Some mIRC Philosophies

Mirc is a way for me to play/pretend genius on IRC.

When I was 13, I knew a person who had an I.Q. of 189. One time when he was mad at me, and I asked him what about, he said it was something I did to him "104 days ago." I didn't know what it was or what I did 104 days ago from that day.. and I'll never know now by myself..

I once tested him by asking him math equations such as what's 15 times 15?

Rather than plugging in the calculator, one using mIRC could instead type //say $calc(15*15) (and output 225).

So I use mIRC as a medium to pretend genius on IRC, such as calculating my age in years up to 6 decimal digits or to the minute.

And then I can use mIRC to find patterns like the way a genius could think.

<Neal> So, I hope I answered your question?
<Neal> You would know steal, would you?

The above would not work for the 8% males that are colorblind.

So, in order to pretend genius on mIRC, one should know what when did at a given date at a given time, such as logging all channels and conversations, and running a seen script.

My list of scripts.


1.Daytime/night theme.

Daytime theme is when my mIRC has white background (and black text).

Nighttime theme is when my mIRC has black background color (and white text).

Daytime is from the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Nighttime is from the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Additional notes.

-I can provide screenshots.

-When I open my mIRC, it checks the time of day to whether to /daytime or /nighttime.

-And I'm the god of my mIRC, I can override it at any time whenever I please.

-Not interested in sunrise/sunset themes.

2.Grammar script.

3.My titlebar.

My title shows: hh:nn:ss *m x users x lines x bans x pms.

Where hh:nn:ss *m is hours:minute:second a./p. m. (Changes every second).
x users is how many nicks you are with on that network only.
x lines is how many lines are in your buffer.
x bans is how many channel bans there are if the active window is a channel.
x pms is how many red + green blinking p.m. windows I have.

Additional notes.

-hh:nn:ss changes every second.

-x bans won't say 0 bans in status window or p.m. window, it simply won't exist. Channel only.

4.Birthday script.

5.Repeat script.

When 2 different people say the exact same thing in the channel, I add to it.

Looks like this.

<Nick1> Word sentence.
<Nick2> Word sentence.
<Neal> Word sentence.


Then it won't repeat the same text again in case 2 other people say it.

6.Calculator script (needs fixing).


<Nick> 10 + 5
<Neal> 15


-I currently don't output if the answer is an integer from -9 to 9, including 0.

-I also don't output if the text is just a number.

7.Invite script.

When an op invites someone to the channel, and, I am an op there too, I also invite that user.

Looks like this. Nick invited OtherNick into the channel. Neal invited OtherNick into the channel.

Additional notes.

(For non-ConferenceRoom IRCds.)

8.P.M. window script.

When I have a p.m window open with someone, I record what they do in common channels.


(P.M. window).

Host #ListOfCommonChannels
<Nick> hi asl
#CommonChannel1 <Nick> hi asl
#CommonChannel1 * Nick was kicked by Operator (Don't pm people)

This is so I don't have to reply to them if I see they quit or something.


-This also records who they kick and their joins and parts, and nick changes.

-Inadvertly, this is also like a semi-spy system. I could just /query nick and later see al the conversations in common channels that the person has.

9.Nick change script.

If I type someone's nick in my editbox, and kept typing, and that person changed their nick to another, my editbox will also be updated, so I don't have to change their nick.


* Nick is now known as NewNick

If in my editbox I have:

Nick I have a question for you.

It becomes.

NewNick I have a question for you.

10.Unban notifier script.

I notify people when they are unbanned.

If I have a common channel with them, and that common channel isn't on not, then I announce it there, else, and if no common channel, I /notice.


* Operator sets mode: +b stuff*
Ban affects: Nicks, separated, by, commas.
Ban also affects: Nicks, outside, the, channel, too. *
Nick was kicked by operator.

* Someone sets mode: -b stuff*
Unban affects: Nicks, separated, by, commas.

That person gets.

-Neal- [Script] Nick you have been unbanned in #Channel (Someone sets mode -b stuff*)

(For non-common channels only.)

If that person is in a common channel, then he sees it there.

11.The biggest script of them all, my advanced seen script.


<Nick> seen nick2
<Neal> Nick, I last saw nick2 in #channel on network saying "text." x hours x minutes x seconds ago.

<Nick> seen +j nick2
<Neal> Nick, I last saw nick2 joining the channel #channel x hours x minutes x seconds ago.

