Example 1 - How many connections are there really allowed on Webnet?


Imagine joining #Spiderlair one day, and saying, "Hello, I'm apparently virused with extra connections. Could someone be willing to help me out with removing my viruses, so when I connect to Webnet, I don't get clones that share the same host as me?"

Unabridged story.

I had this problem, where 2 clones were connected everytime I'm on Webnet. This was back when I was using 2 connections, Neal and Neal`. But of course, I did not know I was virused, as I would obviously be akilled on spot by Kc. When I find out that, I ask #Spiderslair for help, but that was a no no. It didn't matter whether I was virused or not, I was given the disadvantage of the doubt. #Admin.Security was obviously a more friendly place, where an oper Deathworm worked on getting my virused removed. Then I find out one of my clones have died, so I temporarily had 1 connection on my part, just Neal, as well as the virused clone. Then my goal was to get that last 1 removed, so I could go back to having 2 connections again: Neal and Neal`.

Abridged story - complete.

I became friends with EagleBird and joined his channel, and if I can recall, got access. Then, sudden poof akill! I later find out it was Kc. I don't believe he akilled me for the Kc website because he didn't know about it at the time, or that I didn't make it yet. From complaining to other IRC ops, I find out I was akilled for cloning. How could I be cloning? I tell them 2 connections was the policy. Kc never akilled me for 2 connections. Some stuff just didn't make sense. An oper even private messaged me, and I complain to her, "2 connections isn't against the Webnet policy," and she replies "Well I know the policies too."

So I argue to opers in p.m. and in #spiderslair about the whole thing. But I never got anywhere. I remembered some time before that, I had an argument with Commander on the whole 2 connections things. After getting akilled for cloning, I send him an e-mail, regarding my akill.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Person No one" <lonelynoone@hotmail.com>
To: <Commander@Webchat.org>
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 5:00 AM
Subject: Clarity Question
> I recall, did you once tell me that two connections on WebNet was not
> against WebNet policy?

> Sorry for the inconveience.
> -Neal

>From: "null" <nho@drmweaver.com>
> >Reply-To: "null" <Commander@webchat.org>
> >To: <lonelynoone@hotmail.com>
> >Subject: Re: Clarity Question
> >Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:56:57 +0200
> >
> >It isn't.
> >However, you were running three :)

I get a reply like "I wasn't the one who placed the akill, but you were akilled for having 3 connections."

3 connections? No wonder I got akilled. I can't remember if I replied to Commander's e-mail, but thank you, Commander!

What have I done? I had to do the research. Because research didn't come to me. There are opers and admins who don't talk much, so you have to do the asking.

What happened was, there were 2 virused-connections coming from my host, so when I had 1 connection, I had 3 connection, and when I had 2 connection, I had 4 connection.

After finding this problem out, I went to #admin.security. A friendly oper I like, Deathworm, helped me with the situation. He tried to figure out my viruses.

What happened later was, the viruses slowly died down, so I only had 1 virused-connecting following me. This was the case as another friendly oper I like, Blackburn, messaged me saying something like Neal you're cloning only 2 connections are allowed, but in a much more friendly way. (I can't remember the exact words, but I remember how it made me feel, so I remember the impression that he was friendly). Nice how the mind works. So then I reply to him in private message yea I thought I got that taken care of in #admin.security or something. I can't remember what I wrote. Then, about 5 minutes later, I look in my status window, and see a "Your own modes prevent you from messaging etc." Oh ****! Blackburn has waited 5 minutes for me to reply to his p.m. so I better hurry up and reply a.s.a.p. Well, I disconnected one connection, Neal`, so it was just Neal, and the virused-connection.

Well, the virus itself stayed for a while. Another time, with 1 connection, just Neal, I joined #ScottK or most likely #Eratech, because ScottK was there. I just asked "How many connections do I have?" A while later ScottK responds by pasting my connections in p.m.

There were 2, Neal, and...yvette1983, followed by some random digits.

Yvette1983? What the heck is Yvette1983? Well, Yvette is my mother's name. 1983 was probably the year she moved to the United States. Then, I recall that it was her username. I believed she had an e-mail with that name. Clearly, this was useful information for me. I didn't get akilled, obviously, but ScottK didn't seem too happy about what looks like a cloned-drone.

