How to Download mIRC

Welcome! This is an easy-brainer page for newbies on how to download mIRC.

Step 1: Go to, and, to the left, click on the word Download mIRC.

Step 2: If you can't, or if you do, it will take you to

It should look like this.

Then, right click any of the files. That means on your mouse, rather than clicking the left button with your finder, press the right.

Select the option, "Save Target As" and it will take you to a folder to download.

Save it to a folder. Remember the folder. Then, when the download is complete, a popup will pop up.. Click Run (and possibly again).

Click Next, I agree, Next, Next, Next, Next, Install, select the icon Run mIRC, Finish.

               (C:\Program Files\mIRC)

Under the folder where you downloaded it (Program Files), click the icon that says mIRC621.

Should look like this.

Once you open it, for mIRC 6.21, looks like the default network is GameSurge.

Click okay and all that. You do not need to pay for mIRC (since most of you are 11-14). It is not illegal to not pay for mIRC.

Anyways, you'll eventually get here.

You do not need to type in your full name or real e-mail all. Matter fact, type in a comment.

Type in your nick in Nickname. It could be your screenname. Then click okay.

Then, at the bottom, type /server <name of server to connect to>.

For most of you, it will be PurpleSurge.

To get to #SPP from, type /server, then, type /join #SPP.

Once you have joined a channel and have started chatting, type: /timestamp on.

If you would like to log channels (record the channel conversations, type /log on).