<Nick> seen +p nick2 #ShutTheFuckUp
<Neal> Nick, I've never seen nick2 part the channel #ShutTheFuckUp before!

Supports kicks, bans, ops, deops, nick changes, etc.

Supports wildcards.

12.Network operator detector upon self-channel join.

I also /who the channel to fill my I.A.L. and /mode # b to fill how many channel bans there are in my titlebar (the display is halted).

13.Electron configuration script.

Where, even in a channel, someone could type:

!electron_configuration N

Where N is the atomic number. Then I relay it as 1s2 2s2 etc. No exponents yet.

14.Channel peak script.

I record the record users in every channel on every network. It could be activated, as well as, when the channel is at peak, I /echo it right after the join.

Plus my own raw events.

Aliases (but may be in remote sheet).

1.A /RemainingUsers alias.

Where, when I join a channel, and I've been there for like, 100 hours, I can do a /RemainingUsers alias to see how many people in the channel were still there when I joined..

So everytime I join a channel, the /RemainingUsers is everyone, and everytime a user gets kicked, part, or disconnects, their nick is removed from the list, so, 100 hours later, I can check to see who else has been in there.

This list, of course, resets everytime I someone dispart from the channel.

2.Ban cycle script.

Where I /mode # b every 30 seconds, and, if my ban is removed, I /join it. Ban list is not displayed.

Alias is /banchec #.

3.A /commonname alias, where it brings out the users in the select channels.

I.e., /commonname #Channel1 #Channel2 #Channel3

Lists the nicks on all the channels.

/commonnames is for comparing channels on different networks.

4.A /ccmost alias (common channel most).

It lists nicks from most common channels to least (and stops at 2).


TaGg - 7 common channels
Markyb - 7 common channels
phux - 6 common channels
gdi - 6 common channels
FX - 6 common channels
dr-unkula - 6 common channels
D3ADLiN3 - 6 common channels
zerofool2005 - 5 common channels
Stitch^BNC - 5 common channels
polX - 5 common channels
Jinx - 5 common channels
iBBy - 5 common channels
Glow - 5 common channels
eXtasiz - 5 common channels
chaddy - 5 common channels
BH-Bot - 5 common channels
br0k3n - 5 common channels
atomiku - 5 common channels
_0xf - 4 common channels
_dejavu_ - 4 common channels
Ziron - 4 common channels
royaldm - 4 common channels
renfield - 4 common channels
ryan - 4 common channels
peck - 4 common channels
Ntress - 4 common channels
NSA - 4 common channels
Frexor - 4 common channels
e1337 - 4 common channels
DA - 4 common channels
delphy - 4 common channels
ducky - 4 common channels
bluehell - 4 common channels
a0 - 4 common channels

Down to 3 and 2, etc. No point in listing in 1 common channels either.

/ccmost2 is for a local list on all networks.

/globalcc lists all nicks from the most global common channels to the least.


Listing the most global common channels by nick (all networks).
Neal - 66 global common channels.
atomiku - 10 global common channels.
TaGg - 9 global common channels.
TheChedder - 9 global common channels.
Kara - 8 global common channels.
|star| - 8 global common channels.
gdi - 7 global common channels.
BH-Bot - 6 global common channels.
br0k3n - 6 global common channels.
cybix - 6 global common channels.
digitalfr3ak - 6 global common channels.
godmode0 - 6 global common channels.
lex - 6 global common channels.
Markyb - 6 global common channels.
renfield - 6 global common channels.
UltimatE - 6 global common channels.
Mentr3d - 5 global common channels.
DA - 5 global common channels.
dr-unkula - 5 global common channels.
FX|Sleep - 5 global common channels.
LoGiCa - 5 global common channels.
phux - 5 global common channels.
PhaTTy - 5 global common channels.
ryan - 5 global common channels.
Stitch^BNC - 5 global common channels.
DePrave - 5 global common channels.
[g0tmil]g0d - 5 global common channels.
Jammie - 5 global common channels.
[mÿgØt]spårkÿ - 5 global common channels.
[myg0t]shibby - 5 global common channels.
X - 5 global common channels.
GuardianH - 4 global common channels.
pheco - 4 global common channels.
snitch_ - 4 global common channels.
shaggs - 4 global common channels.
TheHouse - 4 global common channels.