In other words, Webnet certainly wouldn't mind making you go through a lot of shit to get stuff resolved. Another case I asked my favorite IRC op, Brandon, to just /kill the virused clone (and hoping it won't reconnect).

I never successfully removed my virus, my mom one day upgraded my computer to Windos 98 to 2000. This was from a reformat. Brand new! Then I could connect to Webnet again, without any virused clone, and I happily went back to connections again as Neal and Neal` for another 1.5 years.

Example 2 - Is there such thing as official channel ban or official channel akick abuse?

I had a nick akick (Neal!*@*) by Keith. Guad had a problem with a #Help.Desk op and pasted logs in WebChat forums. Keith told him to remove that, so I did the log pasting in the forums instead. Keith then gave me a nick akick, which said it will be removed in 1 week. As late as about 6 months the akick still exists, saying the date it was added and that it will be removed in a week. Well, Keith removed it around 6 months. But before then X added my IP akick.

My new akick.

-ChanServ- - *!*@69.233.84.* added by X:1 on 12/04/05 05:59:42 GMT (reason: Neal not welcome).

5:59:42 GMT = almost 6 a.m. England time = -8 hours my time = almost 10:00 p.m. my time = 9:59:42 p.m., +/- minutes that my timestamp is off from the server.

[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:04:45:06 PM] * Neal (LostShadow@=NTkeg-81-666-89-946.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net) Quit (Excess flood)
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:13:25:83 PM] * Rejoined channel #help.mirc
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:13:25:83 PM] * Topic is '<Welcome To WebChat's Official Scripting Channel> Please do not message our staff members (@/+/-) - State Your Question! Don't ask to ask! - Site: http://talon.linux.sh/helpmirc/ - HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT! - Please stay safe this holiday season!'
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:13:25:83 PM] * Set by Keith on Wed Nov 23 17:58:28
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:15:34:46 PM] <[Hercules][SuSe]> wb
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:15:46:95 PM] <jaytea> :)
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:15:57:97 PM] * jaytea jerks on Neal's kuk
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:16:04:94 PM] <Neal> Kek.
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:16:09:01 PM] <jaytea> kok
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:16:12:63 PM] <jaytea> brb
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:17:38:43 PM] * ChanServ sets mode: +o basicer
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:32:06:08 PM] * Oliver is now known as Osleepver
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:40:24:58 PM] * fugitive (fugitive@=8Vigethw- Quit (QUIT: User exited)
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:45:16:03 PM] * basicer sets mode: -o basicer
[December 03 2005 Saturday 09:52:58:65 PM] * X (Tabs@staff.webchat.org) has joined #help.mirc

According to services, the akick was added at 9:59 p.m. my time. X joined the channel at 9:52 p.m. So the akick was added within 7 minutes approx.

[December 03 2005 Saturday 10:16:04:46 PM] * [_TisCo_] (hmm@219.94.78.PI6=) has joined #help.mirc
[December 03 2005 Saturday 10:26:08:73 PM] * Guest28304 (xor@=ifr06EER295.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #help.mirc
[December 03 2005 Saturday 10:26:09:02 PM] * Guest28304 is now known as Thialfihar
[December 03 2005 Saturday 10:27:37:34 PM] * Osleepver (xor@staff.webchat.org) Quit (Ping Timeout)
[December 03 2005 Saturday 10:27:47:65 PM] * [_TisCo_] (hmm@219.94.78.PI6=) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
[December 03 2005 Saturday 10:44:34:12 PM] * Disconnected

I didn't rejoin the channel untill December 13. But drama didn't happen until December 18.

[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:53:13:78 PM] <X> Neal who are you talking about ? and why are you still here whilst akicked ?? another host ?
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:53:31:65 PM] <Neal> I'm akicked?
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:53:43:43 PM] <Neal> I recall Neal*!* as akicked.
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:54:16:22 PM] <X> ythere were 2 hosts of yours at least akicked Neal I prefer if you left this room thanks
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:54:23:58 PM] <Neal> O.
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:54:27:64 PM] <Neal> *!*@*.dsl.sndg02.pacbell.net

What I did was, type //say $address($me,4). Same host. I know I wasn't evading the removed akick because I was using the nick Neal. At the same time, my level 4 also did not change. If there really was another host, I would have been lied to, otherwise, it should affect me. On the other hand, would Keith remove Neal!*@* but keep the other?

