Some mIRC Tips

Some absolutely must do in mIRC! Something all mIRC users should have!

This page was written for people that have experience with mIRC, not for the complete newbs.

1.Getting kicked from a channel.

Ever notice how when you get kicked from a channel, the window closes? Then, you have to type /join # again? Well, did you know you could keep it open?

Here's the solution! Press Alt O at the same time, to the left, select IRC (double click), then, beneath that, select IRC. Click on the 2nd bottom icon on the left column, keep windows open.

2.Show people's hosts when they join/part channels.

3.Hide Ping? Pong!

For both of them, in options, under IRC, select Options, and click the 2 icons necessary.

4.Play sound when someone calls my nick!

In options, under IRC, select Highlight, to the right, click on the Add button, type in your name or nick, select sound and color, (for sound, I use Ding.wav in C:\WINDOWS\media).

Then click okay. Then, at the top, there's an icon, enable highlighting, click that. Then click okay.

5.Give colors to ops and voice!

Did you like how on older applets, the ops (@) were in blue and the voice (+) were in green? (That is, their nicks?)

Like this:

I, too, started out in a java applet where ops were in blue and voice green. Well, you can set that.

Notice how the colors are by the channel access (+o = blue and +v = green). A lot of people I know set that, for whatever reason.

Go to your address book this time, not options.

Press: Alt B at the same time. Then, at the top, select the tab that says color.

Should look like this.

You have to click on the Add button, select the color for the modes (@, +, etc.) individually. Also, the icon at the top, Enabled, has to be clicked.

Hope it works!

P.S. my mIRC's background color is white in the daytime (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and black at nightime (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.). However, I can override it at any time by typing /daytime or /nighttime as I did in the above example. You can have that too if you like.


6.Password protect your mIRC!

You can password protect your mIRC in 1-2 ways.

1.Whenever you open mIRC after you turn on the computer..
2.Or whenever you maximize mIRC (after you minimize it).

Anyways, to set the password, go to options, at the bottom, select other, then beneath that, select lock.. Remember your password!

If you forget your password, you're a bit screwed.

I might later write a page on how to unlock your mIRC if you forget your password, but anyways, for now, go to (java applet for Efnet) and /join #mIRC and ask the operators there. I can also be found in that channel if I'm on-line. Efnet #mIRC is the planet's first mIRC channel, founded by the creator of mIRC.