripting- ...
[06:14:54] -zack^:@#scripting- thats just wrong
[06:15:03] -myndzi:@#scripting- i'm sorry you feel that way
[06:15:09] -zack^:@#scripting- he's been op in this channel longer than you've been in here all together
[06:15:13] -zack^:@#scripting- this isnt your channel
[06:15:30] -myndzi:@#scripting- not exactly, uni beat me to it
[06:15:44] -myndzi:@#scripting- by luck as it so happens, oh well
[06:15:45] -zack^:@#scripting- im over it
[06:15:51] -zack^:@#scripting- seriously, do whatever you want with it
[06:16:16] -zack^:@#scripting- if you want to change everything, do it, forget about everything many of us have done for years in here
[06:16:19] -myndzi:@#scripting- likely that won't be much. the only reason i'm talking to you know is because i have a grasp on what is intended at least
[06:16:45] -myndzi:@#scripting- we never talked about what we might want to DO with things, so until he gets back it's in limbo
[06:16:47] -zack^:@#scripting- if he intends to remain founder then that wont happen
[06:16:55] -zack^:@#scripting- im sure nina will get the channel back regardless of what you think
[06:17:11] -myndzi:@#scripting- if she does than dalnet is a lot poorer of a network than i believed it to be
[06:17:19] -myndzi:@#scripting- and i won't come back
[06:17:20] -zack^:@#scripting- if he wanted to give the channel back he wouldnt have left town with the password
[06:17:26] -zack^:@#scripting- he's going to keep it
[06:17:27] -myndzi:@#scripting- and perhaps others too.
[06:17:30] -zack^:@#scripting- and that's just wrong
[06:17:35] -myndzi:@#scripting- he didn't leave
[06:17:40] -myndzi:@#scripting- it auto-registered in his absence
[06:17:46] -myndzi:@#scripting- he had to call somebody just to sop me
[06:17:50] -zack^:@#scripting- what do you mean auto-registered?
[06:17:56] -zack^:@#scripting- who registered it?
[06:18:08] -myndzi:@#scripting- to let me keep some semblance of order in the channel until he can get back and we straighten things out
[06:18:14] -myndzi:@#scripting- uni did, of course
[06:18:20] -zack^:@#scripting- how did he register it when he wasnt here?
[06:18:41] -myndzi:@#scripting- like i said, when it dropped i got a message -- he had a hotkey setup to register the channel
[06:18:46] -zack^:@#scripting- are you telling me he had some kind of script?
[06:18:52] -myndzi:@#scripting- so he could call and have his dad press it
[06:19:18] -myndzi:@#scripting- you see firehose hopping every half hour?
[06:19:29] -myndzi:@#scripting- that was to see if the channel was still registered
[06:19:31] -zack^:@#scripting- so he has a script detecting the channel de-registering?
[06:19:39] -myndzi:@#scripting- no, i did
[06:19:51] -myndzi:@#scripting- i got a text message on my phone when chanserv didn't reop the bot
[06:19:53] -zack^:@#scripting- scripts automatically used to chase channels or nicknames, or scripts used to register channels are deemed SAbuse
[06:20:10] -myndzi:@#scripting- it's not a script used to chase channels or nicknames, and a script didn't register it
[06:20:12] -myndzi:@#scripting- a user did.
[06:20:22] -zack^:@#scripting- you were chasing it and you had a hotkey to send a command to chanserv
[06:20:29] -zack^:@#scripting- simple as that
[06:20:43] -zack^:@#scripting- i think that would be enough to get nina to close the channel
[06:20:52] -myndzi:@#scripting- laf
[06:21:09] -myndzi:@#scripting- you had sam packet off [scripting] in an attempt to 'chase' the channel
[06:21:19] -myndzi:@#scripting- nobody has abused services here
[06:21:47] -myndzi:@#scripting- and as it is an active channel, it needed to be and would be registered as soon as possible
[06:22:15] -zack^:@#scripting- so you're saying you werent chasing the channel?
[06:22:34] -myndzi:@#scripting- chasing nothing. would it be chasing when you re-registered the channel tonight?