[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:54:38:26 PM] <Neal> That's my same level 4.
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:54:41:86 PM] <Neal> Hasn't changed.
[December 18 2005 Sunday 07:54:51:13 PM] <X> I aksed you to leave please

I imagine it doesn't matter how logical I am, or whether I'm right or wrong, does it? I also imagine pointing out fallacies wouldn't do anything, either.

This is just an example of drama that can only be found on Webnet [citation needed].

Which brings me to the point of this:

Imagine I was in #spiderslair (prior to September 4, 2005), and I was chatting with a channel op. And let's just say that #spiderslair channel op wasn't a help op. And let's just say, he randomlyy types:

/mode #spiderslair +b UltraStuidNeal!*@*

Now, what do you suspect may happen next? Considering one isn't being an insult to my intelligence? Why, I should part the channel, right, because I'm evading?

That IRC op could say, hey Neal, UltraStupidNeal!*@* is in the #spiderslair ban list, you know what that means.

That would mean I was evading a channel ban, which is, an akillable offense. Why? Because, if I was not in the channel, I could have typed /nick Neal, then /join the channel, and evade the UltraStupidNeal!*@* ban, right? And if so, get akilled, right?

This is a smart loop for Webnet staff to akill someone without considering it to be abuse. Because you didn't abuse your o:line for akilling for "official channel evasion." And since #Spiderslair doesn't have any rules for ops in terms of banning non-staff, it also wasn't abuse to ban or add akick just for the fun of it. Therefore, it wasn't abuse to akill the user for evading. This is, again, a good loop for Webnet opers to akill.

Such as my #help.mIRC akick, this is Webnet's way of making it worse for you. And just for some gee-whiz trivia, UltraStupidNeal!*@* was, in fact, an actual ban in #spiderslair once upon a time, in around or in 2002. One could suspect, I was using a different nick, which was true.

This also brings to the fact, that there is absolutely no such thing as abuse for adding bans or akicks in official channels.

Example 2b.

When I fought to get my default priviledge of 2 connections, which was by posting logs in WebChat forums, I got a #spiderslair akick because of that. Then, the EC Angelz, having nothing to do with my #spiderslair akick, later decided to further take this stuation by adding me akick in #Help.Desk and #Help.Services.

In other words, Webnet is definitely a composed system where the system is shifted to make your network life more to your disadvantage. If it could be better or left the same, it shall be left the same. If it could be left the same or made more worse, it shall be made more worse. This is to give you the disadvantage of the situation. When in doubt, make it worse. This could sometimes be interpreted, to make your Webnet IRC life, more of a living hell!

Example 2c.

I'm not a #Webchat regular user, but 1 fine day I /join and chat. I witness the ex-op MinnyBean get banned by an op. Jump in his p.m., get involved in the situation, and this was during a huge #WebChat topic going on by Oliver. As logs are pasted by me, I obviously wasn't defending MinnyBean because he broke a channel rule, by insulting a channel op. But the op was making statements or generalizations about homosexuals and about MinnyBean. That meant something should have happened to both of them. But no doubt, I was to be added akick, you think?

It started when a channel op ban kicked me, with no real kick message (she did not akill me as she was not IRC op), and asking her why, she said I was evading channel akick. I ask what the akick is, she goes I'm sorry ask Marius. /Notice Marius with question, he replies saying he made a typo in my akick, having added Neil!*!* or missing 1 letter in my name, so, and that it was edited and fixed.

So there I have it! Everything goes to the disadvantage of your situation. When in doubt, make it worse.

Example 3 - Webnet staff will lie to get you akilled.

The lie being I'm AdidasNike/Skewtur. This happens when, I'm not on Webnet, and someone who just became root, gets his help op to lie with him.

