Birthday Script

I run a birthday script in my mIRC. What it is is a birthday catcher. Then, I add it to a birthday.txt which lists all the days of the year, followed by nicks. For example:

[January 1]

Nick Optional-Year

[January 2]


(In alphabetical order).

As I am spanned across lots of IRC networks, and, being on IRC for 6 years, I, ultimately, know, thousands, of people. Therefore, everyday is someone I know birthday!

This script will change my IRC life forever, because, everyday I can just type /run Birthday.txt, look for [today], and find someone's birthday! Nicks on Birthday.txt I add manually, but my birthday catcher writes them, and I decide if I want to add or not, of course.

What that means is, if for 1 day I do not go on IRC, (or even on-line), then, ultimately, I skip several people I know, their birthday. That's the only catch, that if I skip a day on the Internet, I miss out on sending happy birthday memoes.

on *:text:*birthday*:#:/write Birthdaylist.txt $network $timestamp < $+ $nick $+ > $1-

This is so I know who said what in what channel and on what network.

Now, coming with this list 1 day is tough, which is where I had to do a full search on my entire log databases to find out the birthday strings.

What you can do (as I did) is this:

Type /run cmd

Then type: cd

So mine is C:\mIRC\logs\ ($logdir), so I type cd C:\mIRC\logs

Then type:

findstr birthday *.log* >birthday.txt

Then, type //run $logdir $+ birthday.txt

(Or go to your mIRC log folder and open the file birthday.txt).

The date (month day year), is included in my timestamp. If it isn't in yours, you may want to use $asctime(mmmm dd yyyy) instead:

on *:text:*birthday*:#:/write Birthdaylist.txt $network $asctime(mmmm dd yyyy) < $+ $nick $+ > $1-

Then, at the end of every week or month, type /run Birthdaylist.txt, find users whom you know and want to add, and add it to Birthday.txt!


Additional stuff.

Someone else wrote a birthday script. It is one where you "submit" data to the person, which makes him save your birthday, and then uses it as a countdown script.

<Dratini927> «« Birthday Script - To be in the Birthday Script, PM me the following: Month Born, Day Born, Time Born, Time it is now, Age you will be »»

This is his example of how he uses the data you submit to him.

<Dratini927> 48wks 3days 17hrs 29mins 28secs - (Feb. 23) (6:31 a.m.) 9Until my 20th Birthday! :D

Since it's his script, I didn't make it, and you're more than welcome to ask him for his, or ask me to make a copy of what the functions do. He can be found on (SystemNet).