[06:30:23] -zack^:@#scripting- chasing is when you have an automative script look for specific conditions to register a channel or nickname
[06:30:55] -myndzi:@#scripting- no automative script registered a channel or a nickname.
[06:32:51] -myndzi:@#scripting- the fact of the matter is, a large channel lost its registration and a number of people were keeping an eye on it, including most of the ops
[06:33:00] -zack^:@#scripting- no eye, a script
[06:33:26] -myndzi:@#scripting- most of the ops in the channel were querying nickserv and chanserv repeatedly
[06:33:52] -myndzi:@#scripting- while i used a passive method of noticing the absence of registration to alert myself for human intervention
[06:33:53] -zack^:@#scripting- yes, and the ops were manually typing the command and pressing enter
[06:34:10] -zack^:@#scripting- you stated that avi rang his dad to make him press a hotkey to register the channel
[06:34:16] -zack^:@#scripting- his dad did not type any command to register it
[06:34:21] -myndzi:@#scripting- laf
[06:34:32] -zack^:@#scripting- you had a script running to CHASE the channel to find when it was de-registered
[06:34:46] -myndzi:@#scripting- i had a script running to observe the channel
[06:34:51] -myndzi:@#scripting- that is all
[06:34:56] -zack^:@#scripting- i thought it was to find spam bots, now i know the real story
[06:35:04] -myndzi:@#scripting- it alerted me that someone needed to look at things closer
[06:35:13] -zack^:@#scripting- that is called chasing
[06:35:19] -zack^:@#scripting- no matter how you put it, it is chasing
[06:35:34] -myndzi:@#scripting- no matter how you put it, any op who registered the channel could be considered to be chasing it
[06:35:57] -zack^:@#scripting- yeah typing a chanserv info command a billion times is called chasing too
[06:36:08] -myndzi:@#scripting- exactly... what i did not do
[06:36:08] -zack^:@#scripting- you were chasing, doesnt matter how many different ways to can do it
[06:37:02] -myndzi:@#scripting- but, coincidentally, what plenty of ops were doing, though not "a billion times".
[06:37:06] -myndzi:@#scripting- including you, i'm sure
[06:37:57] -zack^:@#scripting- i did it like 3 times in the last 2 days
[06:38:06] -myndzi:@#scripting- i did it 0 times in the last 2 days
[06:38:10] -myndzi:@#scripting- *shrug*
[06:38:12] -zack^:@#scripting- good boy
[06:38:48] -myndzi:@#scripting- you, as well as everyone else, were keeping tabs on the channel to see when it dropped
[06:38:55] -myndzi:@#scripting- which is a reasonable thing to do in the situation
[06:39:03] -zack^:@#scripting- i didnt have a script doing it
[06:39:09] -zack^:@#scripting- THAT is the point
[06:39:33] -myndzi:@#scripting- script or no script, services abuse is about taxing services
[06:39:36] -zack^:@#scripting- and the day you tell me FireHose is a real person the day i chop off my penis
[06:39:50] -zack^:@#scripting- go read up about channel chasing
[06:39:53] -myndzi:@#scripting- and any way you look at it, nobody here abused services
[06:40:01] -myndzi:@#scripting- i will when you show me the url about it
[06:41:15] -myndzi:@#scripting- what, weren't you just there looking for technicalities to try and spout?
[06:45:26] -myndzi:@#scripting- i don't have the time to wait on your reply, i should be in bed
[06:45:30] -myndzi:@#scripting- we'll talk more tomorrow
[06:45:48] -myndzi:@#scripting- i knew this was coming, so i wanted to get it out of the way, but i should have known better than to get into it this late
[06:46:07] -zack^:@#scripting- ditto
[06:46:27] -zack^:@#scripting- and yes i am trying to get the channel that ive ran for years back
[06:48:06] -myndzi:@#scripting- well, the best way to do that is not to let it go.
[06:49:23] -zack^:@#scripting- that's great in hindsight
[06:49:56] -zack^:@#scripting- and it isnt my fault anyway, i only had password IN CASE it was required, i should be happy that we went 30 days without the need to identify
[06:50:09] -zack^:@#scripting- nina is meant to be looking after the nickname