In other words, ScottK sends his help op TheVoice, out to get me, and bring me to Webnet and into his p.m. window.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:38:45 PM] * ThisDyingSoul (~rollinlow2@=qfQckxt.DirectDelux.com) has joined #DirectDelux
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:40:34 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> evening Neal
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:40:46 PM] <Neal> Evening.
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:12 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> pisses me off what I heard about you my friend
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:19 PM] <Neal> Oh.
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:22 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> why did you threatin webchat staff and mark?
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:31 PM] <Neal> Mm, I guess I got akilled twice since when I last saw you.
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:34 PM] <Neal> I what?
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:41 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> yeah that pissed me off too
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:43 PM] <Neal> What threat?
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:41:53 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> because acidklown is the reason you were akilled
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:00 PM] <Neal> I didn't make any threats...
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:07 PM] <Neal> Hmm.

Now here comes the fun part.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:11 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> but I red the logs about how you threatined Mark of webmaster

Except AdidasNike didn't threaten Mark in logs. He threatened Mark by e-mail.

AdidasNike posts ScottK's house address and phone number in WebChat forums:

Mark edits Skewtur's post by stripping out the information. Fight starts, AdidasNike evades akills, and forum bans, until he takes it to the e-mail with Mark. Mark and Skewtur go back and forth in the e-mail until Skewtur replies a threat to Mark in the e-mail. Mark then pastes all the e-mail from him and Skewtur to the thread, in WebChat forums, for us all to see. I was there at the forums at the time, and I was there, posting in the thread as well.

But as far as "logs" of how Mark was threatened, TheVoice either saw that by reading the old forum thread, or someone pasting Mark's e-mail from it. But it certainly didn't include me!

But of course, when he asks me what I'm going to do about it, he suggests I talk to ScottK. Except, ScottK wasn't first on my list to talk to. Not even 3rd.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:25 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> yep
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:30 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> and I have tried to get scottk
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:36 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> to reverse that
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:42:44 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> but he wont do that for even me

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:43:21 PM] <Neal> I didn't make any threats..
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:43:26 PM] <Neal> I hvent even talked about Mark.
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:43:41 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> hrm well that is what the logs were about
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:43:47 PM] <Neal> Who pasted them?
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:43:52 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> cant say

Aside from lying, TheVoice does something interesting, which is for me to promise him not to tell ScottK TheVoice told me! Well, I didn't make that promise, sorry to disappoint you all.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:47:00 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> no scottk wasnt the one who told me this
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:47:03 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> but dude
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:47:04 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> do not
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:47:11 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> and i mean do not tell him we talked about this ok

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:51:15 PM] <Neal> Anyways, let whoever know (whoever it may concern) that whatever logs it wasn't me and I have no threats to them.
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:51:42 PM] <Neal> Who should I talk to about this?
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:51:58 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> ScottK

Of course, if Mark really did believe I made threats to Mark, I would obviously that it to him, and certainly not ScottK, obviously. ScottK isn't Mark's assistant to handle his threats.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:52:11 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> but just ask him why you are on akill onsite and why you were qlined

This is also to get me to p.m. him.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:54:01 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> talk to ScottK dude
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:54:10 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> he has come out of retirement

I also try to convince him not for me to take it to ScottK.

[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:54:11 PM] <Neal> No need to talk to ScottK yet (since you don't even want to be mentioned).
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:54:29 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> well
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:54:30 PM] <Neal> Well heck maybe you can talk to him then. :/
[October 11 2006 Wednesday 06:54:37 PM] <ThisDyingSoul> no you talk to him

Well, obviously I failed, because I could be seen pming ScottK on Webnet going "Blah blah blah...is this true..?" Uh oh. That's where the drama starts! I just get told I'm burning my own bridge!

After finding out the truth, which was months later, I forgave TheVoice, and it's from a simple reason.

I consider TheVoice to be under ~100% entrapment, under ScottK. That is, ScottK takes all of TheVoice's blame.

And this is from the simple case, where, if an admin tells his help op to do something (especally if that admin was ScottK), and let's just say he's one to sponser you IRC op, you probably would want to do something for him! Well, especially for someone of TheVoice's intelligence and mentality, lol.

So...poor TheVoice lol. O well.

Again, Webnet system finds ways to make your network life more to your disadvantage!

"I don't want Webnet to be perfect. I want it to be good. I want it to be virtuous."