List of Webnet Staff Scandals

1 night, I stopped and thinked, and came up with the following in 1 night.

List of Webnet staff scandals:

KellyRose being vetoed by 3 staff members for "personal" reasons.
ThunderWoman's help op status yea..
Silverblaze's perm veto to be negotiated.
Matthew's veto.
Patrick getting his o:line removed/readded.
Propagandhi getting his o:line removed for "personal" reasons.
Budd's constant akills (receiving, that is, 2000/2001).
Bellar's scandal, which was none of my business.
Rick geting his o:line frozen.
Kyle getting his o:line frozen.
Anexa's o:line status.
Cobra^'s o:line status.
MpTaNk's memo and private message priviledge.
MinnyBean's big perm akill..
MinnyBean losing his help ops later too.
Crap with WM employees that led to Mayor's resignation.
Crap that led to pjm's resignation.
Damsel's perm akill.
Wench` and crimson?
1999 #mIRC takeover by IRC ops.
Kc's scandal...with Jacqueline.
TheVoice's 1st help op suspension.


EagleBird's channel ban from #spiderslair after resigned.
A bunch of #WebChat ops resigning due to Oliver's akick being removed.
GaRas #spiderslair scandal.
KellyRose's channel op resignation at #WebChat
MinnyBean's channel ban in #webChat
Kc's #WebChat scandal.
MinnyBean's channel ban in #Help.Desk

I can't remember if Skewtur is an ex-staff member...

Technically, all vetoes are considered to be scandals (obviously).

"Webnet staff" scandals, except not on Webnet.

Mitten's status on Dalnet..


Sharky's thesis?
Ninja20? Richard?
Toolman only a help op?

Not really scandals.

Opers like Brandon and Dylan having their nicks dropped due to keep being removed (for no expire). [ScottK considered it abuse].
However, this is a trade-off, as today, by default all IRC op nicks won't be dropped. As this new policy kicked in, this would mean opers like Dylan should get their o:lines back at any time from a forced-nick drop.

Added, more to the list!

Keith's removal for voicing his opinion.
Glenn gets a 3 day suspension for flooding channels with "fuck you."
Karim kills for go away with someone flooding in #spiderslair and gets a 2 week suspension.