An Introduction to Reverse Courtship

This article is not about converting you to reverse courtship, but defining it.


Reverse courtship is not necessarily that the females court the males 1st, but of 3 things:

-Where the more attractive courts the lesser attractive.
-Where the least desperate courts the more desperate.
-Where the least creepy courts the more creepy.

So that in almost all the cases, reverse courtship is where the females court the males.

By #3, what I meant is "where what society views as least likely to be creepy, courts what society would consider most likely to be creepy."

By #2, you can also imply what the person with the lesser stronger sexual desire courts the person with the stronger sexual desire.

As an example for #3, consider an older male, like over 18, does not court a younger girl, like under 18, for what society would judge and feel for him, or the girl's parents, based strictly off the age difference. So in a perfectly logical world, if he courted her and she said no, that would mean if she said yes, she would be the 1st to court him (so the parents less cock-blocking). This is to protect him from being labeled as a creep, pedo, or perv, by society, or her parents.

I'm willing to bet most of you would disagree with #1 by 50%. That if a more attractive female courts the unattractive male, that is definitely reverse courtship, but not if it happens the other way around (not if unattractive female courts attractive male, but if attractive males courts unattractive female). In that case, you agree with #1 by 50%.

Reverse courtship and religion.

Ironic enough, courtship (in 1 direction) is something advocated by religion. This article is under the assumption that courtship is determined by evolutionary instincts. To the extent that evolutionary instincts define religious people is to the extent religious people don't find it a coincidence that it doesn't conflict with the religious scripture they came up with.

However, religion preaches very little, or mentions, against reverse courtship, so religious people are against reverse courtship to the extent evolution defines them and not religion. That is, against reverse courtship from an atheistic point of view - a lack of belief. While religion promotes courtship, it does not necessarily dispromote reverse courtship, so no contradiction is necessary or observed.

Reverse courtship and friendship.

Reverse courtship for friendship happens to the extent the female does not consider herself to be made of ice.

Reverse courtship and feminism.

Who advocates reverse courtship? Feminists in theory would advocate reverse courtship.

However, that depends on how you define reverse courtship. Since feminism is about women having equal rights, if "courtship" is about 50% of the time, it's the male that courts the females, then yes, feminism advocates courtship and reverse courtship. But if reverse courtship is the statistical philosophy where 100% of the time, females are the 1st to court the males, then no, feminists do not advocate reverse courtship.

However, courtship and reverse courtship are not about what percent of the males court the females and what percent of the females court the males, but whether what individual person by gender courts the other gender. Feminism is about "it doesn't matter which gender courts which gender 1st." To the extent feminists are feminists are to the extent that feminists are not affected by evolutionary instincts.