Some notes and recent reflections on Webnet.

Typed on night of June 18, 2007 at 11:00 p.m. hour.

I've been having trouble sleeping again, and I've thought out more on Webnet. And this is based on incidents to have happened in the past month and previous. And it is thus I have gathered more reflections on Webnet.

All this shit I said about Webnet being corrupt, I felt I said, as a child, and am figuring more things out as what seems to be getting more into the adult mentality, which is something I can hate. The reflections I've been thinking on was more on my 3rd perm akill, and more on ad hominem fallacies.

Apparently, all the scandals on Webnet can revolve around 1 simple thing, as I've concluded. Yet it didn't disturb me in 2004-2005 (as more of a child) then it does now.

The story is, a child's long journey through the world of Webnet.

1 of my philosophies is, and which is something I've tried to keep for the longest, is to have an innocent mind, as opposed to, the guilty mind. And the reason I conclude the reason Webnet is now a corrupt networks is moreso that it is run by guilty staff, rather than innocent staff.

Starting off as a child on Webnet at 13, there were so many things I did not know about possible, something so corrupt to the mind I wouldn't want to list immediately. Stuff like performing sexual favors, was something that never crossed my mind.

What I recently hated most in real life I never thought I would end up thinking the same about Webnet, which would be a couple weeks or months ago. I never correlated that to real life and Webnet. I always hated Webnet as a corrupt network, but now I'm getting more reasons. And it's simple. I hate this sexist world.

My story of police office encounters was not backed-up, and I was too lazy to retype it, so I've retyped it in this mentality. In May 2005, I was seen looking-like taking photos of moms with children, in swimming pool area, such that, the mom thought I was taking photos of her kids. This was reported to the office and the manager personally took care of this and asked to see my camera, to which I showed him, but he couldn't find any photos of the people... But nevertheless, he took my ID card and I was not to get it back. Was this situation over? No. They (SoCal people) took it a step further and reported it to the police, such that, a police officer would yell at me not to be doing suspicious things. I would ask him what law I broke (as there was no photography laws in my book), to which he would get angry and think I was a smartass. But then, he thought I was a minor I guess, as the mentality switched when he found out I was 19. But all I was to do was remain calm and quiet. So at the end, I asked him if I could look it up, look what up, the law. Then he says there was no law I broke, I was just called in on a 288 (lewd acts on child - a felony). That's Southern California mentality for you, as I didn't quite like the mentality of the office. I actually typed this whole thing up in detail, but it's erased now.

Now, if I was a female, chances are, the mother wouldn't have thought I was a pedophile, yatta-yatta-yatta. This starts from fall 2005 when in my civics class I would hear about stories about how females are treated differently than police officers. This was also the case in spring 2007 in my chemistry seminar where women drivers can get laid off from tickets if they just cried (from having male police officers).

Now, here's an innate view I have that not too many of you may specifically know about - what pisses me off is how people discriminate by gender. Apparently this is the case on IRC too. I had a teacher in high school who only allowed 2 types of people on his couch, seniors, and cute females. So if you were a freshman, sophomore, or junior guy, you couldn't sit on his couch. And he was the type that was extra nice to females. Well, I won't make any comments or ad hominems on him, but I would only compare this to myself, such that, I'm not like that, I give all genders equal opportunity.

Now...more about Webnet.. It seems that Webnet too is such an environment practicing the same. Now...I didn't initially study this, but even over the years, I can conclude that women are less likely to get akilled on Webnet than guys are over the same things. Pretty cool hypothesis eh? Except, that didn't mean much to me years ago, but it's sort of starting to now.

And now for the harsh facts of life.

Take the kc and Jacqueline case, where Jacqueline would do kc sexual favors to get him to akill people as she pleases.

Why heck, Mark even added damsel as help op in the beginning of the forums some time right after she posted her pic.

Not so much that Dave sponsered PrincessJenny, but how he once told me that they agreed if anyone should want to cyber her, it would need to be approved by Dave too.

Or how when Dave took over #mIRC and put eric^ as founder, eric^ decided to form the new channel by testing out the scripters as VOps. He even said I was to be tested too to get VOps. Well, he added this 1 female as VOp, to which I questioned did she know scripting? To which he replied she's learning, etc. And also, it's none of my concerns. That's where Dave hinted me on something to which I did not I can't remember what he said. But then, as I later found out the female was doing sexual favors to get VOp, Dave's comment all of a sudden made sense.

The 4 examples I listed about - none of them disturb me back then, but now, I'm realizing more about how society (and Webnet) works. This is 1 of the things where you know things are as it is, but you need time to philososize them.. Now I'm tempted to rethink everything.

I believe my 3rd permanent akill was an ad hominen fallacy - that I was not liked and if it was decided to find perm akill me, that a reason was to be found, and such that would be log pasting.

That's actually okay, because it's of the lesser of the 2 examples, that it wasn't discriminated by gender.

I also believe I was committed the ad hominen fallacy over my priviledge if using 2 connections, such that, the excuse where the 2nd connection had to be a bot may be a cover up to explain answers.

I also extend this far enough to believe that kc too was given ad hominems when he sent nudes of himself to the then at time underage Jacqueline. It's no surprise that Mark welcomes him back at any time on the ambassador seat, such that, this was an opportunity for everyone else to gain up on him (kc).

Now I figure out that stuff like that is natural, or normal, and happens all the time, and the people who want kc out probably were just as corrupt, so that this was a good opportunity for them to speak out and get kc down.

So you want to know what the problem if Webnet is? That it is run by ****ing adults. That's right, adults. Not kids, not children. Webnet is full of mens rea (guilty minds). If I could divide Webnet staff into 2 parts, I originally would divide them into opers and admins, or abuse staff and non-abusive staff, or corrupt staff...and non-corrupt staff. Well, now this new idea has come to me, and it's to divide them into guilty staff...and innocent staff. And that's because they keep out of each other. Meaning, secrets are being kept. In other words, the innocent ones don't know much about the guilty ones, and I'm not really counting the English non-fluents.

And back to I said, I hate it when people discriminate me (and everyone else) by gender. Meaning, I come from a background where gender is insignificant to me, and only additional information (because I look at people on the individual level).

1 of the major differences between me and Webnet staff (also including the anthropology student Mark Owen), is that I am a person of morals - I'm not interested in cybering some of the higher-ups for moving up, nor would I let someone do sexual favors for me so I can sponser them high-up (in real life and on IRC). I wouldn't be interested in having sex with a female police officer, lawyer, or judge, just to cover an act. And as far as stuff like this being normal on Webnet, if I could change society, I would change that, because the guilty people on Webnet are okay with stuff like that.

If someone found out, like co-workers, that I was a boss and I hired a female because she offered me sexual favors, I would feel ashamed of that. I also wouldn't want to increase a female's pay check salary because of that. Well, I guess IRC is a medium for stuff like that acceptable.


And as far as being discriminated by my gender in real life, such as my camera incident, I have thought about becoming a gay. But if I could have it my way, I don't believe homosexuality or bisexual is the superior sexual preference, and certainly not heterosexual, I believe oblivious is the best sexual orientation (for me). And I have thought about (as early as summer 2005) about being castrated. Why? Well, a 2nd good reason is it could be a defense in the legal system. But I tell you, in my lifetime, I damn well very well want to be castrated, even if that costs me getting out of the country.