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Generation 9 Starters Poll - Scarlet and Violet.

Initial response shortly after Gen 9 reveal.

Plant Pokemon:

In Generations 1 and 2, all plant Pokemon were actually plants, except for the Plant starter Pokemon. So they were all flowers and trees, with some viney bushes.

Then, in Generation 3, came the 1st non-starter Plant Pokemon that is an animal. That was Tropius. (This is by Pokedex number.). Tropius is a dinosaur, and has bananas hanging from its neck.

Then, in future generations, pretty much half of plant Pokemon were animals. We now have animals such as goats (Gen 6), the 1st insect being a mantis (Gen 7).

The 1sts:

-The 1st plant to not be a Plant type, that is single-elemented, be the Flabebe/Florges/Floette line, that are Fairy types, and flowers.
-The 1st plant to not be a Plant type, that is double-elemented, be the Glimmet/Glimmora line, that are Rock/Poison types, and flower/flower-like.

-However, Sudowoodo from Gen 2 is like a tree made of rock, but some debate if it even is a tree. Some debate it is just shaped like a tree, but it can learn Plant moves. If you consider Sudowoodo to actually be a rocky tree, then it is the 1st tree (and therefore 1st plant) that is not a Plant type, of single-element.

Water Pokemon:

Pretty much all Water Pokemon were aquatic animals like fish, including some mammals that just swim in water like beavers.

-The 1st fish Pokemon that is not a Water type, happened as late as Gen 9, Chi-Yu, a Dark/Fire type. It is double-typimg, but no fish of single-typing, however.
-The 1st whale Pokemon that is not a Water type, also happened in Gen 9, Cetoddle/Cetitan line, which are Ice types.

Rock Pokemon:

Pretty much all Rock Pokemon were rocks. The 1st Rock pokemon that is pure animal can be in Gen 5, the rocky birds, and Terrakion. Gen 7 created the 1st dog/wolf that are rocky.

Pokemon has yet to create rock Pokemon that are not Rock types.

Ghost Pokemon:

Pretty much all Ghost Pokemon were floating ghosts or muppets. The 1st Ghost pokemon that appears to be an animal be in Gen 7, Oricorio a bird, and Gen 8 Spectrier, a horse. And we know Gen 6 produces the 1st Ghost pokemon that were plants: a 2-stage tree Pokemon and a 2-stage pumpkin that evolves into a jack-o-lantern.

If there ever is a ghost Pokemon that is not of Ghost type, that could be Darkrai, but only in the cartoons. In the video games, it appears to be completely physical.

Trivia - 3-stage evolution Pokemon.

The 1st stage Pokemon with the highest bst (base stat total) be Porygon, at 395. Then Magby 365, Elekid 360, Rhyhorn 345, and Pawniard 340.

For 2-stage, highest bst for fully evolved is

Palafin 650.
Melmetal at 600.
Silvally 570
Archeops, at 567.
Arcanine, 555.
Volcarona, Urshifu, Gholdengo, 550.


(Legendary Solgaleo and Lunala) 680.
Slaking, 670.
Florges, 555.
Ursaluna, Kingambit, 550.

Fruits and Vegetables:

These are what we have for fruits and vegetable Pokemon:


Cherry (Cherubi, Gen 4, but evolves into a flower), apple (Bounsweet family, Gen 7), apple (Applin, Gen 8). As well as a pumpkin from Gen 6.


Onion (Gen 2, but of 2ndary Plant typing), chilli pepper (Gen 9 Scovillain, but is technically considered to be a berry).

While Pokemon may have flowers and trees that are not Plant types, they have yet to create fruits and vegetables that are not Plant types.

Trivia - 4x weakness:

These are all the elements that have 2 4x weaknesses.

Rock/Ground and Ground/Rock
Fire/Rock and Rock/Fire
Steel/Rock and Rock/Steel


These are the 1st object Pokemon.

Balloon 423
Bell 433
Candle 607
Sword 679
Key chain 707
Jewelry 719
Sand castle 770
Anchor 781
Wires 796
Space shuttle 797
Cup --> teapot 854 - 855
Christmas orb 100
Engine 965

Microwave / washer / lawn mover / refrigerator / fan 479


DNA 386
Cake 869
Toy penguin 991

#999 is almost a coin chest. (The eyes are not on the chest, so I don't consider it a coin chest.).